Monday, July 17, 2017

Layers - Hawaiian Islands

Angela Meredith Kneale
July 17, 2017
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Targeted Individual-
Concerns about who the Perpetrator (perp.) knows.
-Old Mind Kontrol (MK) victims - aka people "in the Program"
- Old CIA Agents
- Previously Employed Corporate Security
- Geneticists - local companies also global
- International, Other nations agents.

Human Soft Ware manipulation is heavy

Most Asian-Americans in Hawaii 2nd & 3rd Generation minorities do not work constructively on Human Rights issues in the USA.
Used As smokescreen & war Impression management
- "What are you?"  Internationally reknowned annoyance, agitation question.
- Attacks by other Asian-Americans
- Perceived as "USA minority issue";- doesn't affect Whites or Blacks
- Asian-Americans do what they want to hurt Asian 1st Generation
   - Prove Credibility & Loyalty to USA white majority
     - Mayflower, Reich, Other Masons, etc.
   - Prove loyalty to others of same Asian Nation origins
- Previous generations did not have need to refine speech.
  - Also Agents
  - In European terms a speech impetiment not an Asian accent.
    this is used against 1st Generation Asian-Americans
    1. Parents are either Jealous or learn to rely on their children with more effective English.
    2. They claim 1st Generation Asian-American is their ethnic to use as they please
       - mental torture;- slave that belongs to USA majority.
       - sexual abuse;- slave that has to participate in sex trade to make it back to Asia
         USA patriotic sexual assault of 1st generation Asian with or without Dual nationality.
         Attorney secured based on income.
         Female income is lower than male income regardless of ethnicity or national origin.
         Most attorneys do not take cases
         Most Courts do not have sufficient translators
         Foreign Nationals go to court for Sex Assault without translators and minimal
         Already difficult to prosecute for female minority status regardless of national origin.
         USA not equipped to handle incidents.
Oahu, Hawaii, USA also has a large population of Asian Fantasy & Gamers;
 - Connected to Black Market economies - Asian gang Gambling, Drugs, Pornography, Sex trafficking.
 - Drug Dealers & Potential Mules
 - South East Asian Female Models
   - Vietnam
   - China
- Korean Female Models
- Phillipines - C.I.A.
   - Clones for infiltration & targeted individual impression management
     facial recognition - plastic surgery.
         - Same tactics Yakuza gangs and Triads Use to steal identity and operate internationally.

Add in : Military men and officers who are starved for female attention. Blatant misjudgements made.
      - Asian women agents & green card sex trade workers at Honolulu bars/clubs.

Hawaii Hospitality - aka "the Industry"
Mind torture Tactics used in Hawaii-
 don't accept those who are  multinational, dual national or Foreign Nationals trained to "think like Majority USA"
also referred to as "you think like a white person."
Hawaiian Islands
- Claim to retain authenticity of parent culture
 - ignorant of modern business practice for International business etc to study in USA.
 - Japanese internment families also discriminate against me as 1st Gen dual national origin
   - due to hatred of Japan
   - prove loyalty to USA
   - ties with Asian criminal Gangs
   - Adopted their version of White racism;- to justify their importance.
              Japanese marries Japanese old addage - even if all USA born.
              Viewpoint not Congruent with 1986 Japanese Nationality
              Most of them are not, nor were their parents Japanese Nationals (3rd Gen)

- Attack Foreign Business contacts to USA. 
- Also attack USA business contact to foreign nations.
- attempt to force their shoddy personal "security" because of belief they should be paid not to create issues.
 - Non- Acceptance of USA public initiatives despite ALL bi-partisan politics.
- Take initiatives & target individual for immediate cash value -
  - crime or paid off by (small or large) employer
    - USA $500+ is contractor employed as tax form - illegal business proven or not.
    - Less than $3000 hire people to create problems, gang stalk, stalk, break-in, theft.
    - $3000 is Hawaii black market base price for assination/ hired hit.
    - Hit/ murder sometimes done for nothing due to Extreme tensions caused by inter-racial issues.

European & Caucasian Tourists, Visitors, Temporary Residents, Permanent Residents;-

- Very primative view of dual-nationals, Multi-national citizens
- Refer to people as Brown or Yellow, worse yet "Oriental" and other derogatory terms
- Asians who speak English are difficult for their minds to overcome as intelligible.

- Use Esoteric Caucasian & 4th Reich based Organizations- Hawaii Minority Population
- Common cultural thread - Psychics
                  - Also found in Buddhism & other Asian Language Spiritual traditions.
- Controlled knowledge of Asia History over;
  - Under-educated minorities of Asian Descent.
   - No Education beyond High School (USA) or G.E.D.
   - No Courses Abroad at College or University level
  - Asian descent minorities have money
    - Can purchase "Luxury Knowledge" & privledge to see a psychic

Use Geneology-
     Create Fake geneology - sometimes new Occult Spiritual geneology
     So to believe in a fantasy past where they belong
     Believe they were not cut off from main parent genetic population