Saturday, July 15, 2017

Introduction - My beliefs

Hi. I'm at the Cypress Shaman on You Tube and @ImperialNewsJ on Twitter
as well as Sprout Fuel from my blog, you can look up different things by Keywords
I've been blogging for a while and
Most of its been random notes on my TI (Targeted Individual) incidents for 15 years as
well as how things were done. I know I need to go back through and clean it up some, but I am
Cypress Shaman or Intergalctic Shaman or Rogue Galactic Shaman (RGS).
Supposedly was Stargate (MK) program. My Father being US Air Force OSI. My mom's family
I have an aunt and uncle who were in the Japanese steel industry also military
)JP_ family in some sense we were supposed to be here to promote a Peaceful understanding of each other
since there was not much representation for Japanese culture on the East Coast (USA). So, I am Japanese also, and I speak
English, so hopefully you can understand me and we can communicate.
Also, Shaman is a Siberian term. I am Mixed-Race. I've had mixed race blood which is part of why I was targeted for MK Ultra. My initials are A.M>K.
But, I have that Siberian blood, and Chinese Blood, along with Japanese Ainu
. A few Asian Tribes and my Japanese blood plus, some other mixes in there
 that put me into the category of a new species.
So, I'm trying to use that as culturally appropriate as I can even though I feel the United States has tried to contort
what was a Spiritual tradition. But, today I'm just going to go through
some of what I've been studying and formulating for myself over many years.
I believe that HAARP is an electromagnetic sin against Heaven and
that our adaptability is what defers the negative impacts of stress.
Adaptability adds to mental stability, and it's adaptability prevents the accident
and illness.
It's important to reinforce Life Force also known as the electromagnetic biorhythm that is from heart and mind.
For other cultures and many traditions of Humans who have previously walked the planet and
spiritual traditions there has been time to meditate and focus on the life force
part of that they talk about the researchers in the United States. The English Language discusses life Force in the heart
mind connection as a shut off, as if we are
 mechanism. I thing that if you study Animal welfare philosophy, you'll find that many people have argued away from the
body being a mechanism and that we are not robots.
There is a state of mind. There is a sense of will, a sense of individuality.
Maybe principality, like how to coordinate efforts on the planet are different. But, this heart and mind
focus a meditation. It's not a shut off of the senses. It is a focus on those things that drive the senses.
Just trust in simply being the state of being itself. Being in existence for the immediate
environment. So, taking time to take in the sounds of where you are, the wind, the direction the energy in completeness;- with eyes shut, with eyes open;- is
Just to trust in simply being in and of itself.
Our sound perception in these physical forms goes to high frequency and many people are
complaining about this phenomenon called HAARP on the planet. Predatory animals and animals with acute and sensitive hearing are
able to sleep. There are some spiritual advocates saying that humans can't sleep with high frequency.
Part of that (issue) is the adaptability. It is possible to level up sleep tolerance and accept that it is possible. I myself had hyperacusis. It was
what they reclassified "Super Hearing", meaning- I would perceive and I did perceive high -frequency sound waves
at 50% greater decibel levels than normal, normal people. So, when i took a shower, i could hear the water droplets breaking and it sounded like breaking glass, but in a different pattern. So, I had to learn
how to live in the environment and after reading a very long long, back in 1996, very long publication about HAARP going up
Back then in 1996 I was reading Popular Science and things as well. 1996,1999 came out.
But I was considered sound disabled hearing disabled. I'm just telling people that it is possible even
with electromagnetic interference and weapons that they have. It is possible to sleep, to put the mind at rest
and that sight perception goes up to Approximately 700 colors that have been documented so far. I know my father is
one of those people who can see very slight, the most minuscule shade gradations
so, this sight perception can improve as well, and I personally don't believe all psyche perception
is coming from the Ocular, eyes. I believe that the mind can perceive at a microscopic level. I would love to know how I could prove them wrong, that it's not impossible to see at a microscopic level
something: some creatures, some germs, microscopic life forms.

So, dynamic existence, I also believe the entire universe is moving as a molecular and atomic puzzle. In the study of giving light photon travel speed is 186,000 (186,282) 282 Miles per second that the quality of light itself is fixed and
That these two interactions trigger Super Force and light particles. So to me
me,  material existence is a type of dynamic existence that has slowed and freezes. Some religious traditions are calling it
hardening - so that things become hard in your body. Those things you can't find ex-rayed or with a magnetic detector or something.
So there has to be some explanation for those things.

Slows and freezes the frequency of Perceptible Bandwidth. It slows and excuse me, slows  and freezes the frequency of perceptible bandwidth.
 So, I've always been into, down with it's just very hard for me to d
discuss with anybody since most people and I don't like mentioning names;-
but, I found Max Spiers super interesting because I was like YES, somebody knows what I like, I know what I thin on some levels on the bandwidth is one of them. Especially since I have so many
Genetic markers to use. It's always been understood in my life, since I was a child, that I have all these bandwidths to access. I have so many human genetic Bandwidths to access even through I may be New Species.

So, this idea of dynamic existence slowing and freezing. The frequency of Perceptible Bandwidth is how we have our material existence that is to me. I don't know how it works out exactly in the world of Quantum physics. But, I know what I am capable of doing . If I had time to be a
physicist,I'm sure I would have chosen that path.But I did what I needed to survive. I f I get another lifetime or two I would love to delve into that. So first remove space, remove patterning and remove force and that's part of what I believe. Outside of practical principles, So, if I sound crazy, that's all up to you to decide. I am all these little cards, i make.

Okay, so anyway, arigato for listening and
i'll see if this continues.
By Angela M. Kneale