Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Remote Weapons used on Public in Honolulu County

Leaves no trace

& difficult to detect because there is little  physical or genetical proof left behind by the microwave weapon on the outside of the body. Rarely, victims can photograph burnt & peeled skin or immediate raised rash is left. It is literally like being microwaved from a distance. The physical proof is difficult to acquire; and, the cumulative effect of constant re-exposure if a targeted individual can be fatal. 

in same sense a trained sniper is remote

The term "REMOTE weaponry" is used to describe a vast array remote weapons used today. Some remote weapons are  mounted on military drones &  aircraft and some are as easy to carry as a TV remote control. Despite old concrete versions of the technology, wireless versions and satellite pinging versions of the weaponry do exist.

Military grade weapons of imminent destruction also have  scaled down versions of destructive sonic & lazer weapons. Some of these scaled down versions are like unseen instances of class 2 or 3 weapons use.

appx 2 hrs reading without technical background:

Neurostimulation - Brain Stimulation & Deep Brain Stimulation that has an extreme military application to make troops bodies move in case of emminent threat, severely wounded, loss of limbs, etc.

Remote Neural Monitoring: Public Use mind control weaponry hidden in gaming & neuro-stim devices to expose users to mind control hypnotic entrainment.

Directed Energy Weapon ( DEW or DE ): Precise target accuracy & exacting coordinates. Variety of sizes from homemade to military grade. Can be sent through a building from several miles away when mounted on aircraft Intended to be give lethal energy pulse, but can be tuned to temporarily disable & fry the individual. Smaller ground weapons are portable with internal power system some guns are called HERF.

High Energy Frequency Weapon - a HERF Gun can make a laptop or car computer stop working.

A majority of the USA public has not witnessed any form of real Directed Energy Weapons (aka DE or DEW)  psychotronic weapons, and satellite weapons in existence. Many believe such weapons only exist in the confines of their household gaming entertainment & 3D  military entrainment simulation systems. The public gaming technologies are geared to Military, totalitarian lifestyles & mindsets.

Rare & beneficial use of transhumanist technologies are used  to restore quality of life to children & wounded veterans. Most of the USA Public is desensitized to other military industry related unconsensual human testing.

Other more complicated weapons technology to try and undestand is HAARP  as another large scale weapon. And with the public revealing of the US Secret Space Program, there are  now classes of Satellite & Space weaponry.

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