Friday, August 04, 2017

More of my memories and dreams

My stargate dreams started slowly to develop. First with hot air balloons. Then it gradually shifted to Stargate in the sky in 2 locations nearby my childhood home.
The spiders let me live. They were huge and watched over me from nearby the Stargate(s). None of my stargates were on the ground. All of them were of air or sky.
The rainbow (God's) formation of bubble like ultralights that had different people in varied military uniforms in them . the African looking man told me I had to stay in bucks county and that I was not permitted to leave with them. Decades later I saw a pic of one of the craft on Google Earth view of area 51.

The walking fish coming out of the underground well after I did a stargate meditation from the mind course I was taking.

Regardless of Stargate, I had private dreams with my Ogesan in them. I would enter through a hidden door and have to change size (shrink) and then walk through darkness to the location. He would then let me sit and watch him train.
He was a high ranking Kendo master. I also had remote viewed my Japan trip with him over a year before I went on the trip. My mother was angry with me because I was non-reactive for the duration of the trip. Including a long mountain water slide any kid would have been excited about. She knows why I stopped talking to my Ogesan on that trip. He took something I found and stuck a pin through it. I became angry with him and stopped talking to him the rest of the summer.
One of my MKultra dreams was of a roller rink and a bunch of marionette people being moved in the rink. My Obaasan pulled me away from the darkness and told me they didn't want me to be a puppet. I remember her voice telling me that I was not going to be a puppet. That I may not have an outstanding life, but that they wanted me to make my own choices, and to use my own instinct.