Sunday, July 16, 2017

T.I. technology basics survival

July 13, 2017
Cypress Shaman

Hey good morning
I'm doing my breakfast now, still here at Green World.
I did this, this morning. I'm a trained organizer and so I have gone through all
sorts of things. Anyway I posted the picture of that on my Twitter @imperial News J.
And so, I wanted to talk about this a bit, was the
online and technologies.
see how fast I can get through here so the purpose of
used and the online anything online
obviously things of interest forums like
I belong to a half Japanese forum
I was targeted with a bunch of other half Japanese on the forum.
(I think  'which was worse of the two because obviously Hawaii has
problems, okay, so yeah, they targeted me.')
The contact through YouTube by dropping a message I didn't even know
about the forum so they, you know, tried to
bring up my interest and I had exclusively stuck to a half Japanese forum
where there were other people like me who are multinational born, dual national
born Japanese. I'm not too exploratory anymore with meeting people online that way.
Those networks were prone to social media hacker's, you know, of the kind that are known.
There's this one guy, his names AI, I won't say his full name but A.I. are his actual initials.
He is based out of Helsinki, Finland so he was going around hacking.
They keep I just got to the point where I became friendly towards
the hackers because they communicate with me. So, they're obviously trying to get attention
and so everything got hacked...into my email, for more of my personal info.
Old School is the untraceable re mailer back in 2000.
I was being stalked and we couldn't trace the email at all, but they were sending harassing
photos and I was in Florida at that point. And, they were sending photos of Hawaiian women in movies and hotel rooms
looking really messed up. Anyway, I hadn't even been to Hawaii at that point so, unless that was something to do it
back then Breed Industries, I don't know what would have come from so newer is the E/M weapon
so I heard reports from different people who are also Japanese
but their cars got hit with a EM
their cars got hit with an electromagnetic energy supposedly from a solar flare. But, I think if the solar flare hit the entire garage
and your cars in a covered garage, somebody probably walked through there with an e/M weapon
So that you would have to go back to the dealership. Obviously that gets really expensive. My car personally is older. I haven't  hadthat issue
with the computer in it yet, yet but for the newer models where they're very computer reliant and software reliant, it is entirely possible for them to
completely disable the vehicle. i mean completely like you're not driving it anywhere so that is a concern. It has happened in Hawaii. Um most of something I thought I'd throw in there.
 stuffs mine. It's what I've been around but the car thing is something I thought I'd throw in there.

Hack the unshakable phones proprietal phone and clouds I tried using those networks.
I missed meetings, they locked me out of my email repeatedly, obviously different screens popping up
gathering my password information. No phone calls and things. Obviously that has to do with my emotional well being, my phone calls I got like five phone calls (in a year)
and I used to like talk to tons of people anyway, and I really isolated from that also for my safety the delay in text messages was a huge
problem even in the parking lot. The longest delay I had on text messages was about an hour or so and mascara and they wanted me to wind up at in this case in
Hawaii back at the mall because that's where the store is to service those phones. So, each time I had to physically drive to that location
obvious in the coffee shop. Free Wi-Fi and stuff they can cut the Wi-Fi also to our cellular
they've done that to me, they all can also make it static and interfere with phone calls so,
whether its the unmarked police cars in Honolulu, they're supposed to carry blue lights on them,
yeah it's hard to track and they can push you into a gray area that has 2 problems with the
gray area or not problems, but you're vulnerable right,
and you can't call 9 1 1 (emergency number) but at the same time if you know somebody around or it can find some safety
they wont be able to find you too quickly so, before you head to gray area
if you have a contact let them know you're going there and maybe
 you have a safe spot or something
but if you're afraid people you know are being infiltrated, so to speak, and uh, you know;- trust yourself
and your skills ground game... the perp service is that service provider. I learned this one the hard way in Doylestown while I was working for a Verizon service provider. They hired me
to get my personal information meaning, my social security everything okay. Everything and then they also followed me home and I was an employee for a very brief period. But they
can also send out the same type of people who caused issues for me in the company to your home. So I mean; I was followed by a guy off duty with his Confederate flag on his bike. Right, doesn't
belong at my place, doesn't belong harassing my mother who was outside.

The perp sends, this is a recent story in Hawaii (past month June/July 2017), a perp = a man or woman
to drug you gain access to all phone and financial data so um,
I heard us, I personally have felt that my well being has been compromised in the past two weeks, and I heard another story from somebody else and 
his case was a woman. My case is a man I was introduced to. I'm not completely trustworthy or not some super paranoid but hey, if I'm passed out for 24 hours and see pink and purple
before I pass out, that's not a good sign.
They basically get through your phone, get through all your contacts
can get to a credit card financial data keys to everything everything you have with you.
they have access to, so we all know it's really hard to, you know have a biometric lock on
your vehicle. But if you can if you can do the biometric lock ...
I've opted for the old school way. My car's old it's almost twenty years old now. But, if you're new school and you have the biometric locks just remember that
EM weapons can be used on your vehicle so you can't get in.
-3- And, I did that little tiny thing on the vehicle.-
But getting you stranded in an area and then having somebody, just conveniently (you know) appearing is part of their goals. So anyway, spyware at public networks and all that basic basic basic stuff for grandma, grandpa. So that that's it.