Friday, February 16, 2018

Targeted Individual Activism

I've watched hours of video about Targeted Individuals, in addition to my own experiences. My background as grassroots organizer 15yrs. includes:  starting my own organization to working for several national organizations & transitioning to business organizational development that eventually lead to my attendance at APEC 2011. The thing that is daunting for nomal people, who have non-technical backgrounds is that much of the T.I. conversation requires alot of learning. I was an organization & issues campaigns consultant in the past. This is what I think would make a difference, that I am have not found.  I calculated the hours of Stargate program declassified documentation in 2016. It's like 5 years 8hrs a day, plus transcribing doctor's scrawl.   So; For a targeted individual campaign;- this is what I would focus on;- This is just the tip of the iceberg.

Simple video or visual presentation -

Goal: Obtain funding to travel, set up a table & publically scan people for implants?

Encourage others to Ask intelligent questions:
  1. From what I hear, this technology is not safe enough for me to use. What are the alternatives?
  2. I understand my neighbor's Satellite dish for their TV can reflect into my home. Do you have information about what this does?
Make simple mobile "leaflet"  website:
  • Who makes the technology? & or who has patents find names in Patent registration
    • Specific:
    • Scientists
    • Inventors - USPTO.
      • major companies?
      • minor companies? - still open or was it a 3-4yr. operation?

  • Are the Companies subcontractor or front  of Crime &/or Intel organization
    • CIA= NSA, MI6, Mossad, Pentagon, Yakuza
    • Deep state
    • Amazon - Subcontracted security guard companies
    • FEMA
  • Are the Scientists subcontractors or employees of these companies?
  • What is the difference between perpetrators?
Are there Legalities related to who is being sent to perpetrate the crimes?
  •  If in the USA targeted individual is/was a foreigner, dual national,  or falls under the Patriot act or FISA as a 1st generation American?
  • If in another nation, what are the laws or NO laws that exist to hold the local government responsible?
  • What nations have banned DEW, Electronic Harassment & technology?
  • Where do we find the laws, if there are any laws?
  • In the USA, lobbying is something any citizen can do on their own. Having a signed petition with real & correct & current  registered voting addresses and names in each state is important.
Provide Professional advice on sheilding:
  • Immediate ways to cut down on an attack make the body & pain symptoms less severe.
  • "Soft kill" terrorism in house is hack & install software to synchronize an calibrate home wireless networks to emit more EMF/Wireless frequency for entrainment.
  • Online safety due to professional hacking  of T.I. by human or A.I.