Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Quick letter 808 #TI (targeted individual)

Hi. I am a trained grassroots organizer in Hawaii. I have listened to many stories over the past 7 years here. I also am/was a ti at a higher level due to the international involvement of my life. If you have material I can use/distribute to create online petition(s) please let me know. I am a Japanese woman and 1st generation.

Hawaii has unique issues due to the presence of Asian/Foreign gangs with higher technology intelligence as well as the FOB (fresh off boat) immigrants who find gang stalking and crime an easier way to make ends meet. Hawaii is quite expensive. There is a noticible crowd of random individuals who have been victims of the original CIA Mind Kontrol programs over the decades. As well as current and retired agents and their families. Hawaii also has a long history of sex trafficking and human trafficking as well as sale of children and organs. Not including Latino Cartels and drug distribution that keeps local landowners afloat.
There is alot of work that needs to be done here. Also for the regular hospitality industry workers who make Cash tips. It is difficult to have true security due to environmental factors such as saltwater corrosion.

If you have any information assistance or for me to lobby, I would appreciate use of your prior work. I am a single person with multiple issues at hand.