Sunday, January 28, 2018

Oahu UFO SIGHTING Jan 26, 2018

My personal account of a Hawaii sighting of a UFO on a Friday night.

Saturday 27th, 2018 - 383 words UFO SIGHTING: Mililani Tech Park, Hawaii

So yesterday night (Friday January 26th, 2018), I didn’t realize I wasn’t pointing my camera at what I was looking at for about 3-4 minutes. OMG!!! From my seat facing the window I glanced up from checking my phone messages for Friday night invitations. And, I saw a set of lights in the sky directly ahead of me in my line of vision from the vehicle. I glanced back at my phone and immediately back up at the sky again. I stared at it realizing it was a very, very huge triangle.  I think I had my phone dangling, so I wasn’t really pointing it at the sky (obviously) if you see the street lamps in the video. I just kept staring at it.  It was strange because it didn’t move. It was just staying fixed. 

So I saw a very clear set of lights that weren’t too bright to hide the triangular structure. It was crystal clear against the dark sky. There were three definite sides from my perspective in a triangular isosceles formation. Each of these three sides looked like some sort of tube. Each tube was double the length of a 747 airplane seen up close by the boarding gate. There was a light that started out faint at the pinnacle of the triangle. The light is positioned in between two of the tubes meeting to form the pinnacle (pointed to my left or approximately North East). I was trying to figure out if it was a star or something else when it started to get a bigger & brighter magenta color.

After maybe two or three seconds, the magenta colored light turned into a bright white light. I watched as the lights brightened and blinded out the structure against a clear nighttime sky.  While the UFO stayed lit, the cloudy veil moved to block the UFO from my sight. The light was so bright it lit up clouds far away away from it (i’m, guessing) 500-600 vertical feet & maybe a 2.5- 4 miles away. I could still see the light through the cloudy veil much closer to normal cloud atmospheric height;- until, the mass of clouds completely covered it. This was near 9:40 PM Hawaii time near Mililani Tech Park looking towards Mililani and Pearl Harbor. It is an emp
draft rendering of what I saw, less detail

ty area adjacent to Schofield Army Base.