Thursday, September 14, 2017

What Hawaii State does after THEIR pimps attack a tourist.

The thing that really got to me last night, is the disrespect from Hawaii's social workers. I wonder that they even realize they promote human trafficking?!!!
At a domestic violence help network;- they informed me that Hawaii state would have me arrested like many others if I boarded the plane. And they offered me what is called a "Freedom train Flight" Basically, a one way plane ticket out of Hawaii to another Destination. 
However they wanted me to have someone "SIGN" for me like a package and "Take responsibility for me" Like a pimp. I NEVER HAD A PIMP interfere in my life and jeporadize my career & work UNTIL I arrived at the Honolulu airport. So it was 100% Hawaii's astute Federal type Pimp.
So OBVIOUSLY none of my friends or family wanted anything to do with such a legal transaction.
Basically, they disrespected my now 40year old single adult opinion to return to MY LIFE. MY STUDIO. MY OFFICE. and other things that supported MY LIFE as an independent private individual who was raised to work on EXIM matters that were loosely connected to APEC 2011 which I attended despite my situation. This isn't an issue I scream out at collegues.  If you want to be humiliated and thrown in the gutter internationally as a 1st generation American- Japanese citizen;- going on vacation here is one way to do it. 
Now that my life is ruined, and virtually unsalvageable due to INANE Hawaii. I'm not sure what to do due to the international EMBARASSMENT & HUMILIATION their local gangstalkers and martial arts followers impressed. 
There's not much I can accomplish with jeering bank tellers, police harassers, and their run of mill men who are accustomed to "Purchasing" women's time in a variety of otherwise standard "unprofessional ways" in bars.
Additionally, after I was fighting for my life a 2nd time and cops watched ( if you follow my blog posts) I was forced to fill out a police report according to Officers words and threatened to be arrested if I didn't accept the Ambulence services. Being in a really bad financial situation already;- the Hospitals attempted to extort money from my relatives. By the way, the HPD officer did not make any attempt to STOP my attacker and WATCHED in entirety with a door WIDE OPEN.
Hawaii State denied me the full extent of my human rights. Including refusing to meet with me for social services. This is not just a light Targeted Individual situation in one of the most difficult places to live financially. They can't afford their own SECURITY personnel.