Wednesday, July 19, 2017

MRA- Morally responsible agents & MK Ultra

July 19th - To be edited.
by Angela M. Kneale

so i'm kinda driving right now.
talking listening if you tweet & m going to transcribe this later
periscope to Youtube & redo video if I can
too much too many years of stuff I I need to sift through
any of the UFOLOGY oddity government things

The Free will conversation
is a big deal because when I see videos of supersoldiers who didn't rememer they were used
as asassins until later but they were mentally triggered to do those kills, that we still have a major issue here.
the person ordering the hit is not doing any time apparently. It's a big deal to me, I don't know if it's a big
deal to you. You've got a skilled murderer using other humans, running around free.
Philosophical Free Will terms for the Morally Responsible Agents or the MRA's to be the Handlers, the people who are
ordering the Hits. That those people are MRA and that the person  who is the MK Ultra agent, but who may or may not
have free will at the time that they have committed an act such as Murder. The American legal system has
established system of Individual Rights or we wouldn't have MK Ultra people running around, I mean the programmers.
Emmanual Kant and Individualism Being able to defend yourself - they get off scott free because they used

Fischer Ravizza's Free Will book ; listened to a lecture by Fischer & Ravizza
the whole book is about going through different instances where the MRA is a controlled person
whether the blame goes on the person pulling the trigger
or the blame goes on the person giving the order to pull the trigger.

person who gave the order receive suffering and punishment for giving the

That the Nazi doctors do the Mentally

Relatives abroad not in contact with me, because of monitoring us when there is War conflict going on.
Obviously they are trying to manipulate the situations more.

Today I was trying to get
into me MK Ultra.

My Parents were really upset. They communicated they didn't like the program.
How my mom was upset I couldn't get a Japanese name,

Program birth certificate with name was Philadelphia
Knell -
mY mom had wanted to take me & My Brother Richard & Angela.
To Brazil, to larger Japanese population. She named us with those hopes, my name being Angela like Angel
and Meri Death like the Disney Characters in Sleeping Beauty.
The Angelic Death name, if he was actually around & since my father was OSI

That was 1974 when I was born.

That bypasses. thinking my dad was in the Hell's Angels. Family History of Great Grandfather racing the TT with Triskele on his helmet in the 1900's

I discovered my programming in my late 20's early thirties. Triggered Alice Protocol & Childhood protocoll
Pus they
used my mother

I forgive my mother entirely, fits of rage she directed at me entirely. I got a warning of sorts. Scar on her neck to her brain that controls that rage response.
I'm almost positive because it's so out there.
She was programmed to inflict protocol on me. My brother was Harm free. Leather belts, to being dragged of the piano bench by my hair everyday.
but I mean that's the protocol. They told that to me to my face as well. I don't think there's much I can do counteract the effects of that
because the programming thing overroad everything.
But I caught onto my dad programming me. Had to deal with Sex alter. Energy and different presence over me. Feel someone there, and somebody else is there and there's this
other physical presence. He even asked me if I was awake.

When I was 10 , I knew it was a program. 
And It was some sort of game meditated on making my own program to beat theirs. If you could make a program to do this to me, I'm going to make a program to win.
Everyday I treated it as a game. I dont know if they
Aunt, speaks 6 languages;0 my aunt didn't want me to be a puppet.
she took me aside in that dream , she did
My aunt Junko around or someone else female presence.
Jiminy Cricket thing. My great Uncle I saw every other weekend.
I was still in handler territory.
So he brought me this puzsle
.He wanted to improve my life
I was in such a shite supremacist community,
so i felt humiliation every day.
People were embarassed to be around me.
I talked to an older woman who said she was an artichoke.
she's gone through tremendous sexual abuse.
I don't have thos
Jolly Green Giant and
Gemstone stuff. I'm still putting pieces together.
Trying to take more philosophical approach to it.
As I did study animal rights philosophy.
Idea not the programming,
animal biological body feeling pain
that there's not just different levels of it can you feel pain can you suffer do you have self awareness
I think most MK Ultra victims 
we are at a higher level in that spectrum of higher thought processes
old arguement that animals don't feel pain if you rip an arm off.
animal philosophy animal welfare philosophy
good philosophical tool a good thinking tool

Animal body, that feels pain do you know whether it feels pain & can't

Asian with Siberian,
Alice alter. I made a concious decision at one point

Supported choice to be an orgaznizer.
I wanted to be an organizer/ activist, because of my neighbors, the neighborhood... my hometown has a strong history of animal welfare abuses for
I don't give myself that kind of credibility.
I mean they've gotten brave since my brother got killed and they shoved me out of the neighborhood,
they've started recruiting like 2005. Clandestine Ops, esoteric knowledge as bait for their drug operations.
People aren't going to go so far to learn something.
Go to Egypt yourself. I'm not for the military but make yourself useful somewhere.
But anyway, I just have been struggling getting this stuff out and very time consuming to do from Hawaii.
I know my story will unfold. I was told I have defiance disorder.
I don't know 900ticket to attend the meeting. Point I walked in and there were a bunch of M16's on 1 side of the street and on the other
side of the street Chinese protesters holding a sign protesting the event. BS ... I'm an expendable in my family, it's they use me in that capacity.
I do not get a paycheck for that. Or as my dad put it the secret life of Ang.
American Side and then what everyone thinks of me. Thanks for listening. I'm doing this because

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