Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Introduction APEC 2011-TPP2017 my wrap up

Honolulu, Hawaii Wednesday July 12, 2017 ... 16:25/ 4:25pm Hawaii time
Personal account of Angela M. Kneale born dual national of Japan & Usa, granddaughter of Kikuchi, Hirokatsu (diplomatic mission),
EX-IM representative for public &
non-military initiative shipping channels

I feel I did my best for everyone involved. At this level there are few lawyers and legal actions that can remedy the political and economic effects of those attempting to build a full scale World War 3.
Since 1996, and again in 2005 with my brother's unnatural death, I myself have lost trust in nearly full international business capacity of those in the USA who have entered my life.
The events that occurred in early 1970's prior to my birth in this USA nation, and as a dual national, I reported to police in Hawaii and were brought to light;- slightly. That is, I reported the alleged murder of my sister after her birth by Nurses of a hospital in Quakertown, Pennsylvania.

In 1980's my Japanese nationality & my brother's Japanese nationality changed to dual citizen status.

In 2001 my Japanese nationality and possibly that of my brother's changed outside the USA to being stateless and trafficked individuals by the USAF. This is due to the contents of the Patriot Act and based on revision of first generation American status, despite the United States Constitution.

In 2005 my brother was killed at my parents' family home. I feel this is related to the anonymous ATF call I made due to our neighbors' possibly illegal activity where they forced my brother to manufacture cnc guns as part of his employment at their company. His paychecks from them were approximately $600 per week. I personally made the anonymous whistleblowing call. This is part of the reason I do not think he committed suicide. That is in addition to other things he shared with me as he played along frequently to obtain such information. There was also video footage I was supposed to receive after his memorial service. The person who spoke with me did not make it home from the memorial service and was in a coma for a month or so from that day. I was told that it was evidence of possible racist and hate crimes from the United States action against him.
His so called friends were very racist and even laughing about how they had their brothers and kin assault my brother on multiple occasions. They made these statements in front of me after the memorial service. There were approximately 100+ people in attendance of his memorial service at the funeral home. In addition, there were several attempts made on my life and 1 abduction that included assault and battery within the year from his death. One indirect threat made at me came from the pastor who baptised me and he told my my father to kill me.  The cults, churches, and other white supremacy and (false) patriot organizations in Quakertown, Pennsylvania and surrounding areas including Doylestown, PA and Allentown, PA targeted me and I quickly ran out of my invested money trying to stay alive there.

Despite my upbringing to open for the  United States based export-import shipping channels in countries across the planet;- the United States and any and all its actors and citizens of the public democracy, as well as the military branches, local and federal governments have knowingly and/or unknowingly acted against me. This includes agents and police in the state of Hawaii. The Hawaii state government and its services, judges, and agents and actors have deliberately intended to harm me due to my overseas Japan family relation as niece to Takenaka, Yoshitomo who, at the time was an executive at the 5th largest construction firm that has since grown to be the most okii construction firm on the planet in 2017.
As a founding family member, my uncle Yoshitomo and my Obaasan his wife communicated from Japan to express Japan would be restarting military forces. 

Shortly after that our USA family phones cell phones and mobile phones were tapped by the US government and other military services. We were also monitored by the service provider and, there still is interference even this week, July 2017 when I attempted to speak with my mother who is going for some unknown surgery at a non-hospital location.

  In 2007 I had a studio in Ithaca, New York . Someone,  likely to be Caucasian, attempted to burn down my studio that was located in historic building named Clinton Hall. At the same time my aunt and uncle traveled from Japan and purchase Brazilian iron ore/Steel at 20% more than the USA iron ore/steel bid . After that deal was made, the targeting on my life and death threats to take my life (aka attempted murder) intensified .

  I was still targeted when I arrived in the Hawaiian Islands in 2009. I did not leave the airport property without a federal agent intervening in my entire vacation. But despite everything I was barely able to manage attending the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation meeting in Honolulu in 2011. My financial state was very compromised despite my agreeing to attend the meeting.

These actions seem to be actions of USA steel industry, USA infrastructure attacking founding family niece as a political statement to Japan security and infrastructure.
The USA & its States have given virtually no remedy to any of the situations. The USA and its States have given no financial remedy that patches past damage and allows me to move forward with reasonable respect in an international and respectable capacity. Also, federal agent/military trainer I went to family court with also acted as a pimp in a sense and was directly responsible for extracting most all money (cash & credit repot) from me from 2009-2013 though mostly 2009-2011. He did so with cooperation of a Hawaii strip club(s). I was left with some money to pay basic bills to appear normal. Though my financial status severely crippled after identity theft occured with (his accomplices in the banking industry).

Any and all other private USA businesses, which include landlords of rental property, have interfered directly with my financial well being, so as to make it difficult to maintain basic living conditions.
To be continued....