Thursday, February 08, 2018

FISA, AT&T, JAPANESE-AMERICAN 1st Generation Targeted individual

I understand that my phone line is monitored due to FISA since I am private US citizen and 1st generation Japanese-American. I understand your AT&T company (regardless of structure) allows the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) & or National Security Agency (NSA) to monitor and adversely affect my phone service so that;- 1) Quality of my calls is poor, 2) Important communication with my disabled mother does not work 3) There is significant clicking and interference & feedback on these calls that interfere with conversation when I do receive them.

Your AT&T telecoms services have severely affected my life as I was/am also a private citizen who is/was a USA political asset and represented the USA public interest with regards to an international family matter in  Export-Import at Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation. Over the past several years of having your phone service;
  1.  I have also been shut out of my email use for over 16 weeks straight (4 months). And had to purchase several phones to replace the stolen phones and information. 
  2. That is in addition to spending several hours travelling to and from the only physical location on Oahu in Hawaii State in the USA for equipment that did not work to capacity.
  3. AT&T service with CIA & FISA  allows variety of people within your organization to also locate me, ie., cold engineers & US Military, as well as the CIA & NSA. 
  4. And, in some instances I was additionally physically harmed; despite the sexist attitudes of officers in the Honolulu Police Department who may have been involved in legal State human trafficking till 2015.
Your phone service as a Telecoms provider has been overall POOR quality and has severely crippled my ability as a private citizen & independent contractor to reasonably communicate in order for your AT&T corporate interests to cause international incident(s) and intentional damages to my life. Aside from the financial loss of decent and respectable employment due to the inconsistent & aggravating service.
I also understand that insurances on my cellular equipment was canceled/ changed without my knowledge.
In regard to payments am writing about my bill for my phone 808-366-6837. My bill went past due in August 2017 due to being intensely targeted with internationally illegal Satellite & psychotronic weaponry. 
In November I paid
$142 on the 1st
$100 on the 7th
$11.16 on the 7th This paid up any past due amount that you had declared plus my November bill due.
Then I paid:
$93.00 on the 24th
$100.00 on the 26th
Another $140 on the 26th
and $100 on the 23rd of December
In November alone; I paid $333.00 nafter bringing my bills current
And I paid another $100 on the 23rd of December
That is I paid $433 to cover my December & January bills. And, According to my records,
My current bill should not be past due, but paid already before the close of 2017.
I want to see the correction to my bill.