Friday, July 14, 2017

My spirituality #1

*Haarp is electromagnetic sin against heaven.

* Adaptability defers negative impacts of stress.
1. Adds to mental stability
2. Prevents human accidents and illness

Important to reinforce life force: life force aka electromagnetic bio-rhythm is from heart & mind.

Trust in simply being, the state of being itself. Being, in existence, to the immediate environment.
1. Sound perception to High Frequency (
2. Sight perception to 700 colors

Animals with acute hearing sleep. It is possible to level up sleep tolerance in HF. Accept it is possible. 

Dynamic existence: the entire universe is moving as a molecular & atomic puzzle. 

Photon travel speed c=186,282mp second

Interactions trigger "superforce" and light particles. Lends itself to dynamic existence.

Material Existence is a type od dynamic existence that has 'slowed and freezes' the frequency of perceptible bandwidth.

Remove ideas of- patterning, force, space.

1st remove space