Wednesday, August 09, 2017

A V2K a News Sen Ario

The subject is drugged on muscle relaxants.
the quantum body of Stargate goes into his nostril, a deviated sceptum from
too many drugs and work days. To give him a supreme sensual experience of
MKStargate quantum body holds the tip of his tounge after pulling it through
the deviated sceptum. The subject finds this quite relaxing. There are hypnotic v2k
voices soothing his childhood issue of being a booger eater.  His toungue wags back &
forth in the enlarged nostril, sensually pushing into the cavity. He feels warm and
relaxed, then fills his pants with warmth like sex and he floods his pants with urine. He enjoys
this release immensely. His tounge signals to his brain that he wants to feel this warmth too.
Stargate quantum body does what he desires and moves the toungue out of the nostril cavity to his
pants in an instant. He senses without the smell the sensual flow of warm yellow urine he created.
And then, He feels the explosion of warmth trickling from his nose to his stomach and out his nostrils
the blood flowing from the absence of his tongue now wrapped around his dick and anal cavity.
Stargate is so personal.