Sunday, August 06, 2017

Clones & Skygate

The use of programmed clones with skygate is to provide a meeting ground that is quantum level different than a straight up holographic representation.
Maybe it sounds creepy and advantageous to the original. The clones are less likely to be read, have a biological field to read or sense for the skygate program participant. So, it provides some sense of target and read that is more in depth than a drone download or a holographic message. For information purpose it is a step in the verification mode of communication of a legitimate contact. This brings me to the shapeshifters and skin walkers purpose being something a high level skygate program participant can discern while even a skilled psychic can fail. This is where the program levels diverge from the common psychic or mentalist. This is point where the demons, angels, greys, send their astral bodies to view us with shapeshifting match and chemistry of appropriate human biomass. It is the level where we transcend this blunt perception of life on earth. It isn't just about control of one's quantum body. Having skills to commit telekinesis is stepping beyond the normal dormant state. Being conscious and then bringing back the quantum perception and consciousness is another step. The step beyond that becomes a functional relationship of multitasking both consciousness and quantum perceptions, then in sync with appropriate physical action.
This is beyond just a basic ESP sense that the militaries now acknowledge. Even their forced quantum tests linked with Stargate did not go to this depth, as they were initially attempting to force a physically irrational quantum body result without explanation.
The following levels become engaging on both a quantum and physical plane somewhat simultaneously.  So take for example a combatant who, in self defense, puts a person in an arm bar. The combatant quantum to another human biomass to aid direct perceptive vision of the location and other actual physical bodies of live humans. Simultaneously scans the area for best vantage, which may be legal as well. Iow literally borrowing the use of another person's eyes to see your positioning.