Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Problems with US Shopping Malls & Cosmetics 2000-2018

Many of the American men including Caucasian, African, Latino groups especially;- have a preference for American-European beauty & American Styles. The makeup style they prefer is heavy
and detracts from existing Asian beauty identification. It's as Asian transgender men mockingly emulate on YouTube the 'quick American prostitute face'. It is designed as a stereotypical face of someone who needs to make money. Eyelashes, Cateye liner, blue/ black/or brown dark eyeshadow.  And, it is very similar to football undereye grease. Meant for battle.

 I think this has to do with the USA militant tribal culture and mindset. Part of it is from the resurrection of Cleopatra and Illuminati 3rd eye drawing with thick Muslim eyeliners. The American stores only in the most recent decade cater to dominant gene pools dna expressions of natural skin color

Even though some of the Cosmetic store sets may include a palate for Asian skintones;- I have learned 1st hand;- that the store managers and local mindsets DO NOT WANT ASIAN WOMEN near or around the store. Some of these managers "HIDE" inventory so that it does not sell at all. And, eventually the corporation stops including the color set in its stores due to unpopularity.