Monday, August 07, 2017

Using MK Stargate skills for Good

Before my Ocasan (mother) went to the Hospital for a long time;- One rule, my Ocasan (mother) reminded me of daily was to NEVER wish anyone harm.
Reading EM signature of birds was easy and interesting to me. 
I had abilities that I didn't communicate with other people for a long time.
My ability to quantum had developed, somewhat insignificantly to this memory at this moment as a child. However, in 1999-2000 I was in Florida after a short post graduation trip to Key West, Florida.
My ex-partner, who probably has some of my command codes and I stayed in Florida on the West Coast for nearly a year. For lack of a community my age, I took up volunteer work at the Bird Sanctuary that S.L. had helped to fund. On weekends I drove a rescue truck and went out on calls to rescue birds.
When I got to a location, usually with a rescuer partner I was able to read the EM signature of the bird in the area. It was much easier for me to read if the bird nested in the area. I almost never returned to the sanctuary empty handed. The only one where I didn't retreive the bird was a call to rescue a "missing" Anhinga (Florida State Bird). These birds can hold their breath and stay underwater for 20-30minutes. The landowners noticed the bird had been missing from their yard that also has a small pond. When I arrived, I could see the EM signature of the Anhinga and I immediately pointed and told the landowners what I saw of where the Anhinga slept walked everything, before they explained anything. And, also before I was closer than 20ft. to the exact location in their yard. We just got calls based on bird type and location.
My partner & I decided to forgo the potentially alligator infested pond to dredge for the bird.
This was one of the ways that I used my skills to do some good. On the weekends especially.