Tuesday, August 08, 2017

Hunting for Manchurian Candidates by Stargate

I was frequently going to do mat sessions at a place in Honolulu. The mat that i used
was set to computer generated Schumann Frequency also known as Earth frequency.
And, I preferred the older version to the newer one for some time until I developed
sensitivity to the electric current itself.
So, one day at this place there are 2 mats for use. I was on one. Another older woman, with white hair was on the other. I was in some meditative state and when I returned back, I brought back that
there was an image of a beetle like scarab, overtop of another design some curved geometrical shape and in orange, red, golds. There are NO BUTTERFLIES !!!
I talked to the mat technician about this vivid image and it was simply blown off as probably something from someone else. So, my best guess is that the much older generation than me in their 60's has more of the original manchurian candidate programming. And, that somehow this image is connected to it.
I think people forget I'm Stargate. So, even my handlers get stupid because they forgot I can mindread them. After all, that is part of my program and part of how I developed "defiance disorder".