Friday, August 18, 2017

The expendable

When I attended APEC in Honolulu 2011,
I walked into a "situation" after already high security had arranged concrete barricades, many residents vacated their rentals and homes to continue smoking weed, and volunteer guards lined streets and rooftops holding m-16 rifles.
The situation on the way to the $700+ meeting I paid for out of pocket no reimbursement attended for 9 hrs with Ambassador Schwab and other notable people;- a large group of Chinese protesters gathered not far from the building entrance & a line up of armed soldiers on the opposite sidewalk.

I held my breath that walk.
This and other unpaid favors  from answering questions from where to purchase property from new Chinese and other business people grabbing me before the first sip of ☕ coffee reaches my lips out of the coffee shop. Expiditing and arranging other expensive business consultations have all gone un-rewarded and unpaid to me.

Whether harassment or not. I am owed for my time and energy.