Wednesday, August 02, 2017

USA targeted Asian Business leaders for decades

The United States has for over decades, targeted foreign Asian students and pushed students in top notch universities to their deaths. Much of the American public has not acknowledged this. And, for 3rd or fourth generation Asian-Americans to compare themselves to those of us new to the USA, is totally inappropriate. I call this inappropriate due to US Mind Kontrol programs where they attempt to create clones of those of us from reputable families, so, I call this emotional conditioning. And due to the severe lack of Asian-American and pacific islanders who campaign against the blatant discrimination;- it makes them even more suspect to Asia as US counterintelligence.

Hawaii is particularly prone to this behavior:
Most Asians who grew up or Originated from  Hawaii state have been part of the US Military branches.
There is a significant generation of baby boomers mother's who worked in the sex trade.
   This results in a very volatile generation of their children who have extreme emotional issues       around women, and what appropriate interactions entail. They have largely been isolated from non -military social interactions with women.
- there are generations of impoverished and soulless Hawaii state born Asian-Americans
-Too many of the Hawaii native residents are highly abusive and take criminal action against Asian Nationals and 1st generation Asian Americans connected to Asian business.
      These people have learned to recruit mainlanders and other foreigners (such as asian gangs) to further their agenda and to potentially create inurgency in Asian nations.

Alot of this horrendous behavior is due to their active participation in the Sex trafficking industry. 
Even the Federal agents and Honolulu police department in 2009 trafficked me to clubs because it was not illegal. I was unable to report my abduction due to their interference. I was unable to create a positive situation. Much to the glee of the Hawaii residents, they damaged my relationship to my relatives in Japan. They created additional US Counterintelligence concerns, as well as potential to harm my relatives who work at high level diplomatic capacity on War negotiations. In part this is from Hawaii natives who defend the Rothschild regimes.
 Their intention is to murder and manipulate.