Monday, July 17, 2017

Layers My notes

Angela Merideth Kneale
July 17, 2017
Twitter: Intergalactic Shaman @imperialnewsJ
You Tube: Cypress Shaman


False Corporate Security:
   *Supersoldier protection smokescreen - related to pre-War Impression Management
    - Ground game is secured by threat to individual targeted.
    - Community is afraid to compete with the Supersoldier
       - When security goes REALLY bad

Testing New Tech. & Methods for:
*Private Security Firms

RACISM Perception:
Origination point:
   -Minority Groups fighting rights violations
       & encroachment from Majority Caucasian
   -Domestic Terrorist Organization
   -Progressive whites setting the bar for what is "acceptable white racism."
   -4th Reich & Military infrastructure
*Impression Management - military term
  Similar to: Targeted Individual - New Tech & Methods
  • Direct attacks from USA Federal Agents on Person with family in other Nation(s)
  • Direct attacks from CIA on Person with family in other Nations
  • Deconstruction of the target individual's life to affect other Nations' 
  • perceptions of business possibilities and opportunities.
      ie., USA hurt Japanese family to make a statement to all of Asian business partners in APEC (Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation). While bringing up nobodies & sex slaves from other 2nd or 3rd worldAsian countries to a reasonable normal American family status. All done in a high visibility international community. Also, while USA declines reasonable trade efforts.
  •   Political Model for USA/CIA to infiltrate Asian consumer spending.
  •   Political Model for USA/CIA to break relations with Japan and other targeted Asian business families.
  •   USA agent claims it's for Targeted Individual's personal security
  •   It is actually USA agent perfoming War related Impression Management
*Using Esoteric Organizations
   - Secret Societies
   - Cults
   - Churches with Domestic Terrorist Links

     Notice How USA & Online media does not use/employ minorities
     from appropriate nations on the subjects. Or even a National citizen of those nations.
     Promote White/Caucasian Image only
     Promote white/Caucasian Storyline only
     Promote African-american Image or Storylines only.
         ie., No one from Mayan descent or locale, No one from Egypt on Pyramids,
         No one from Asia about Buddha =(Old Nazi use of Asian beliefs) ,
         No one from Siberia about Shamanism. Etc., long list.

Obscure Agendas set to cover illegal actions for WAR (aka. BAIT):
                      Atlantean/ Atlantis
                        - Include & exclude those who are seen as useful to USA economic agenda
                        - Especially domestic minority agents they can groom
                        - Luxury Knowledge & privledge to see a psychic
                      UFO & Illegal USA Missions
                          - Subsonic Jets in air & leaving USA territory
                          - Bombers leaving USA territory

I learned from my personal incident as abductee of CIA/ATF drug distributor seeking new lines @2001:
CIA/ATF employed white drug distributors/ dealers were looking for new networks of USA domestic people to exploit.
- Many already behind Hyped MK ultra test in the area of Bucks County
    - Mengele
    - Modern Philadelphia Rosacrucians AMORC - legal battles due to sex cult abuse.
    - Executive/ CEO network employees - elite Boarding schools
Cults that have Caucasian Majority have untapped financial resources to exploit.
Letting in minorities to also regain control in USA Domestic Drug Sales
Cults/Societies making guns
   - no need to register personally made arms
   - Hypothetical revolution preparation - Untraceable
         word "hypothetical" used as imaginary and has no actual intention.

Conquer & Divide-
Please look up Dictionary Definition of Conquer & Divide; - should say something to the effect of;
Maintain Confusion & Fighting in "Lower" status to maintain Control.
Employed Minorities
- Give hope they justify other's will have standing in the future.
- Emotional campaign
- Some sense of minority Quota is filled for political purposes of maintaining the USA Constitution.
      - Theory about USA is to protect its minorities.