Thursday, April 26, 2018

Examples of Abuse I endured k-6 in Quakertown, PA

Top & Bottom left: Angela Kneale age 2
Bottom Right adult Mrs. Light's Pre-school
This was some of the daily & normal abuse I endured. The community was aware of it.
Elementary School:
             Spanked with: Long wooden paddles with holes till grade 6
             5-6 Caucasian girls would grab me by my hair and try to swing my head around done in the teacher's sight standing maybe 10-15' away.
             Extra threats & separation from the class by the teachers.
             speech therapy to embarrass & humiliate & abuse me for being bi-lingual till age 10
             Excluded & told to sit out of activities due to non-cooperative schoolmates
             Beaten up extra after my mother did a cultural presentation & wrote kids names in Kanji - some of the parents told their kids to harm me.

Home:  Leather belt - spankings till red or blackout since toddler
Angela Kneale, age 5-6, Right
Richard Kneale age 2-3, Front
Japanese-Americans, Nisei
             Chased with a large knife
             thrown out in the snow for hours with whatever I had on at the moment
             dragged down the stairs by my hair

Church:  Strangled in Confirmation class
               screamed at & yelled at as an example of a brown thing mud to go to hell & derogatory words that shouldn't exist
               Hearing my little brother crying when they hurt him (his leg broken by church boys at age
               Possibly abduction attempt by a summer school church teacher, I refused to get in a van she was in with men.          
Pre-school Photo with Mrs. Light appx '76-'77
Paletown Rd.