Friday, February 16, 2018

Targeted Individual Activism

I've watched hours of video about Targeted Individuals, in addition to my own experiences. My background as grassroots organizer 15yrs. includes:  starting my own organization to working for several national organizations & transitioning to business organizational development that eventually lead to my attendance at APEC 2011. The thing that is daunting for nomal people, who have non-technical backgrounds is that much of the T.I. conversation requires alot of learning. I was an organization & issues campaigns consultant in the past. This is what I think would make a difference, that I am have not found.  I calculated the hours of Stargate program declassified documentation in 2016. It's like 5 years 8hrs a day, plus transcribing doctor's scrawl.   So; For a targeted individual campaign;- this is what I would focus on;- This is just the tip of the iceberg.

Simple video or visual presentation -

Goal: Obtain funding to travel, set up a table & publically scan people for implants?

Encourage others to Ask intelligent questions:
  1. From what I hear, this technology is not safe enough for me to use. What are the alternatives?
  2. I understand my neighbor's Satellite dish for their TV can reflect into my home. Do you have information about what this does?
Make simple mobile "leaflet"  website:
  • Who makes the technology? & or who has patents find names in Patent registration
    • Specific:
    • Scientists
    • Inventors - USPTO.
      • major companies?
      • minor companies? - still open or was it a 3-4yr. operation?

  • Are the Companies subcontractor or front  of Crime &/or Intel organization
    • CIA= NSA, MI6, Mossad, Pentagon, Yakuza
    • Deep state
    • Amazon - Subcontracted security guard companies
    • FEMA
  • Are the Scientists subcontractors or employees of these companies?
  • What is the difference between perpetrators?
Are there Legalities related to who is being sent to perpetrate the crimes?
  •  If in the USA targeted individual is/was a foreigner, dual national,  or falls under the Patriot act or FISA as a 1st generation American?
  • If in another nation, what are the laws or NO laws that exist to hold the local government responsible?
  • What nations have banned DEW, Electronic Harassment & technology?
  • Where do we find the laws, if there are any laws?
  • In the USA, lobbying is something any citizen can do on their own. Having a signed petition with real & correct & current  registered voting addresses and names in each state is important.
Provide Professional advice on sheilding:
  • Immediate ways to cut down on an attack make the body & pain symptoms less severe.
  • "Soft kill" terrorism in house is hack & install software to synchronize an calibrate home wireless networks to emit more EMF/Wireless frequency for entrainment.
  • Online safety due to professional hacking  of T.I. by human or A.I.

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Honolulu County; Remote Directed Energy Weapons in Honolulu County

Honolulu County; Public Knowledge of Directed Energy Weapons

Over the past several years of my forced "stay" in Honolulu county, I have travelled the island and
talked with many local residents. The way the public handles the issue of Directed Energy Weapons and Remote Weapons is not technical.

Most of the discussion is left to unseen and benign electromagnetic radiation waves from outer space or solar flares.  And, or it falls into some type of spiritual superstition. The Magna/ Comic crowd has an awareness of the weaponry and some future modernization plans of the Military Industry. Some of them are ex-military or military attending university on GI Bill. They may have had prior training or exposure to the DEW technologies.
Sadly, the less adept retirees and non-military engaged public seem to have a limited awareness of technologies that could have been  used against them.

I have significant reason to believe that these weapons are being used on some level, regardless of confirmation of their use on the public and especially me as a Targeted Individual.

Hawaii State & Honolulu County doesn't have provisions for County/State Libaility if they are allowing the Police force to be used to harm the public in such a way.


In 2015 I heard reports from people living in Waikiki that their cars were confirmed by the dealership(s) as being hit by a solar flare, while parked in a parking garage. The solar flare was "spiritually inclined" to only affect some Japanese owned vehicles in the parking structure.

There were other instances in the same year where Honolulu Police Department's unmarked personal vehicles seemed to be eminating  cold war "body weapons" at Hobron Road in Waikiki,  as victims  symptoms were revealed to others who understand this weapons technology. 

In a club in 2015 I was hit with a weapon and a large, raised red star shape appeared on my arm. Others noticed.  The crowd there was partially military & the building address was not in the Honolulu County property listing.  It is Allegedly the same building location where an ex-Google executive was robbed and later  hit over the head with a La Mariana Yacht club metal flag marker. And celebrities Bradley Cooper & Migos had been seen in this local Honolulu after-hours nightclub about the same time as Aloha was filmed.


There seemed to be a "break" over noticeable Directed Energy weapons use against me and instead I experienced drink  poisoning (not spiking)  and other direct methodsof harm & assault;  ie,  Pearl City Police officers being primary suspects in letting air out of my tires.

2017 Pearl City Shopping Center parking structure: Directed energy weapon at my buzzing LGv20 on AT&T service phone "being pinged" after battery was removed, the weapon also made my hand vibrate.
2017 Pearl Ridge Shopping Mall parking lot;- Corotid artery attacked by Remote Energy weapon, V2k/ psychotronic weapon.
8/2017 - Psychotronic weapon harmed me at KaUka Blvd Area

Remote Weapons used on Public in Honolulu County

Leaves no trace

& difficult to detect because there is little  physical or genetical proof left behind by the microwave weapon on the outside of the body. Rarely, victims can photograph burnt & peeled skin or immediate raised rash is left. It is literally like being microwaved from a distance. The physical proof is difficult to acquire; and, the cumulative effect of constant re-exposure if a targeted individual can be fatal. 

in same sense a trained sniper is remote

The term "REMOTE weaponry" is used to describe a vast array remote weapons used today. Some remote weapons are  mounted on military drones &  aircraft and some are as easy to carry as a TV remote control. Despite old concrete versions of the technology, wireless versions and satellite pinging versions of the weaponry do exist.

Military grade weapons of imminent destruction also have  scaled down versions of destructive sonic & lazer weapons. Some of these scaled down versions are like unseen instances of class 2 or 3 weapons use.

appx 2 hrs reading without technical background:

Neurostimulation - Brain Stimulation & Deep Brain Stimulation that has an extreme military application to make troops bodies move in case of emminent threat, severely wounded, loss of limbs, etc.

Remote Neural Monitoring: Public Use mind control weaponry hidden in gaming & neuro-stim devices to expose users to mind control hypnotic entrainment.

Directed Energy Weapon ( DEW or DE ): Precise target accuracy & exacting coordinates. Variety of sizes from homemade to military grade. Can be sent through a building from several miles away when mounted on aircraft Intended to be give lethal energy pulse, but can be tuned to temporarily disable & fry the individual. Smaller ground weapons are portable with internal power system some guns are called HERF.

High Energy Frequency Weapon - a HERF Gun can make a laptop or car computer stop working.

A majority of the USA public has not witnessed any form of real Directed Energy Weapons (aka DE or DEW)  psychotronic weapons, and satellite weapons in existence. Many believe such weapons only exist in the confines of their household gaming entertainment & 3D  military entrainment simulation systems. The public gaming technologies are geared to Military, totalitarian lifestyles & mindsets.

Rare & beneficial use of transhumanist technologies are used  to restore quality of life to children & wounded veterans. Most of the USA Public is desensitized to other military industry related unconsensual human testing.

Other more complicated weapons technology to try and undestand is HAARP  as another large scale weapon. And with the public revealing of the US Secret Space Program, there are  now classes of Satellite & Space weaponry.

Websites linked & Referenced:

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Problems with US Shopping Malls & Cosmetics 2000-2018

Many of the American men including Caucasian, African, Latino groups especially;- have a preference for American-European beauty & American Styles. The makeup style they prefer is heavy
and detracts from existing Asian beauty identification. It's as Asian transgender men mockingly emulate on YouTube the 'quick American prostitute face'. It is designed as a stereotypical face of someone who needs to make money. Eyelashes, Cateye liner, blue/ black/or brown dark eyeshadow.  And, it is very similar to football undereye grease. Meant for battle.

 I think this has to do with the USA militant tribal culture and mindset. Part of it is from the resurrection of Cleopatra and Illuminati 3rd eye drawing with thick Muslim eyeliners. The American stores only in the most recent decade cater to dominant gene pools dna expressions of natural skin color

Even though some of the Cosmetic store sets may include a palate for Asian skintones;- I have learned 1st hand;- that the store managers and local mindsets DO NOT WANT ASIAN WOMEN near or around the store. Some of these managers "HIDE" inventory so that it does not sell at all. And, eventually the corporation stops including the color set in its stores due to unpopularity.

Romeo Agents to USA Deepstate Electronic Torture program

What Happens after a Japanese woman marries an American man?

US Military officers & enlisted men try to marry Japanese women who have caught on to being treated worse than their prostitutes. For them it is a game" to marry a Japanese woman. Winning the favor game among their fellow US men & ex military buddies is most important, and sadly the goal is usually to cause an international incident. Some, very few, are genuinely going to continue with their positive behavior once away from the woman's family in Japan.

Even with a large beergut, the men perceive themselves as a male "sexy agent" aka "Romeo Agent" who is able to entice a woman to marry them. The men know how to "tune on" the frequency wave bandwidth of attraction. And, with current technology & drugs, it is possible to cause synthetic physical attraction. Sometimes the men are paid to conduct this type of clandestine operation.

Once their new bride is in the USA they have a "bragging right". And, in modern 20th century they brag about being the one responsible for getting "one of them out of there" for everyone else USA men and Japan haters to use as a political punching bag.

the USA  is a big place mostly empty of Asian people & culture

I have met several Asian  women who were isolated in Suburban Tri-State Area Philadelphia, NYC area area once leaving their Asian nation, not only Japan. When they see me, regardless of the setting (ie., business function, somber event) They run up to me like a sister and cry out their story, not even leaving time for an introduction of names. I don't think introduction mattered with such a well of emotion. The area is not a place for typical Asian nuances to be discussed in daily life like Hawaii likes to prompt (this is actually a psyOp too). Instead it is a battle for any Asian individuality, custom, respect  against US white & black culture. They did not realize how horrible USA racism & sexism is, especially because USA media will not publish such matters.

There are hundreds if not thousands of cases in the USA & Hawaii State. Especially since Hawaii state has a trafficking culture that forced women into normal tolerance of daily verbal & psychological sexual abuse, sexual harassment, & assault. And, many times these cases are & were kept silent for foreign policy vantage of doing business and being the Number 1 economic power on the planet.* So, despite USA being a nation with the freedom of speech, the Internet social media is also becoming censored.

*Even in NY where Japanese is taught, the local community asked me to translate another Japanese woman's assault case in court

(quiet smallscale " net neutrality" ops)

The  online  censorship (like  quite smallscale  net neutrality ops)  is part of a CIA & Deep State program of "electronic harassment." It is part of a Modern torture method program for social media users has a range of "electronic" torture devices, these devices range from virus-like software programs on your phone & computer to military grade sonic weapons, some satellite depending on the target (human) and their political value of influence.

Welcome to the Deep State

Economic & Electronic Torture program

Space weapons, Satellite weapons, Aircraft mounted weapons, Weaponized Drones, Internet.
Some victims of this program who stepped forward to speak  are former employees & contractors from the CIA, US Black market operations (DEA/ATF?), NSA, and US Military or Private Security corporations. Few of the activists educating the online public are people who were Military Experimental labs corporations.

Since the victims/ targets of this electronic torture program are attacked at home with improved electronic weapons from the Cold War era, many abandon their apartments & houses. Some victims are forced to loose all of their assets due to economic targeting elements of the protocol. Due to the nature of some of the victims backgrounds they may be given opportunities in their line of expertise to restore their life by participating in a CIA or Deep State operation. Others during the course of this terrorist program change location and still experience the electronic harassment, indicating the possible Drone weaponry or satellite weaponry in use. Some conspiracy theorists think that this is NON-CONSENSUAL testing on the USA public by "perps" or perpetrators of the crimes. 

The most public cases known are those involving these remote control weapons giving heart attacks to select political targets/victims. Though some Americans abroad have more current technology that was force implanted or injected  in their brain. Some of this is Corporate Contractor testing of satellite & space weapons. Because of the illegal nature of the weapons development;- many of the victims are unable to secure knowledgeable medical assistance outside of those corporations.

Thursday, February 08, 2018

FISA, AT&T, JAPANESE-AMERICAN 1st Generation Targeted individual

I understand that my phone line is monitored due to FISA since I am private US citizen and 1st generation Japanese-American. I understand your AT&T company (regardless of structure) allows the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) & or National Security Agency (NSA) to monitor and adversely affect my phone service so that;- 1) Quality of my calls is poor, 2) Important communication with my disabled mother does not work 3) There is significant clicking and interference & feedback on these calls that interfere with conversation when I do receive them.

Your AT&T telecoms services have severely affected my life as I was/am also a private citizen who is/was a USA political asset and represented the USA public interest with regards to an international family matter in  Export-Import at Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation. Over the past several years of having your phone service;
  1.  I have also been shut out of my email use for over 16 weeks straight (4 months). And had to purchase several phones to replace the stolen phones and information. 
  2. That is in addition to spending several hours travelling to and from the only physical location on Oahu in Hawaii State in the USA for equipment that did not work to capacity.
  3. AT&T service with CIA & FISA  allows variety of people within your organization to also locate me, ie., cold engineers & US Military, as well as the CIA & NSA. 
  4. And, in some instances I was additionally physically harmed; despite the sexist attitudes of officers in the Honolulu Police Department who may have been involved in legal State human trafficking till 2015.
Your phone service as a Telecoms provider has been overall POOR quality and has severely crippled my ability as a private citizen & independent contractor to reasonably communicate in order for your AT&T corporate interests to cause international incident(s) and intentional damages to my life. Aside from the financial loss of decent and respectable employment due to the inconsistent & aggravating service.
I also understand that insurances on my cellular equipment was canceled/ changed without my knowledge.
In regard to payments am writing about my bill for my phone 808-366-6837. My bill went past due in August 2017 due to being intensely targeted with internationally illegal Satellite & psychotronic weaponry. 
In November I paid
$142 on the 1st
$100 on the 7th
$11.16 on the 7th This paid up any past due amount that you had declared plus my November bill due.
Then I paid:
$93.00 on the 24th
$100.00 on the 26th
Another $140 on the 26th
and $100 on the 23rd of December
In November alone; I paid $333.00 nafter bringing my bills current
And I paid another $100 on the 23rd of December
That is I paid $433 to cover my December & January bills. And, According to my records,
My current bill should not be past due, but paid already before the close of 2017.
I want to see the correction to my bill.