Saturday, October 07, 2017

Usa, Korea. to Japan 1st generation

My experience in the USA is from the East Coast. Many Koreans and Americans of military families & relation target us even as half Japanese dual nationals. 1. They are racist and against "interbreeding" of races. They also both still hate Japan and targeted me. Even my mother refused to go to "Japanese" restraunts run by Koreans on the east coast and Pennsylvania due to varying degrees of peobkems and fights instigated by the restraunt owners.
N.Y. and Pennsylvania, Md & Dc are not Hawaii. They are the international mecca of business. So, many USA citizens are still discriminating against the few Japanese national descent there are on East Coast.
It is mentally abusive as well as physical & financial. The financial damage is life threatning for me at this point. I don't perceive things getting better.
USA overall discriminatory and rude intentionally. I don't trust any of them at this point, from 1% community to lowest enlisted persons to the Koreans they bring over to terrorize me.