Thursday, January 25, 2018

APEC WW3 & USA Immigration - my perspective (draft)

'They won't meet me 1/2 way. They meet me to kill the Export Import (EX-IM) Project.' - A.M.K

Immigrant Marriage in the USA is like a “Study Abroad” or Foreign University experience.
I don’t think this is a good use of USA legal Procedure no matter how good the intent.

Today in the  21st century, bringing immigrant wives to the USA is similar to Slave trade fantasies the men have. USA Male pimps & sex traffickers.
These men are generally disrespectful of Ethnic minority women in the USA because of the same mentality. If it is a social improvement, a global status, less abusive improvement for a woman of their culture;- then for USA political face make it a mandatory prolonged citizenship status. Don't bring them here to the USA to ruin American families, by divorce, welfare assistance, & Child CPS services.
That wasn't the contract they signed up for prior to arriving in the USA. The man is at fault as much as the woman. If US Military when he is on deployment- she is out hoeing or honey-potting for Intel control. It is standard for military in Hawaii to have promiscuous wives on base in order to afford to keep a roof over their heads with USA military Base Housing Allowance. It is a Hawaii State standard.
Why BRING THEM HERE TO NOSE AROUND AND DAMAGE CIVILIAN< CIVILIAN National security. I mean that in the fullest sense for the Private individuals who are being groomed or HAVE been groomed for US National Interests. And,  that ARE politically relevant OUTSIDE the USA, AND affect FOREIGN POLICY of Other nations with regards to the U.S.A.
Am I to think that the USA IS SO PHENOMENALLY POOR AT THIS POINT that attacking their own interests in order to start a war to keep their government paying them and housing them?
Men politically tear women and acquaintance rape is an undeniable fact of women’s lies mostly ¾ unspoken &
Whether married or not.

That really is something to consider. And, don't get me wrong, it does not exclude the CIA or NSA partitioning into different factions to handle ILLUMINATI FOREIGN POLICY MYTHS.
It sounds like it is similar in California since this Jumps between Sand Diego & Pearl Harbor - Then expands from there.
It affects BUSINESS.
They literally don't let those of us with ##Predetermined'' oles, live long enough to enact them. Then,--they want people in ASIA to kiss their arses to do business. It is the USA's way to assassinate close to extended family in a foreign nation - then turn around & blame Vietnam? Thailand? China? in front of their shameful domestic USA citizens? Really?
that is shameful, even for a toddler psyop.
It is the USA's way to assassinate close to extended family in a foreign nation - then turn around & blame
NO. --
I had a friend who helped me from LEGIT Chinese-AMERICAN (BY AMERICAN I MEAN PEOPLE WHO HAVE BEEN AROUND THE LIBERTY BELL) Philadelphia families. This problem -IS THE USA.
Security agreement
We knew the TPP was BS in attempt to include the USA - due to security perameters. Japan, Russia, China, EVERY NATION did their own security research for this agreement & published it WELL BEFORE, like a DECADE before, the 2011 Meeting.
The American public was all wrapped up in protesting the TPP due to big pharma & other issues.
Have they, the American USA public lobbied their own government? Probably not.
They got out there and held signs when they heard nations of ASIA are involved.
Do they look at it (the emergence of Big Pharma) as their Fault? OF COURSE NOT!
The TPP bought, MORE TIME for the USA.
Japan & China had been in War negotiations intensely 14yrs ago when I was "brought in" to the conversation.
This TPP AGREEMENT with or without public approval got them the USA public, 5-6 years of Peace with China.
Even the CIA / was searching for intel on the Chinese Islands being built a few years ago, I know, because about 6 of them asked me. And today, we all have NORTH KOREA NORTH KOREA that has been developed with a real or somewhat fake military armorment. We don't really know what they have that WORKS when it comes to ICBM's. The USA is pushing the world to find out on and otherwise harmonious setting and on  the financial & emotional  bill of ASIA'S CITIZENS.
Hawaii as a USA State is REALLY REALLY dirty. For just over 50 years. Hawaii State has found a way to bring back the Nastiness of Asia's sex trade and made it a public, internationally known display, of community, & multi-generational, sexual abuse of ASIAN WOMEN.
Phrases like @you're a girl are meant to demote women of any background to a social status that is open to being forced into the sex trade;- REGARDLESS of prior career or nationality. f
American Stigma is harmful
Even my Japanese Family name was repeatedly soiled by this. It is an ancient Asian Continent name meaning Chrysanthemum LAND.
Instead, you know what I had to put up with from the contrite US Public? (Including Hawaii's Japanese and Asian Immigrant families?)Being likened to a pimp's prostitute. that's what they did with my family name. And since there is no excuse for the American humor and degredation of Japan, I will refrain from re-iterating this continued occurance.
It's time now.
I tried, I mean I literally put my nose to the grindstone & hung in for dear life for the past 8 years in Hawaii. We knew Hawaii, from a security standpoint, was and is a security threat on multiple levels.
I don't have time to get into that. Though, I have done my own investigating given the precarious social terrain for the past 8 years due to the overall  UNWANTED AND UNWELCOME treatment of Hawaii's local residents & business owners.
Now, the clock is ticking down to WW3. IT IS a very real thing now.
The USA, the side I live on and was to represent for disaster recovery politics & EX-IM Efforts has literally attempted to murder me/ assassinate me 3 times here in Hawaii. I don't mean character assassination that is in war terms considered IMPRESSION MANAGEMENT for war influence.
(check on Military Public Relations TERMS IN USE FOR "impression management@ school of Mason University, Langley)
There is NO WAY, I mean NO WAY, I could have my own family in the USA. That's aside from S 702 and the CIA division PRIOR TO S.702 partially responsible for driving me into a very precarious business position. Plus, from 96'-2007 (until I stayed in Langley, VA & Baie FInn for a break) I was trapped with daily death threats from NY's {{finest business--clarify}} for most of 9 years of my youth from age 22-33.
THAT is what America is to me, in how I've been "manhandled" for the USA's NATIONAL POLITICAL GAIN. IT IS NOT ONLY DETRIMENTAL TO MY LIFE on multiple levels, IT HAS ENCOURAGED WAR against the USA.

What can we do to turn this around?
Cleaning up the "Riff Raff" some more isn't enough in itself at this point.