Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Honolulu County; Remote Directed Energy Weapons in Honolulu County

Honolulu County; Public Knowledge of Directed Energy Weapons

Over the past several years of my forced "stay" in Honolulu county, I have travelled the island and
talked with many local residents. The way the public handles the issue of Directed Energy Weapons and Remote Weapons is not technical.

Most of the discussion is left to unseen and benign electromagnetic radiation waves from outer space or solar flares.  And, or it falls into some type of spiritual superstition. The Magna/ Comic crowd has an awareness of the weaponry and some future modernization plans of the Military Industry. Some of them are ex-military or military attending university on GI Bill. They may have had prior training or exposure to the DEW technologies.
Sadly, the less adept retirees and non-military engaged public seem to have a limited awareness of technologies that could have been  used against them.

I have significant reason to believe that these weapons are being used on some level, regardless of confirmation of their use on the public and especially me as a Targeted Individual.

Hawaii State & Honolulu County doesn't have provisions for County/State Libaility if they are allowing the Police force to be used to harm the public in such a way.


In 2015 I heard reports from people living in Waikiki that their cars were confirmed by the dealership(s) as being hit by a solar flare, while parked in a parking garage. The solar flare was "spiritually inclined" to only affect some Japanese owned vehicles in the parking structure.

There were other instances in the same year where Honolulu Police Department's unmarked personal vehicles seemed to be eminating  cold war "body weapons" at Hobron Road in Waikiki,  as victims  symptoms were revealed to others who understand this weapons technology. 

In a club in 2015 I was hit with a weapon and a large, raised red star shape appeared on my arm. Others noticed.  The crowd there was partially military & the building address was not in the Honolulu County property listing.  It is Allegedly the same building location where an ex-Google executive was robbed and later  hit over the head with a La Mariana Yacht club metal flag marker. And celebrities Bradley Cooper & Migos had been seen in this local Honolulu after-hours nightclub about the same time as Aloha was filmed.


There seemed to be a "break" over noticeable Directed Energy weapons use against me and instead I experienced drink  poisoning (not spiking)  and other direct methodsof harm & assault;  ie,  Pearl City Police officers being primary suspects in letting air out of my tires.

2017 Pearl City Shopping Center parking structure: Directed energy weapon at my buzzing LGv20 on AT&T service phone "being pinged" after battery was removed, the weapon also made my hand vibrate.
2017 Pearl Ridge Shopping Mall parking lot;- Corotid artery attacked by Remote Energy weapon, V2k/ psychotronic weapon.
8/2017 - Psychotronic weapon harmed me at KaUka Blvd Area