Saturday, October 07, 2017

Me & US military officers @ Oahu

I think a lot of it is specific to me due to my family relation in Japan. Many of the  US military officers I met have a hateful laugh they direct at me. Many of them are very mentally, emotionally, and sexually abusive towards me as well. Even my USA acquaintances have seen some of it in public, and told me I should report them for the public display of harassment. I have already been gangstalked by coworkers of a US Navy officer when I tried to report such instances. It turned into a very expensive $30k+ legal fight and loss of housing I paid for due to the judges disregard. Some US military officers I met divorced their Japanese wives.
They seem to think its acceptable to abuse me for such things as; because (last year 2016) Japan requested to do more military drills with them in RIMPAC. Or such as last night, showing very high disrespect towards me in private and becoming threatning after he went out drinking for several hours. He brought another woman home with him who started to verbally attack me. This wasn't the first time as I had lived there for several months and similar issues with different women occurred. I think its a mean hearted game to this officer.
None of them are decent men to me with most of their behaviors. They do not appreciate me. Others in Waikiki community also disapprove of what they have seen in public, ie the "what are you doing with the dumb haole" comments.

I have tried my best to tolerate this political & personal situation. Most of them USMC Colonel/officers. They do not help me enough to offset the aggravation they cause. And, its only pushed me backwards so far.