Saturday, January 27, 2018

UFO sighting Triangle lights OAHU

From Oahu, if you want something to read for any reason. I'm sitting up here in Mililani Mauka near the Tech Park across the HWY from Schofield Hawaii. And, I just parked for a minute to check my phone & I looked up... There was a triangular light formation in the dark sky over Mililani towards Pearl Harbor, with the moon behind & Above me. As far as moving lights went, ufo's over the sea usually, I had not seen a seperation of the lights or  a triangle formation holding steady in the sky before. The light was diffuse & whitelight . HUGE. Fabulously HUGE.  I tried to live stream Tweet but I'm stuck without a decent phone. One Side of the triangle in the sky was bigger than a 747 perspective parked at the runway. 3 sides, one point meeting in a typical star in the sky only larger & diffuse light behind the cloudy veil that covered it.
I am quite wiped from writing.  So here are my Tweets today of importance. Day almost over here at 23:40 Hawaii time. 26th of January 2018
And, today one of my tweets:
Not Sure people know how exhausting the EX&HF are. Especially after a random code red signal. It makes listening to Radio/DJ/Stereo more brain fatigue. Better to have quiet & Not talk. #MKstArgate
I tweeted today a pic of me at Comicon 2015.
Hawaii 9-2015.(19th?Hawaii) Rob Leifeld noticed me, in the same row answering kids ?'s, when I clutched my ear. I was in pain. Then I looked forward down the floor sitter aisle and he followed my panicked gaze. it was eternity to me, until the Satellite phone rang with the man in the wheelchair. I wish I had some way to prove to the public that satellite tech is something that I can sense. And, that is that only incident that happened in a room full of people. It's happened before to me outside up to 20 feet away from me. I think it would help the public that is calling targeted individuals crazy, even ones in China-- that the possiblity is there. And, somehow to start proving that it is not some coincidence.
Also some Independent video reporter I'm trying to sift through now, says there was an actual ICBM ... on the 13th.It is videographer update from Account for Florida Maquis 1/13/2018 Update:
transponder switch on tracking IBMs-- Fitzgerald McCain completed an AEGIS BMD System test. . He's saying that they shot downed a missile headed straight for Hawaii.