Friday, April 27, 2018

8yrs of Hawaii is too much

The Asian women pick me apart & made fun of my non-asian features. The white men only wanted to appease their perceived exotic beauties who were worse than stepsisters in a Cinderella nightmare. The black guys, usually pimps to be avoided by most women. The local men & women, only to talk to me until they realize I'm an outsider. No inclusion there unless they plan to try to force me into some type of sexual submission. For their pleasure. This is what Hawaii has been for me. A mentally draining financially devestating, & with extreme damage to my career & social life in NY & PA.
I don't like most of  the people here. This place is lacking options for me that would fit my preferred life. Like many others I knew in New York I have no desire to altar my soul that much at least the shreds that are left of it after this hellacious 8 yr experience Hawaii state bestowed on me INSTEAD OF MY PLANNED VACATION!! 

I didn't plan to live here, much less loose everything that kept me alive including the networks of friends & activists who kept me going & shielded me from racial harm.

Way different than HAWAII'S illegal industries that are a direct threat & liability to national security in EXIM shipping.

I'm very sick of blogging. Or the Asians who used me like bait to lure more lucrative business men & humiliate me & my career. And also attracting negative attention to the USA and it's Caucasian & others disrespect of me & my standing within my internationally know family.

Hawaii has been a nightmare. I think it is volitile because of the trafficking abuse that has been it's financial platform. There was never a move to provide better education for the States cacaphony of immigrants & their children. They choose to promote negative Asian stereotyping to the rest of the world generation after generation. They harm the fabric of what decent American Families once were. And, most women with family values despise Hawaii choosing to remove their children from schools & return to the mainland USA.