Sunday, July 16, 2017

the Mind Kontrol forum & Justice

The other day, I posted a short video about some of my beliefs and a smidge about what I know about the Mind Kontrol issue. Attempting to document and justify myself to any online viewers. Apparently, this issue of Mixed race is still difficult for a "normal homo sapiens" probably around 4 HVR1 mutations to understand, despite my speaking in english and even editing the subtitles thIat are in english. I suppose that the homosapiens who classify modern homonids to an illogical "race" category are going to struggle until the race mindset is lost by my genetical predecessors homo sapiens. To me, my 10+HVR1 in human type biological structure,

The race classification is about das useful as sorting out kittens and cats by color, or fish breeding by traits. The other issue I have is that the particularly European
 and African origin types of homo sapiens probably somewhere near 2-3HVR1 mutations like to compare themselves to refined dog breeds. These homosapiens who supposedly control more of the monetary wealth on the planet also set the definition of the term Inbred. That familial definition of Inbred causing less genetic rift to occur across many generations. And, due to common communication methods they have a censorship campaign across all typical platforms to stop any Global conversation about the true state of the end of Homo Sapiens.
Homo Sapiens will die off as inbred as an applied population perspective has been ignored.
150,000-300,000 years of various "pockets" or litters, or tribes, of homo sapiens has created a general global population which rests at 3-4 HVR1 mutations. So I personally prefer to look at the number of HVR mutations as being a health indicator to avoid disease and obeisity that are in the true definition of the word Inbred.

The justice that people are seeking as Mind Kontrol victims seems to embody some sort of Rock Star status to the homo sapiens. Additionally, the english speaking world is using their marketplace advertising hype to control the conversations. That is despite the difficulties that inbreds have in attempting to attain understanding that goes against their racial structures in mind.

In otherwords and Asian mind does not have "racial mindset" obstacles to overcome in studying Buddhism, Meditation, and other Asian traditions of mind and body.
Despite the use of english language that has an auric fog that envelops the use of words, it seems that more particular terms will be difficult to sustain long term as these Mind Kontrol forums develop from free speech nations.