Saturday, August 05, 2017

I have not posted the worst

I still have much to post, tweet, and talk out. This isn't a fan show. This is about how rotten the Mind Kontrol, Rosacrucians, and USA have been to me directly. I can attest to the fact that my brother was set up, assaulted, dosed, by his friends in Pennsylvania university's and high school.
He stayed with me a few times when he was supposed to be at Susquehanna University after I secured non-dormitory housing. The students and security treated him badly and left him dosed in K-holes on university sidewalks, broke into his dorm room to attack him and his dorm mates were aiding the assailants.
I encouraged him to attend Ithaca just for the fact that I found some ease in the local community and at Cornell University. Despite my enrollment at Ithaca college, I was abused and assaulted in the dorms. Shortly after I built an animal right group and grew it to over 100 students. Once I secured off campus housing especially I spent time at Cornell's library and away from Ithaca College for sanity. I wasn't allowed to go to any state/govt. Funded university.

So, I only was a model student at Cornell's Falcon program teacher workshops. It is interesting due to the other reason I was in Stargate program - my musical background and languages exposure was to be an asset. I still believe I have altars that understand Burmese, Thai, other languages I never studied. They attributed this to me when I was put in speech therapy in elementary school (I was bi-lingual)as a possible thing that would happen due to my generations old genetic memory. Though I failed romance languages miserably in large part because I was not white.

I also met my ex partner and spent time in his Ag. School at Cornell University as well as time with him at the architecture shop building furniture (he stayed with me even after another assault I went through so the relatioship was a double edged sword for me.) I knew his professor s better than my own at Ithaca College. They were people I worked for or had dinner parties with...