Thursday, April 26, 2018

Demonizing Cults vs. Cultural Relativity

I was raised in an interfaith household. My parents raised with different religious backgrounds.
They considered my religious upringing as a kind of "Cultural Relativity."  I was the only kid of an international and mixed-nationality background in my school district for over a decade. I also understood, that when I attended church it was to participate in the community whether I liked it or not. And, that I should keep my families personal values out of my social discussions in Church for my own personal safety. I was taught to understand the severity of the white supremacist community I was raised in well  before kindergarten.  I think both of my parents, growing up in more severe yet homogeneous national times after WW2, each had their share of religious physical & emotional tortures despite being continents apart. They simply didn't see the value in going out of their way to further what they had been through. I simply walked across the street to my Godparents' home once I could walk after the initial baptism I had to the Lutheran Evangelical church in rural Bucks County, Pennsylvania.

Cultural relativitism & Moral relativism are concepts that are discussed in 101 beginning Ethics. This author really believes that cultural relativity should be required reading & taught at a high school or Junior high school level. It is normally cast aside in order to further capitilism going outside of moral boundaries especially as it is introduced in Collegiate Medical Ethics. The world today, nearly a generation after my college ethics, is witnessing the brunt of big Pharma and their lack of ethical conduct.