Sunday, August 20, 2017

Quantum body encounters 1 UFO

Last night I had 2 different quantum body visitors. All in the portal range I established from KaUka Blvd to another small park near Mililani.

1st one - came after I saw a moving light in the sky above me. I was doing an alpha wave  meditation after I saw the lights. It became cloudy. During the meditation, a light of white and magenta and blue swirls of an alien type cranium...consciousness interacted with me and I responded with how/you're beautiful. The consciousness asked me how I wanted to leave the earth and I responded beautiful like u not like a demon. The spirit left like a light moving up from in front of my vehicle. I also saw part of a light made warrior helmet (no feathers) floating  larger than my car and rotating app. 180.

One was quite tall with another cranium shape more elongated and walked towards my parked car. This was very strong electromagnetically. Stronger in form than the warrior ghosts at the Pali. Not an aggressive bandwidth, yet assertive. Startled me and left without any other interaction or communication.