Monday, July 17, 2017

EX-IM Dating in Hawaii & Hidden 4th Reich

My past 7 years in the Hawaiian islands seems futile. The dating scene that I thought would be more "accepting and understanding of my Japanese culture was not at all what I thought I would run into. The men, even though educated and professional behave as if every facet of interactions with me as well as other  Asian women are some sex vacation. They have been trying to diminish the credibility I had for the first 35years of my life as a Classical piano instructor and EX-IM raised representative for shipping and expediting a peaceable and GUN FREE political agenda. That includes a Navy Seal Trainer, A Navy Nuclear engineer, Some Army Rangers and others who may not be on military payroll but have the clearance potentials for Export- Import.
It's no wonder years ago in my late 20's, in a dark corner of Chinatown in Philadelphia, I met with a Supreme Court Attorney over some of the best vegan Chinese food on the planet. It's no wonder he said to me, "you know, they treat you worse than a prostitute." In hindsight, he meant that to the Core. 
Many of my dating decisions stem from my diet and intense allergic reaction to shellfish & seafood.
The past 7 years I have had to eliminate those who are livid fishers and Hawaiian poke salad eaters. Even some contamination from a kiss or handshake makes me break out in an allergic rash of hives. Latest to decide from;- a Psychiatrist I dated last summer. Complete arsehole. We are talking about a man who texted that if he has a girlfriend he shouldn't have to "pay for her." He never mentioned going dutch on a date. Then again, his idea of dating is movie at his home and a visit to his boudoir.
No invitation to go out in public with him, even when I've mentioned it. No offering to fill up my gas tank even after I visited him more than a few times, a trip way out of the way since he moved from the City. No dinner dates, except 1x out and 2nd time from a food truck. This Caucasian who proclaimed ancestry from the 3rd Reich in the past month, as if I had the entire Nazi database of names in front of me and neglected him as 4th Reich. Apparently, my Mind Kontrol psy ops Stargate protocol missed his silent 4th Reich screams shouting at me . Something on a vibe occured to me on a visit that the Tibetan tanka hanging were not sincere despite his practice. And, he had become vehemently angry and hurt with eyes welling up with tears, when I shared a little about my family's past in Japan being connected to Buddha.

He is definately a disconcerting psychiatrist in this Hawaiian community that is populated with centuries old mixed-race families before the USA took over the political boundary. He's someone's Psychiatrist?! Basically, it seems that he doesn't want to pay for a prostitute and is eeeking out for the Japanese woman in me to feel bad for him on American soil. You know the saying goes, we Japanese women feel bad for the guy for not getting laid. Except that's on Japanese soil. This guy, is recently near the top of the waste pile of white men I've "dated" over the past 24 years of my life.
It's no wonder years ago in a dark corner of Chinatown in Philadelphia, I met with a Supreme Court Attorney over some of the best vegan Chinese food on the planet. It's no wonder he said to me, "you know, they treat you worse than a prostitute."

So, at a crucial point in my female life, the men surrounding me have taken a severe nose-dive in manhood. Not that any of my previous boyfriends, dates, and friends gained much of any approval from my Japanese mother. I know she had hoped for an engagement proposal over my same Alma Mater boyfriend of several years. He helped curbed my tendency to completely self-destruct under the tremendous racism I experienced during my undergrad years.  And, a good percentage graduated with Ivy League degrees or were adept in Computer technology. Aside from the broke College & university student phase where I had very stable and years long relationships. The adult field has  been full of unattractive and completely white options, I mean vehemently vomitous to my being. The Caucasian opinon, It's only comparable to being force fed and killed for fois gras.

I didn't realize that most white men do expect Asian women are prostitutes with a tremendous wealth of money or what they call a walking ATM machine, sex bot already assumed. They stole and pilfered what they could from me. Many of the African-American men just exist to serve their communities and can look easily down on Asian women as sex slaves. They simply see people like me as a revenue flow for even a short time. Being short sighted, they don't care to So, then sorting through the qualified, degreed, and professional men is like a trip to the luxury store in itself. They feel they add credibility to their prostitutes. It's no wonder my time in Hawaii has been very lonely and my EX-IM project took a nosedive. Because of all of these negative interactions, where I try to maintain a positive legal standing that will still be valid for EX-IM world;- there is no financial remedy for the damages I've already sustained. And, there is no court that can award me for my lost time, emotional hurt, and virtually ruined career that I worked so hard on for over 35years.

I had tried seeing some Officer(s) who at least offered to assist me with protection and a safe place to live.  Definitely more secure buildings. However, once on approach to the front door, a man approached me and reminded me of the 4th Reich and Confederates who retain order as Officers & legals. And, for posterity sake, for public relations with ASEAN(JP participatory) & APEC (Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation), I should stay away.

So, it leaves me with very few viable Ex-IM family inclusion to even attempt to date or engage in some relationship in the Islands. I suppose, at some point "Love" just passed by for the EX-IM project. I can't bring anyone into this business community who is going to cause more upset over their trivial and pitied attitudes, political or not. My ex-partner, who I was with for 9 years, was at least a good teammate for working to build a company. We worked together to build a company for most of that 9 years, inseparable for up to 20 hrs. a day. Except, he was oblivious to my international family for almost the entire time. His friends who have much substantial credibility in the Global and American markets became aware after a high level background check was done on me, as what they called "Riff Raff".  After the security check, they insisted that I be included in most of their get togethers. Still, frustrating to overcome on my own financially;- since he used my money to cover things. I was disallowed from paying my own bills for many years;- as in non-payment. Clinton boys aside;- they didn't help. He didn't help me financially.

The Republicans, allowed me to work and regain some financial credibility, amidst the painful racism and insults. But, it quickly fell apart after 9-11 and they killed my brother (in a manner of speaking).
So, I've survived in Hawaii away from the immediate Bucks County, Pennsylvania White Supremacy and Republicans. However, the Obama crowd I encountered again, pimped me at a Hawaii strip club as a dancer and took the earned cash money at Hawaii Clubs that I needed to live even (DL) down low, so to speak.  It also opened the doors to further personal security issues for me. It also pissed off the international business community that came to "check up on me" when their security and the Japanese military saw (as recent as February 2017) what the United States has forced on me in order to survive. That is, as Niece to a founding family member of the 5th largest construction firm on the planet.

Most USA readers will now smile and think, oh, you're family has enough to bail you out. Au Contra ire readers. My Japanese family expected the USA to do its part for this portion of EX-IM. There is no living off of foreign funds for me, and for the Lawyers who want involved in the monies. They already saw my brother run off the road literally go through 12 vehicles in Bucks-County.  He was on car 10 or 11 before he brought me in on his personal campaign against the White supremacists, possible 4th Reich & Rosacrucians, of our neighborhood and Bucks-County.  Japan saw the 100K legal fees stack up as American citizens took actions against us.  Hawaii's American-Asian population has proven no different as the games have stacked up to bury me alive. They have demonstrated that they are acting to prove their patriotism to USA by harming me and allowing known Asian criminal factions to launder funds to Hawaii State. Conditionally, I will loose my very life soon. Especially due to the bio-toxins that Hawaii State allows to free float and grow profusely. Contaminated homes for rent. I'm not looking at any type of winning situation in the USA currently. And, I can't get lost like so many people have said to my face from the 1% communities in the USA. Other options come with serious international implications, so I'm not chasing USA money families at all. I've been looking for something more viable for me. I'm nearly out of time.

Because I was born on the USA side, they completely ignore my Japanese national origins and large infrastructure family. They, those who are involved in Hawaii business & politics, intended to harm me over the past 7 years. And the financial abuse for over 20 years, if you discount my Father's actions against my future that occurred when I was in 8th grade, and prior to his Declassification in 2001.

 So, at some point, I believe I will be looking outside the USA nationals for a potential husband, as awkward as that seems. However, fighting with the Reich and the White Supremacists among other battles has caused me a great depression. I could talk for hours about the hypocrisy that exists here in the USA. I feel I've done my best to shed light on this volatile relationship the USA has with Asia over 15years. I also did this as I saw my mother relay lies to Japan. Maybe it kept things naive for a while, some decades till I had this medium to communicate to the world about my own experiences.