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Strategic Minerals Alliance & ASEAN manufacturing

Tri-Lateral with possible India extension for a Strategic Minerals Alliance { &  for the TPP
BRAZIL agreement} Bring manufacturing back to CONTINENTAL ASIA &/or Mexico riddled with security issues.

- Cuts down on USA IP theft
- Less sales through Lockheed opens defense budget to Japanese Zaibatsu
- Production costs lowered if quality standard meets expectations in Mexico-TPP
- Eliminates Trade War tarriffs from finished USA & NA products
- Speeds production & devlopment time & creates possiblity for peaceful negotiation process.

USA makes an enormous profit after purchasing strategic minerals & is ALSO putting tarrifs on the products ie., Lockheed F-35's ---ABE appears to be A MORON at the moment.

Excerpt from my post in October 2016
2. WW3 looks more like USA/India/Korea VS. China/Russia/Japan 
The United States is responsible for endangering Japanese born nationals within the USA Homeland. The US has jeopardized and pushed out standard business and family safety for Japan in key areas from the US Homeland in county courts in small locales. Instead, the USA business elite has embraced the family presences of Korean nationals and Indian nationals in particular while collaborating to create a facade of Japanese business relationship to the US public. In fact, most of the Korean & Indian linked business presence on the East Coast is aimed at destroying the Japanese image and presence in the larger US public at the ground level.

In the past decade and a half, before the talks of TPP vs. ASEAN;- it was more common to find micro level business & friendships between Japanese and Chinese within the USA homeland. There is still a huge lack of respect from the Korean and Indian communities/neighborhoods towards Japan in the USA. Of course this disrespect is only carried out politically with the help of the usual in charge USA white majority (that includes anyone of European descent who appears more caucasian). The dual national Israelis nearly top the list of foreigners pouring

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STUCK a glimose my Targeted Individual

I am a first generation Japanese-American "Haafu" who was raised knowing that I was to effect USA EXIM in order to have a life in USA. I was and still am very serious about my life.
Having a choice mattered. It mattered to me more than anything. After all look at the rich people who did nothing but prevent me from having security, safety, basics of living. They kept me on a 5" leash, so when I left my world fell apart. I was kept (not well) for most of my adult life in the shadow of the Clinton Boys". When I left for my Hawaiian Vacation that was to be one month in Wintery Feb 09', I became a targeted individual; some people hating me for no apparent reason & wishing & TRYING to murder me.

So, no matter what progress I attempted to make, the smallest financial gain was smudged out immediately, overnight with a larger expensive attack that I could not ignore. Damage to my vehicle

Stolen missing objects



Hacked realtors key box left in the short stairwell

I wondered if it was the counselor priest who lived in the unit below mine. If his patients saw the lock box and decided to make use of the apartment after they knew my schedule. They would see me there daily. 

Then again, my safe deposit box at the bank was broken into. That was probably the Feds with teller friends. I had tried to save a little money to get out of here. My handler. Who took me off vaxation basically spoke for me to these people who don't know me. He'd take his money I made from dancing & show up at my room or apartment each day. I didn't have much or do drugs. But every day the money would vanish into thin air. He needed to fill gas tanks on vehicles, eat, get some equipment or do favors for people. None of those people meeting or caring about my well being. I was what they called a dancer with a pimp. I was 36, and he the handler took me to a strip club where normally they only show off underagers and had gotten busted for minors dancing & prostituting on island. 

My presence there was guarded by the male owners & staff. They didn't want anyone to speak with me, in person or outside; so even my island phone was stolen several times, over a dozen. I was threatened when I called 9-11 about incidents. The other dancers hated me. I couldn't get to know anyone. If I went out with. Couple older girls, still in their late 20's from the club after hours to bar, they would be told to stay away from me.

I called the cops on my handler since I became suicidal; my real life & what I worked for slipping away far away on the East coast on what they call the mainland USA. 

I'm not them, the handler's so my work sucks to tthem. They invalidate my life at everyturn, especially in allowing me to have one crucial thing to escape them;- money. 

 It now now at 43, I'm too old, hapa haole as they say. The Hailey white side of my genetics show my age. I can't even compete with their 20yr olds. The Asian women who seem to enjoy the financial advancement of full on illegal prostitution from the buy me drinkie bars scoff at my face & pick out the features they hate;- my freckles, the tired under eye bags I can't hide anymore. 

Of course they do this to enhance their all Asian beauty in front of the men, the customers. And because I speak English well, I am frowned upon socially for treading on territory only prostitutes belong in.

No one once in 8 years ever asked me about my life. It's so superficial. Of course I'd be punished if I shared with someone who was unreceptive & told the boss or the momma San usually Chinese, Korean, or Vietnamese owners masking as Japanese in order to protect their fine culture. It's nasty nasty industry. Why do you think they use the phrase dumb haole? 

So now, what's left for me? Without the handler to secure a place e to live it's not safe for me on my own. People backed off me because of his presence, at least with direct physical attacks. Those aside from his guys were infrequent. 

The Gangstalking & jacking the hard drive to my computer & other issues of moved, missing, & lost objects or mud swathed on the floor with a mop..

That was different. Or the possible infestation of fiddle head spiders after a small one appeared to me. The idea of having an entire nest of them hatching in the room was too much for me to remain there for.

The strange burn mark on my side & the power out. Financial harm 

How about the condo building washer being infested with bed bugs? Someone said some homeless person did their laundry there. Funny thing is, bedbugs don't like UV from Sunlight. So that story is really unlikely.

8yrs of Hawaii is too much

The Asian women pick me apart & made fun of my non-asian features. The white men only wanted to appease their perceived exotic beauties who were worse than stepsisters in a Cinderella nightmare. The black guys, usually pimps to be avoided by most women. The local men & women, only to talk to me until they realize I'm an outsider. No inclusion there unless they plan to try to force me into some type of sexual submission. For their pleasure. This is what Hawaii has been for me. A mentally draining financially devestating, & with extreme damage to my career & social life in NY & PA.
I don't like most of  the people here. This place is lacking options for me that would fit my preferred life. Like many others I knew in New York I have no desire to altar my soul that much at least the shreds that are left of it after this hellacious 8 yr experience Hawaii state bestowed on me INSTEAD OF MY PLANNED VACATION!! 

I didn't plan to live here, much less loose everything that kept me alive including the networks of friends & activists who kept me going & shielded me from racial harm.

Way different than HAWAII'S illegal industries that are a direct threat & liability to national security in EXIM shipping.

I'm very sick of blogging. Or the Asians who used me like bait to lure more lucrative business men & humiliate me & my career. And also attracting negative attention to the USA and it's Caucasian & others disrespect of me & my standing within my internationally know family.

Hawaii has been a nightmare. I think it is volitile because of the trafficking abuse that has been it's financial platform. There was never a move to provide better education for the States cacaphony of immigrants & their children. They choose to promote negative Asian stereotyping to the rest of the world generation after generation. They harm the fabric of what decent American Families once were. And, most women with family values despise Hawaii choosing to remove their children from schools & return to the mainland USA.

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Examples of Abuse I endured k-6 in Quakertown, PA

Top & Bottom left: Angela Kneale age 2
Bottom Right adult Mrs. Light's Pre-school
This was some of the daily & normal abuse I endured. The community was aware of it.
Elementary School:
             Spanked with: Long wooden paddles with holes till grade 6
             5-6 Caucasian girls would grab me by my hair and try to swing my head around done in the teacher's sight standing maybe 10-15' away.
             Extra threats & separation from the class by the teachers.
             speech therapy to embarrass & humiliate & abuse me for being bi-lingual till age 10
             Excluded & told to sit out of activities due to non-cooperative schoolmates
             Beaten up extra after my mother did a cultural presentation & wrote kids names in Kanji - some of the parents told their kids to harm me.

Home:  Leather belt - spankings till red or blackout since toddler
Angela Kneale, age 5-6, Right
Richard Kneale age 2-3, Front
Japanese-Americans, Nisei
             Chased with a large knife
             thrown out in the snow for hours with whatever I had on at the moment
             dragged down the stairs by my hair

Church:  Strangled in Confirmation class
               screamed at & yelled at as an example of a brown thing mud to go to hell & derogatory words that shouldn't exist
               Hearing my little brother crying when they hurt him (his leg broken by church boys at age
               Possibly abduction attempt by a summer school church teacher, I refused to get in a van she was in with men.          
Pre-school Photo with Mrs. Light appx '76-'77
Paletown Rd. 

$50/hr living wage @ Hawaii

Many Hawaii state citizens live with poor living standards due to one of the top 5 highest costs of Living in the USA. Many professional men & women are paid "cash" when the hourly rate is below $50/hour.  For men, they have to be selective with side jobs they take on in construction or otherwise unionized worker industry. For women, sometimes the same standard exists even with the plethora of cleaning businesses and service related industries on the main island of Oahu. Most people remain on food stamps throughout employment even over $25/hr with debt. Though something more concerning is the number of women who are part time or full time prostitutes.

Hawaiian islands are overrated for luxury due to the sheer expense of American style spas of the remote pacific. The number of Caucasians living independently on the islands has increased dramatically due to their rarity at the crossroads of Asia & the South Pacific. Though newer USA  prostitutes and escorts flock from Washington, Oregon, California, and the south west from their voluntary segregated neighborhoods to  normal bars Looking for cash or secure money. There are multigenerational Caucasian looking families built on a matriarchal prostitute who can provide support and protection and elimination of competition.
Some of the white women have already served time in jail and in Hawaii State for misdemeanor  and felony offenses. They are frequently capable of having their family on the mainland provide a seperate address for them to operate from an outside state. This way they can "attend" school elsewhere and while remaining a resident of Hawaii. Since some of Hawaii's prostitutes are encroaching on 70, they have brought up or brough in a new generation of young white women to refer out to new & prior clients. And, more cunning and cut throat as ever, they have seduced boyfriends and local men to do their bidding. The road block of white trash women turned neuvo riche by Hawaii's men & tourists is abashing the intelligent women who complete college and university along a more radical thought that women have intelligence.

 I have learned that Hawaii's I culture is very open with prostitution being spoken about at a high level. Mothers and in some cases families jointly participate in prostitution or pimping out women. And once they destroy a woman's vacation, finances, and vocation ...there is nowhere to work for pay near that $50/hr mark In order to leave the islands. They also target "women from good families" for hopes of extortion money. 

Most women, even in low cost multigenerational housing can't afford to leave due to shipping costs + normal relocation costs. IoW:-

Ship personal items
Ship car
Attempts to sell vehicle frequently thwarted as it is a legality to leave, 180parking tickets X a fine $50+/each. Makes it more difficult to leave the "industry".
Plane ticket 
Rental car on arrival
Deposit, escrow, down payment on apartment.
Job search

Psychotronic Channels Unconsensual Testing in Ithaca, NY

End 2007-2008 i was tested over a period of 2-3 months. This time, with sheer data - images mostly and a bandwidth, and some 3 channels. Synthetic telepathy or data flow or v2k? Doubtful.... when they send a huge information Surplus to your brain and it's from digital sources electronic sources. I did not have a normal time frame to react to the images and information they came in so fast like a flood. What I mean by react, so when you see picture of a cat you have a certain emotion of happy, cute, fuzzy feeling. You know, good feelings. When i see pictures of war, I ee the continued grotesqueness of it. When I see a wedding I perceive the happiness of it.
When they started to inundate me with all of the political imagery, and other than just political imagery i'll say additional imagery and information flow &  I am  not used to it, I  had to find a way to manage it. And, for me it was very painful and it was why I was given heavy sedatives that were said to be able to rebalance me so when I woke up I would be rebalanced. The invega for the extreme situation where I could not come out of it on my own meaning I couldn't recover mentally I was some point shaking very disturbed from just the sheer amount of data coming in. And when I took the invega it made things very clear I was able to compartmentalize the information overnight with those sleeping pills.  I need like 5 or 6 hours of sleep in order to learn from whatever information I  receive. So,  imagine cramming for a normal test final exam will magnify by about 30 or 50x that easily. And that's what it was like for me with  a data flow weapon scalar beam v2K. Whatever it is flowing through my head and they're just sending data or information
I found a way to manage it with th heavy & fast working sedatives (preferred)  and about 5 Invega over a 2-3month time frame that was limited in quantity, & no refills for the prescription. I was involuntarily committed for being assaulted by an acquaintence & released Christmas Eve.

Demonizing Cults vs. Cultural Relativity

I was raised in an interfaith household. My parents raised with different religious backgrounds.
They considered my religious upringing as a kind of "Cultural Relativity."  I was the only kid of an international and mixed-nationality background in my school district for over a decade. I also understood, that when I attended church it was to participate in the community whether I liked it or not. And, that I should keep my families personal values out of my social discussions in Church for my own personal safety. I was taught to understand the severity of the white supremacist community I was raised in well  before kindergarten.  I think both of my parents, growing up in more severe yet homogeneous national times after WW2, each had their share of religious physical & emotional tortures despite being continents apart. They simply didn't see the value in going out of their way to further what they had been through. I simply walked across the street to my Godparents' home once I could walk after the initial baptism I had to the Lutheran Evangelical church in rural Bucks County, Pennsylvania.

Cultural relativitism & Moral relativism are concepts that are discussed in 101 beginning Ethics. This author really believes that cultural relativity should be required reading & taught at a high school or Junior high school level. It is normally cast aside in order to further capitilism going outside of moral boundaries especially as it is introduced in Collegiate Medical Ethics. The world today, nearly a generation after my college ethics, is witnessing the brunt of big Pharma and their lack of ethical conduct.


USA harbors a diversity of Domestic Terrorists

I've fought domestic terrorists in the USA for my lifetime. It wasn't even a choice, but a matter of survival growing up in Pennsylvania. Now, today, and since I was cyberstalked online;-
I have been inundated with Asian (Korean & Japanese predominantly), Asian-American  & SE Asian terrorists in Hawaii of the same caliber as the white supremacy groups & European racists that were on the East Coast. They generally seek opportunity to capitalize of racial exploitation & stigma.
I find these people are intertwined with the sex trafficking trade.

Today, I'm getting wary of the vast number of money hungry Asian families that moved to the USA.
I feel that they see attacking me as an extension of the power that USA bestows on them as free citizens. They realize the USA didn't protect me from White Supremacy. They seek to attack vulnerabilities because Japanese didn't move to USA in families after Hawaii was overthrown & especially after Hiroshima.

I do not see how maintaining a security agreement with the United States of America is feasible.
These same terrorists in their free-time & hobby time can covertly be US Domestic Terrorists due to freedom of speech & association. I am not against the Constitutional rights.
I am AGAINST this turning into active hate crimes, domestic terrorrism, financial terrorism, and jeporadizing my life, and the lives of others who are more reasonable. Many of these people are employed in Government, Military, Security & technology industries of the USA.
I do not reccomend that Japan continue to supply USA with metals & minerals that are part of USA's 33% hold in military weapons manufacturing.

People hitting my vehicle in Bucks County

My vehicle was broken into several times in the driveway.
Sometimes it would pick up short wave radio broadcasts of plans to undermine the Green party & also manipulate Open Space laws. I think this had to do with my neighbor & insurance agent who had a track development project proposed. They were trying to kill anyone who stood in their way.

In Doylestown, PA just a few minutes away from the Conservatory/Music School where I was a piano faculty member. I was waiting at a red light at a full stop. Traffic was backed up to the front of the Doylestown Court House. I saw a car in my rear view mirror just before it slammed into the rear of my 2door vehicle. The car crashed into the back of my vehicle & crushed the trunk to the rear passenger seat.
I was in shock & when the ambulence arrived I had to insist going to the hospital for any neck & head trauma. They took me to the Doylestown Hospital.

This was one of many accidents that occured in Doylestown & Quakertown.
Another unreported accident was by a student driving their parent's vehicle the day before I was to trade in the car for another newer vehicle.  My vehicle was parked at the time.

One other incident at the Quakertown library where a woman backed into the passenger's side door with an SUV in the parking lot. I was attempting to leave the lot. She looked back at me and was laughing.

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Intro Background Interview with Ramola D
April 13, 2018 interview with Freelance Reporter, Ramola D (in-USA)
Everyday Concerned Citizen
Interview URL
Cleaning up transcript ( draft in progress 4/23/2018)
Ramola D. : HI Everyone Good Afternoon This is Ramola D from Ramola D reports.
I'm here today with Angela Kneale from Hawaii.
She's originally from Pennsylvania, She's traveled a great deal.
She has a very interesting family  background that spans continents,
Both America & Japan. And, her story today is going to include/cover a variety of fields. Including her very own field, 
She is a classical pianist. She's also a business consultant in Organizational development.
And, we're going to hear a little bit about a story that spans a childhood in Pennsylvania, 
Family in Japan, Intelligence, the Export Import industry, a very illustrious Japanese family, and 
What She's currently doing in Hawaii. So welcome Angela. (0:51)
So glad you joined me today.

Angela: Hi, Thank you Ramola, thank you for your time & your dedication
I'm grateful for this time.
Interviewer Ramola D: You're very Welcome (1:04)
I'm glad to you know see a little bit of Hawaii behind you. (laughter)
I think the previous times we've talked I've seen a little of the mountains n& such behind, 
it's always interesting.
Angela: Yeah, I can step outside for a minute.
Interviewer Ramola: Uh, if you want to. 
Whatever works with our connection out/over here. (1:27)
Angela: It's Lunch, away from most of the cell towers. I'm at Green World This is a Coffee farm where you can get coffee & free wi-fi.
& there's a sign for the North Shore back there.

Interviewer Ramola: And you're on a bigger island out there. (you're on one of the bigger islands in Hawaii 1:48)

Angela: I'm on Oahu. It's really beautiful out here.

Interviewer Ramola D: Yeah it certainly looks it. And look at the weather my goodness, Everybody/Everyone on the East Coast is dreaming of Spring and you're full blown Summer.

Angela: Yeah it's beautiful out here.

Interviewer Ramola D.: So/And 
How long have you been in Hawaii Angela? if you want to talk about that at all.
I've been here for most of 8 years.
OK & it's a little bit Different from the East Coast where you were originally right.  You went to School on the East Coast

Angela: Yeah it's very different than 2:29
Philadelphia having soft pretzels and something warm to eat whn it's snowing and you're getting blasted by the car exhaust.
Out here it's allot more;- Clean air, and ocean, & sunlight allot fewer activities that are sedentary.

Interviewer Ramola D:  That's great, that's great,  that's wonderful. A very outdoorsy kind of place it sounds like. Whales & Dolphins in the Ocean, do you see them? 

Angela: Oh yes definitely, and the Turtles, every body's favorite.

Interviewer Ramola D.: Oh brilliant brilliant wonderful. So, Angela where did you want to start? Do you want to talk a little about 3:05  Your background in Pennsylvania & growing up there & your family. 

So, your family is kind of a biracial family, right?

Angela M Kneale: Yes, My parents got married just, just slightly after they passed the 1st laws in the United States allowing mixed race marriage, in the mainland.
Ramola D.: Oh Wow.

Angela M. Kneale
It's a normal thing for Hawaii, for Hawaii as a Nation, mixed race was normal but,
when the United States allowed it, it wasn't till the mid or late 60's  So, that was a brand new thing when my mom came to the United States. And, my parents had actually stopped in Hawaii. but, my mom was allergic to most of the plants here so, they went to my Father's hometown Philadelphia &

Ramola D.: Great.

Angela M. Kneale: And so they lived out there. 

Ramola D: Yeah and so Hawaii was a stop to get there. And your mother comes from a very fairly well known Japanese family?

Angela M. Kneale: Yeah, I don't get allot of information becaus,  obviously with Hiroshima & the A bombings there's allot of sensitivity. So, my mom's family had been involved with National Security in a sense (trying to translate it the best that I can) for a very long time. I guess putting the word "merchants" on the family name. also  merchants (5:02) mom's side also.  guess the more modern part of it has evolved into my uncle being a retired executive of the Takenaka Corporation, his last name being Takenaka  Ta-Ke-Na-Ka and founding family and he was a steel broker / steel purchaser also grew up in Pennsylvania near Bethlehem Steel, and I grew up around Bethlehem Steel Executives and people hauling the steel. (signal cutting out)

Interviewer Ramola D: So the Steel Industry is dogging your family both sides.

Angela M Kneale : Yeah, I don't know how much my Dad's family is actually involved in Steel (signal cutting out), but my parents had a difficult time starting a family. When my mom came to Philadelphia and thy were kind of pushed out of (signal cutting out) Philadelphia. Most of the people were familiar with African American, &they were  very anti-Asian. so My great grandmother who lived in Bucks County. kind of took my parents in in a sense  she was much more cultured & diverse & she was a singer who taught voice lessons. Rodgers & Hammerstein had been in that area in Her lifetime, and they vacationed in their homes out there in Dublin, PA. So, my mom & my dad had a very difficult time starting up a family.

Interviewer Ramola D.: So what are some of your memories of Philadelphia & Pennsylvania growing up?

Angela M Kneale:  (7:09) For me, I love being out in the Country, I loved picking 
raspberries off the hedge row, & crab apples & those Pennsylvania things. Which isn't very different from the part of Japan my mom's from.

Interviewer D.:Oh Interesting 

Angela: Because, Yeah, We're at about the same Latitude.
I know it was a topic of discussion when I went to College, about this Latitude going into a park in Oga, AKITA prefecture, in Japan to kind of remember us, our family.
as a way to remember us, our family as we've had losses my sister & my Brother. So in Oga national park;- one of my Uncle's in Japan kind of takes care of the mountains & gives the film permits for like IE , Korean spy Drama "Iris" in Akit, it  was filmed in that part of Japan. It's very very far north, but there are People from India, Pakistan, Korea everywhere  who go study at Universities there as well as live permanently. (8:19) But that stone went into the park as kind of a reminder of us. And the climate, the growing climate is very similar.
Interviewer Ramola D. : So that's  Interesting,  so it sounds like you have some memories of both  places it sounds like as  of your childhood. So there's some very interesting things you were talking about in Pennsylvania. You made a video about a book that you found. would you like to

Angela M Kneale:Yeah,  that's called my Spooky Creepy neighbors. 
When you're a little kid, your parents don't explain things to you like this. My mom was just like;-
-She taught me separately from what my Father allowed. 
My father being white, my mom Japanese. -
"Don't go that way because they'll shoot you." and " You're only tolerated because you're not black."
So the spooky creepy neighbors of mine are connected to a cult, whether they have active membership or not, that's called the Rosicrucians. And, only in the most recent 5 years ( I think the History Channel even did a special on, that included Agenda21 & the Rosacrucians. The Rosacrucians had been something that I think  Ben Franklin belonged to and maybe some of th Founding father's of the United SA> 
But, when 9-11 happened they had, it was talked about in our Church. 
I belonged to an interfaith church, So in the church communities that came together around the Tri-State Area. They (Rosacrucians) were kind of ostracized after 9-11 for being Too white, too white supremacist. and since I have had my own direct experiences fighting with (as in against) the white supremacists and the KKK specifically in Pennsylvania  I know this to be true, that  
They use the local churches to organize their freedom of religion and discrimination underneath the church. So, the Rosacrucians was literally about a mile, mile & 1/2 or so from my house. And I think it's become a more dangerous area because after my brother was killed in 2005, 
they were doing a serious recruitment. And not just for the Rosacrucians, but the local white supremacist movement was starting to recruit. So it actually felt like it was worse than when I was a Child. 

Interviewer Ramola D. : That's amazing, so you've Touched on a wide variety of neighborhood, and the fact they belonged to a cult, and perhaps maybe not the Rosacrucians you're talking about in your neighborhood, you know not that specific branch of the cult. There is some information on-line (11:27)I think about them. But you also talked about your brother being killed in 2005, did you want to talk about that? talk about that alittle bit.

Angela M. Kneale: Yeah, this is a really volatile subject. But I have, 
in my private public on-line blogging since no-one reads my blog. It's a line out to my family in Japan as of course I'm monitored. My brother was not just killed. It was he was forced to death is my perception of it. He was forced to death. I don't know who pulled the trigger on him. It's not something I've been allowed to talk about. 
Because I was kinda sent away to Cool-off. And, it's infuriating, but my...and I'll share this publicly as i've posted on-line. And, My brother worked directly for Clymer's company,  Valley Precision Company my brother did CNC machinery. And my parents are proud of him for you know, having a good job, and getting along with the neighbors, and republican, and  blah blah blah
But my brother actually had his own little campaigns going on where he was fighting with some of the white supremacists & churches and also told me about their illegal gun production. So he was telling me they were making over 4 or five-hundred guns a within a weeks time, without the serial numbers. So he was being pressured to do that and most of the company was white and he was telling me he didn't like the racism in the company.

Interviewer Ramola D. : Can I stop you? When you said CNC Machinery does it have something to do with Guns? Making guns?
Angela: yeah, it's basically they program the machinery to machine the guns. So, basically he was a machinist, a computer machinist.
Ramola: So Okay Okay,  therefore he was getting orders from these people were actually manufacturing under the table. 

Angela:(hesitant) Riight
so obviously, they denied cult connections and things that, that was something he shared with me. 
It got to the point where I actually made a phone call to the ATF. 
And, it was supposed to be an anonymous phone call. But, like my voting record had not been kept private in that specific area, when I voted in my hometown. People would get in my face about how I voted. 

Angela M. Kneale: So I knew
Ramola D.: Oh Wow.

Angela M. Kneale: they weren't even keeping my voting record private. 
I have not had privacy in a very long time. So, When I made the call , I know that his boss came to the house & told my dad that he didn't think my brother should be Alive anymore. And so, it took weeks. But,  I wasn't always at the house. I was,  part of the week for me I taught at a Conservatory in Doylestown PA. I was Faculty,  piano Faculty in Doylestown at the Community Conservatory of Music & Art , and then I would travel to Ithaca, NY where my Alma Mater is that I went to my undergrad music college at Ithaca. And I would teach at Ithaca CSMA on the Weekends. And, I had my friends who played in bands around Ithaca.
So,  I wasn't there full time. I was there part of the week to teach  So then the weekend portion I was out of the state. I didn't like being in Pennsylvania because of the racism I experienced throughout (15:33) elementary school to High school.  So I actually didn't go home very much. This is probably hard to follow.  But once I made it  to college at 17 & I didn't go home fo a long time, for a good 10 years.
ramola D.: It's not hard to Follow, We can keep up with you. I thinkth kind of the stream of the Story over here. ok so I understand, So you were really drawn to stay away from Pennsylvania because of the Racism. from what you experienced (16:10) as a child, even as a child in Elementary school , and so forth. 

Yeah plus my friends urged me. I had friends who had gone to MIT who had, you know, they r on the New Jersey side, you know they would share with me other women's experiences from my home state (Pennsylvania). Where women on the books were still considered cattle. Even ther  illegal Programs MK Ultra as in textbook style MKULTRA in Pennsylvania mak sns becaus allowed Corporal punishment. 16:44 So, I mean, when those things are legal it's very difficult to take someone to court over any type of abuse.

Ramola D: mmm-hmm

Angela Kneale: no matter how severe

Ramola D: yeah yeah so you had a kind of a busy moving kind of life that sounds like. And, and what about the rest of your family?

Angela M. Kneale: My father was Air Force there's a Warrant Officer, very different they don't have Warrant officers anymore in the United States Air Force. He was supposedly Air Force OSI with top-secret, Above Top Secret clearance and was declassified in 2001. He used to fix c-130's and from what I can gather I don't have much verification he ran spooks & c-130's and I'm not supposed to say this, but; He been a printer for host of his tradesmen career. My mom being Japanese really liked having her husband's around you know instead being a manager or somebody who travel an executive who travels.

Ramola D. : mm-hmm

Angela Kneale:  my mom had cancer when I was child. My mom had me very late so I'm not in a normal bracket. She would tell me stories of very famous Japanese women who married British pops musicians, you know. 

Ramola D.: right

Angela Kneale:  how everybody was after Hiroshima got bombd . and growing up in & after the war not having having food not having things,  money did not matter & it  not being worth anything.  so
grew up with those stories directly from my mom. ie., "Remember this is what
America is, and I suffered through this so what you go through isn't as bad."

Ramola D: interesting

Angela Kneale: My mom's perception is very, very different from somebody say from California who's used to having their beautiful luxury cars and everything. For her, kind of positioned in a place that most Japanese people would not go to, as an adult

Ramola D.: 19:04

Angela Kneale:  as an adult there was a group there was a group of business people who are around New York and Philadelphia who spent time to try and figure out how to do business better with the United States. So there there'd been a circle of people a network of people  that were talking. Who are not military.That were civilian. But my family, my mom was from a family her status (19:38) should have been to marry an ambassador which would have been much more appropriate, I think in hindsight. But due to alot of the racism and stigmas that the United States has had against Japan, despite us having a security agreement they chose not to send her in with the diplomatic passport.
And, for me its been a struggle with whether you call it targeting;- Or, as my father told me one day, he could not protect me anymore. The CIA split into two different factions, and there are two different plans apparently. Those plans I am not completely aware of.  He might have known more, but basically;- things, things changed drastically.

Ramola D:  And, and when was this?

Angela Kneale:  I think this was 2006.

Ramola D.:  So, you were in your 20's or something?

Angela Kneale: I was in my early thirties.

Ramola D.: OKay and your dad said he couldn't protect you anymore.

Angela M. Kneale: no no like, I had a great uncle who was on the USS Langley, on the American side. He was in the Navy and he was on the Langley. and he was a gunner on the Langley, with 2 silver stars. And s,  he killed Japanese at  Iwo Jima. So, I mean my family is very militant. 
So, whatever my dad knew, I didn't have full disclosure on. 

I'm a little kid trying to grow up & I've got these two sets of family, families one on one side, one on the other side, that were like oil & water, literally. And, they told me not to get married or there would be a war. And, not to have children because somebody would kill them on one side or the other, or somebody else. And, I'm not anti, not completely anti-American. (21:50) But there is  alot of BS out there with people fantasizing about who they are, you know they're not the people who killed at Iwo Jima, I know they're not my uncle, my Great-Uncle,  who took me for a cheese steak. Either you know the person who pulled the trigger on the  Japanse and my uncle was trying to make amends in a sense, you know and give me space from my dad's relatives. So, my personal perception is very different from the general American Public. 
I understand that, but the
split apparently and the Rosicrucians people and the white supremacist had gotten so (22:31)aggressive They followed me home from one of the jobs that I had at a Telecom Company and up the driveway. And, I had gone in the house but I didn't know my mom was around the other side of the hous and they actually threatened my mother. I mean this is somebody on a motorcycle with confederate flag who was a service tech at the company Eastcom. And he came up our driveway and my mother & dad just told me I had to leave because I was atttracting the negative attention directly.

Ramola D: But why were you attracting this attention I mean I (23:08) I don't think I'm quite catching how you becam sort of um, you know, center of attention. What exactly was going on?

Angela Kneale: (23:14) I mean I think it was a couple things. Part of it was the residual from 9-11 and Japan being America's only enemy. They killed my brother, you know they had no problems using him and making sure he was dead. Not to talk about whatever else he might have known. And, I was told to remain quiet. The police also cleaned things up very quickly.

Ramola D.: Do you think his being killed had something to do with this, you know gun-running team that was an active in the neighborhood and you know using his (23:55) shop and everything it was related to them?

Angela M. Kneale: Absolutely, I made an ATF call, and I never really interacted with my neighbor, his boss even though I saw him a few times when he would come over to the house. And, I couldn't hlp but snarl at (24:16) him. I just instinctively don't likethis person. My parents, are very good friends with him, However;- so, it's very difficult for m to have a relationship with my mother. To even go back and get things like my college diploma, you know and my studio. I was basically literally chasd out of the neighborhood.

Ramola D.: By your own family?

Angela M. Kneale: By my family, by the police, the police had participated like, i had no privacy. my things that wee in storage wre rifled through by other people. I was abducted twice. Well, I was abducted once before my brother died, and then I was abducted a second time in 2006 and they just forgot, it no problem, They forgot it, and I, so for me I don't have any recourse I don't have legal recourse.
I didn't have any legal recourse even when I worked at the conservatory. And I worked over 26 hrs 25:27 and they should have had me on payroll. I couldn't find an attorney to represent me because one, I'm a minority and they were like, well you don't make enough. I was bringing the school into the school like $50/hr I get half &  had contractors fee, but they didn't give me my right,  and they wouldn't give me welfar,  they wouldn't give me food stamps they wouldn't do anything for me in that State of Pennsylvania. I mean, it's not an uncommon story they have to go to another state to report things.  But the people who have tell their story from other areas (26:02) the Amish and the abused women or whatever, they've had to go to another state. I even talked to one of my neighbors at one point and I asked why (26:14) he's very democratic by the way, so They don't even have a human rights commission any where near here bcause there's Allentown, right, Allentown doesn't apply to us, so I have have to go to Philadlphia 60 miles away. He said, "Because we couldn't afford it".  (26:33) of 63min.

Ramola D.: 26:34 So there's opportunity you're saying for all sorts of entrenched Occultic Secret Society Abuse and Masonic Abuse perhaps and police who are not really on the up & up.

No, The police hacked my Facebook.They have done that I had posted an officer card because I had called the police on somebody in my family the last time I returned home. And, they hacked my facebook. I can't say that it was the police directly  but most everyone I went to High School with, most of the ones who are kind of safer are on my facebook. um. and it got hacked and they took that information down.

Ramola D.: So alot of small town politics & intruige and entrenched secret society stuff going on.

Angela M. Kneale: Well yeah, I had also had bee.
one little part of it, but Bucks County  going towards Doylestown where I worked & Newtown is one percenter community. So, there's also a very elite boarding school in that area. I mean the top notch elite go to that boarding school so I had  worked on a customhome for somebody who had gone to that school and the buyers were somebody who Vice President of the probably largest cosmetics firm in the United States. We're not talking about a small stupid crowd  of people.

Ramola D.: Right RIght, it wasn't rednecks so much as elitist and yet, very Occultic.

Angela M. Kneale: .Yeah I don't know all of the occult stuff because I feel I was somewhat kept out of it. I mean I have to unravel my own abuse, but everybody knew I was abused by the time I was in Jr. High. by th time I was in Jr. Hight.

RAMOLA D: MMhmm I'm so sorry.

Angela M. Kneale: I didn't grow up like a normal Japanese girl. I was beatenup at school pretty much daily and in my elementary school years with the teachers watching. They  approved it. I'd get really brown every summer, you know from being outside. So I pretty much got beaten up every single day. And then by the time I went to Jr. High & High School, um, the abuse coming from my parents it was kind of like all day, you know rrecess was abuse, verbal abuse from the teachers, i had every single day, it got worse at  High school my US cultures teacher, Everybody knew was a ravist, h used to make fun of the Jewish
they did hire a jewish professor and they would make fun of that teacher as well as me infront of the entire  class. So, i wasn't treated with any respect. It wasn't even being left alone or not causeing harm,  it was intended, it was intentional. for a long time.

RAMOLA D: MMhmm I'm so sorry.

Angela M. Kneale: So if it weren't for piano I wouldn't have gotten through it, that was my sacntuary.

Ramola D.: MMhmmm.
80's to early 90's

Monday, April 23, 2018

5D warefare

I don't know which side I'm on since all the 5d warfare. The only thing I'm certain of is when I am attacked.
So, my next question--
Does it matter which side I'm on?
I mean, if I am to stay alive?

Friday, April 20, 2018

Give up on USA

Finally being able to interview and tell someone about the living nightmare I have suffered for 43 years in the USA Has made me think forward.
Without the USA bases being removed from Japan permanently, some of my relatives do not feel that the laws of the Patriot Act will protect me or them from a USA home invasion.
It has been a really really tragic & UGLY life in the USA. Sure some of the once in a while photos look pretty amazing. However, my quality of life is low.
The political conversation that has existed since we were wrongly attacked, my brother executed without question in our neighborhood, my life threatened & many attempted murder by USMC, US Army,  DOE, US Navy, & ATF & Narcotels  & other Federal employees as well as USA's white supremacists domestic terrorist groups and other opportunistic criminals also from South East Asia & Latin America
Have bestowed extreme difficulty for me to continue my life in a positive way. That is not to live with the mistreatment that USA puts on sterotyping.
I realize I want to share my story. But as I have refused to write a book about my political views;- I feel it only confirms USA's intentional defilement of the core of international society.
As I am still in Hawaii, they continue to impress forcing me into their wealth of criminal actions to make an example of me here in Hawaii.
They have lied to other Americans about me for a long time. About my brother too. About my mother & insulted all of us. They can lie as much as they want in the USA. My mom's family is ashamed that we exist and hid me from other Japanese seeing me sight when I returned in 2010. Even the translator who exists to confirm I understand my family was shocked that I came from America.  Ignoring me another trip aside from wiping my flight off the NEX board. It does not change some permission my parents initially had in the late  60's to make a trip to the USA together.  Everyone in USA govt have tried to Axe murder every one of us. My mom & I remain. I cannot and do not want to live through more humiliation & abuse from the USA & now +Hawaii. 

Monday, April 02, 2018

My stack of Keto Diet & Vegan Supplements 2018 Q1

2018 Q1 keto-vegan shopping list
Oils & MCT’s
North Shore Goodies (no honey)
         Original Coconut PeanutButter       
Laird - Hydrate Tumeric
Almond Butter 
Justin’s Maple Almond Butter 
Once Again Sunflower seed butter 
Artisana or Nutiva Coconut Manna 
Haleiwa Plantation Coconut oil

Organic Cacao Powder 
Organic Mustard 
Bragg’s Liquid Aminos (for tofu)

Daily 3-4.5 liters water - bottled or boiled only due to bacteria (Hawaii)
Nuts- almond, macadamia nuts, mixed nuts
Celery sticks
Raw tofu 1lb 
Teriyaki nori
Organic Lemons
1/2-3/4lb Alkaline vegetable salad (no lettuce)
2 small containers Vegan Pesto
Med side -lg side -bowl mixed steamed Veggies Panda Express.
Shredded Beets
Potato Chip weakness:- Almond oil smoked potato Chips
Other popular keto type snacks.

 Supplements -Keto Vegan
Creatine - A. Cre5  B. Cre-Elite (wake-up)
Protein - PLNT 
Green 2o Liv international 
Udo’s Omega 3-6-9 blend 
MK-7 Jarrow - Gummies or Capsule
Dry Vitamin A
Yohimbe HCL (before work)
Vira Guard 605 (2weeks)
Activated Charcoal