Monday, October 23, 2017

I was tortured in Quakertown, Pennsylvania

I & My Brother were bilingual growing up. I was forced to stop speaking Japanese and beaten in Elementary school, as well as sent to "speech" therapy because they didn't know if Japanese was a language or if I was making it up. They abused my mother in this way. My father ripped the phone out of my hands and spanked me with a leather belt until I learned not to talk to my Obasan . grandmother anymore. My mother got some Japanese schoolbooks for us and hid them, in fear of my father reprimanding s all for speaking Japanese in the house. It was one of my first languages. A trauma they induced one day was by confiscating everything Japanese that I loved from my room and beating me for having Japanese story books. They didn't even let me keep my favorite bedtime stories. They initially said it was because they were going to make money off of this story of mine by beating me and hurting me and told me I should be dead by the time I was 21. This was the same period my parents friends & my god parents told me they took pot bets to see if I would live. I became suicidal from the intense daily physical abuse from elementary school, church, other activities, as well as home life. I was not just punished at home. I was humiliated and tortured in front of my classmates in elementary school regularly. Initially it seemed like it was because I was brown from playing outside in the summers. However, the kids in elementary school were given instructions from their parents to hurt me verbally and physically because I am a person of Japanese descent. I had "fake" friends, but gave up on friendships because I found out that most kids would be my friend so other groups of kids would hurt me. Frequently I was gang beaten by other girls at elementary school with the Teachers standing within 15-25 feet away watching. The teachers near punished or stopped the other white children from harming me. 

This torture over my ability to speak Japanese went on through High School. The contorted white principals of the schools I attended frequently were the perpetrators of hurting me. They humiliated me regularly in school because I am  Japanese. They even put me in a class where the racist professors were so abusive because I am not caucasian. These were Elementary, Middle School, and High school instructors of Caucasian descent. They said I was too stupid to learn Japanese frequently and punished me in front of very white supremacist kids to put me down. I was frequently depressed and did not like to speak with anyone at my high school. If i didn't get some sort of favor with the white supremacist kids I was hurt physically  even more than just being verbally humiliated on a daily basis. I was forced to tolerate being harmed daily. The only thing I had a little control over was
I tried to get help from other "Human rights groups & Justice groups" but they refused to help me because I am not white or black/ African american. They made it clear rights were not for me and I am just a mutt/ a mudd to them. Even the African-Americans were abusive this way to me. They all liked to hurt us because that gave them common ground to relate on some level that wasn't their personal issues.  My friends were usually kids from big cities with parents who decided they did not like the school district. So, they were there only a short while.

1970's - 2000

Saturday, October 07, 2017

Me & US military officers @ Oahu

I think a lot of it is specific to me due to my family relation in Japan. Many of the  US military officers I met have a hateful laugh they direct at me. Many of them are very mentally, emotionally, and sexually abusive towards me as well. Even my USA acquaintances have seen some of it in public, and told me I should report them for the public display of harassment. I have already been gangstalked by coworkers of a US Navy officer when I tried to report such instances. It turned into a very expensive $30k+ legal fight and loss of housing I paid for due to the judges disregard. Some US military officers I met divorced their Japanese wives.
They seem to think its acceptable to abuse me for such things as; because (last year 2016) Japan requested to do more military drills with them in RIMPAC. Or such as last night, showing very high disrespect towards me in private and becoming threatning after he went out drinking for several hours. He brought another woman home with him who started to verbally attack me. This wasn't the first time as I had lived there for several months and similar issues with different women occurred. I think its a mean hearted game to this officer.
None of them are decent men to me with most of their behaviors. They do not appreciate me. Others in Waikiki community also disapprove of what they have seen in public, ie the "what are you doing with the dumb haole" comments.

I have tried my best to tolerate this political & personal situation. Most of them USMC Colonel/officers. They do not help me enough to offset the aggravation they cause. And, its only pushed me backwards so far.

Usa, Korea. to Japan 1st generation

My experience in the USA is from the East Coast. Many Koreans and Americans of military families & relation target us even as half Japanese dual nationals. 1. They are racist and against "interbreeding" of races. They also both still hate Japan and targeted me. Even my mother refused to go to "Japanese" restraunts run by Koreans on the east coast and Pennsylvania due to varying degrees of peobkems and fights instigated by the restraunt owners.
N.Y. and Pennsylvania, Md & Dc are not Hawaii. They are the international mecca of business. So, many USA citizens are still discriminating against the few Japanese national descent there are on East Coast.
It is mentally abusive as well as physical & financial. The financial damage is life threatning for me at this point. I don't perceive things getting better.
USA overall discriminatory and rude intentionally. I don't trust any of them at this point, from 1% community to lowest enlisted persons to the Koreans they bring over to terrorize me.

Thursday, October 05, 2017

The culling of the humans

The weak from the wise
What makes human demise?
Extra ability and trust in personal precognition.
Extra sensory perception.
What keeps one alive?
besides will to survive.
the culling of humans has begun. It is not about war or violence
It is about the extra 6th and beyond sense.
If u got caught in it, you weren't good enough.