Thursday, April 26, 2018

$50/hr living wage @ Hawaii

Many Hawaii state citizens live with poor living standards due to one of the top 5 highest costs of Living in the USA. Many professional men & women are paid "cash" when the hourly rate is below $50/hour.  For men, they have to be selective with side jobs they take on in construction or otherwise unionized worker industry. For women, sometimes the same standard exists even with the plethora of cleaning businesses and service related industries on the main island of Oahu. Most people remain on food stamps throughout employment even over $25/hr with debt. Though something more concerning is the number of women who are part time or full time prostitutes.

Hawaiian islands are overrated for luxury due to the sheer expense of American style spas of the remote pacific. The number of Caucasians living independently on the islands has increased dramatically due to their rarity at the crossroads of Asia & the South Pacific. Though newer USA  prostitutes and escorts flock from Washington, Oregon, California, and the south west from their voluntary segregated neighborhoods to  normal bars Looking for cash or secure money. There are multigenerational Caucasian looking families built on a matriarchal prostitute who can provide support and protection and elimination of competition.
Some of the white women have already served time in jail and in Hawaii State for misdemeanor  and felony offenses. They are frequently capable of having their family on the mainland provide a seperate address for them to operate from an outside state. This way they can "attend" school elsewhere and while remaining a resident of Hawaii. Since some of Hawaii's prostitutes are encroaching on 70, they have brought up or brough in a new generation of young white women to refer out to new & prior clients. And, more cunning and cut throat as ever, they have seduced boyfriends and local men to do their bidding. The road block of white trash women turned neuvo riche by Hawaii's men & tourists is abashing the intelligent women who complete college and university along a more radical thought that women have intelligence.

 I have learned that Hawaii's I culture is very open with prostitution being spoken about at a high level. Mothers and in some cases families jointly participate in prostitution or pimping out women. And once they destroy a woman's vacation, finances, and vocation ...there is nowhere to work for pay near that $50/hr mark In order to leave the islands. They also target "women from good families" for hopes of extortion money. 

Most women, even in low cost multigenerational housing can't afford to leave due to shipping costs + normal relocation costs. IoW:-

Ship personal items
Ship car
Attempts to sell vehicle frequently thwarted as it is a legality to leave, 180parking tickets X a fine $50+/each. Makes it more difficult to leave the "industry".
Plane ticket 
Rental car on arrival
Deposit, escrow, down payment on apartment.
Job search