Sunday, August 06, 2017

the Control Rooms/ Upship & @Jedi

Not sure where to start with this.

I've had a few dreams that are vivid that some have had real life impact.
One of them was the control room outside the earth's atmosphere.
There was a long control panel and the alien life forms allowed me to approach the control consul/monitors. They were looking at a series of weather patterns for approximately a 1.5 month period for the Atlantic Coast of the USA;- However, that's what I was allowed to say at the time. What I actually saw was a much longer time plan of storms that spanned over 1 year.
This was the first time I was comfortable and allowed to approach the panels, prior to this enounter,
I was not permitted to be so close to the alien conciousness.
jedi in Stargate; - Normally, like with the jedi type meetings, a guide would permit me to enter the area. However, I was not security and I was also not cleared enough to share conciousness space with them so, I had to stay back from a distance and observe. To best describe this is that I, being raised in  i will refer to as Skygate from here on , am typically not permitted to be near or share conciousness space or biological field, auric energy with other high level beings conducting secretive business. I can be hurt just as easily as I can connect and anticipate or what they call telepathy/mind read what they commonly refer to as psychic.
Part of this is due to the partial explanation below. Part of this is due to being a visually sensitive kinesthetic learner. They wear the robes to meetings to hide movement subtleties. Much like my experience with  a highly compartmentalized and "dead" Delta handler I will refer to as SK, who spoke to me one day to say that SK learned a small movement watching me. I rarely had training partners near my size and most were 2-3x larger than me and male. He then said he tried it while going up a weight class in a pride fight. A win was his result.

In the classical piano world of high level minds, it is the expansion of the mind. Sensing presence, Astral planing, creating a meditative projection that only others who have developed minds can perceive are just some of the beginnings of mindset. The USA however, is severely lacking in independent creation and learning of these skills. Typically, an American practitioner "piggybacks" on a higher skilled practitioner for some time until the inner confidence is established as a solid base. The differences here are that they are more like a 2nd generation plant seed from seed. However, the seriousness that once existed is currently lacking. By seriousness, I mean that they are required to spend sufficient time to assimilate the initiating culture" without much room for translation errors due to interpretation. The timeline that diverges from this practice is significant to cause disruptions.
So rather than piggyback, the American needs to understand and develop independent of the skilled practitioner. It may be a slower start, but it allows for a multidimensional understanding that has more depth of character unlike the above clone. None of this is new to human understanding. However, it has become lost.

The Human conciousness is not attractive with their breeding tech.
They have become grotesque and feel some elevated/ level of unjustifiable entitlement. They have not evolved to survive as a whole. The USA has proven that they can purchase segments of other race/ nation culture and in effect
Somehow, their breeding program that is attached to their biological system is
a disfunctional algorithm. The male of the species has extreme issues in finding conciousness space
and manipulating both earthly constructs as well as their social species constructs.
The women breed for some immediate survival result of food, clothing, shelter and procreation.
Somehow their health is not connected and not a real concern as there is no impending threat to their species as a whole. Time to XILL.
There is no functional or rational means to their existence.