Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Dual Nationa Targeted Individual - Japan/USA

The United States of America has NEVER respected my individual rights. After 42 years, they continue to torture, harass, and deny me basic human rights. It is not because I was lazy. i worked over 80 hrs. a week for decades and was not paid. I was targeted in Childhood and my Parents' attorneys saw to it that I was dehumanized to DNA that my parents were legally allowed to terminate.
By Junior High School, I was given a choice to Foster Care in the Highly abusive and White Supremacist Bucks County community where I was physically abused and on all levels of abuse by the teachers, students, students parents and church leaders to set the EXAMPLE for appropriate treatment of an indigent ethnic Japanese.  It has been 42 years and I and my brother suffered through their unrelenting DAILY targeting and Abuse by Department of Defense and other Military Contractor employees, Veterans, and other PATRIOTIC USA inhabitants from Doylestown, PA, Quakertown, PA and connected and surrounding areas.
In 2009 I arrived in Hawaii for a much needed vacation. I was abducted by a Federal Agent immediately and prohibited from leaving his presence to wait to pick up my rental car on my own.  Since that day, my life has been changed with my relatives with Japanese National Security conections  watching some while seeing me suffer without intervening in Oahu & the United States.

There is a vast amount of racism in Hawaii that I have had to endure. It made me a GAGGED PERSON where everyone involved lead others to believe that I was their family and did not need assistance. I was not permitted to speak freely for quite some time without physical harm being done to me.