Thursday, August 17, 2017

72nd of Hiroshima & personal update from Hawaii

Brief 10 minute update above. My mission was entirely peaceful to find others who were anti-nuclear weapons use in the USA. I was a simple Classical piano faculty member and  Business organizational development consultant prior to and during my vacation arrival in Honolulu. I spent decades of my activist life also becoming a Grassroots organizer.
  • I am seeking help from outside the USA since no one, especially USA politicians and other civilians,  internal to the USA is capable to help me.
  • I seek to regain what I call a respectable Life.  
  • I have been a targeted individual in Hawaii since I purchased my plane ticket in 2009.
    •  Senator Daniel Inoyue & Senator Daniel Akaka
    • I was targeted by a Delta Handler or aka Special Forces Combat trainer - he is allegedly connected to Chinese & Hawaiian Illuminati due to his heritage.
    • 3 blatant attempts were made against my life by 3 individuals with HPD knowledge. These attacks were intended to kill me and HPD covered up for the perpetrators.
  • I believe I was targeted due to my relative involved directly in Japanese Steel. I do not receive income or financial support from Japan. 
  • The United States & Hawaii State has forced me out of decent work and has created an international issue out of the work that has been available to me in Hawaii (which they are currently forcing me out of. ) I have an international audience & was involved in EX-IM.
Today, August 17th, 2017,  I wrote a letter to 2 Hawaii Senators. The letters were similar.  The following is what I sent to Senator Mazie Hirono via her website.

August 17th, 2017
Dear Senator,

I am writing just after this 72nd Anniversary of the Bombing of Hiroshima & Nagasaki. I apologize that I was not given a Japanese name at birth due to my father being ex USAF OSI at the time my mother was brought into the USA through Hawaii in the late 60's.

I arrived in Honolulu in February 2009 for a 1 month Vacation. Later I barely made it to attend APEC 2011 with knowledge of EX-IM intentions with my relatives in Japan. You see, my Uncle was an executive involved in Steel purchases for the Takenaka Corporation at the time as part of the founding family of that company.

I was targeted and entrapped by some of your federal agents and law enforcement when I arrived in the Islands. I even attempted to speak with you by my attendance at one of your campaign events. Instead, you looked at me with a scornful and hateful look.

I am writing to inform you that members of the Japanese military have approached me to quit working in Hawaii's clubs and bars. It was not a choice for me to stay in Hawaii. At age 36, I was targeted and coerced by a Federal agent. Due to his high level of security and his ability gain support of HPD and the  Town Association and families of Martial arts students;- I was coerced in FULL EFFECT as a targeted individual.

I was nearly murdered 3x and HPD was involved in covering up the seriousness of what happened each time. My life has been destroyed and my relatives in Japan and USA do not want the liability of having to handle the Special Operations backlash of the federal agent and his martial arts gang that are involved.

I however, would like to speak with you since the security in your State of Hawaii has caused such an international embarrassment for me. My role was very sensitive in EX-IM politics and I receive no compensation for such a huge failure, largely caused by your Hawaii state security officers and US Military members.

Please contact me if you have time to discuss any of this as a matter I am informing you about. I am out of time.

Angela M. Kneale