Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Draft on managing data flow direct to skull

End 2007-2008 i was tested over a period of 2-3 months. This time, with sheer data - images mostly and a bandwidth, and some 3 channels. Synthetic telepathy or data flow or v2k? Doubtful.... when they send a huge information Surplus to your brain and it's from digital sources electronic sources. I did not have a normal time frame to react to the images and information they came in so fast like a flood. What I mean by react, so when you see picture of a cat you have a certain emotion of happy cute fuzzy feeling you no good feelings when you see pictures of war the grotesqueness of it when you see a wedding the happiness of it. When they started to inundate me with all of the political imagery, and other than just political imagery ill say additional imagery and information flow and you're not used to it , you have to find a way to manage it. And for me it was very painful and it was why I was given heavy sedatives that were said to be able to rebalance me so when I woke up I would be rebalanced. The invega for the extreme situation where I could not come out of it on my own meaning I couldn't recover mentally I was some point shaking very disturbed from just the sheer amount of data coming in. And when I took the invega it made things very clear I was able to compartmentalize the information overnight with the you know those sleeping pills so I need like 5 or 6 hours of sleep in order to learn from whatever information you receive. So if you're imagining cramming for a normal test final exam will magnify by about 30 or 50x that easily. And that's what you have when you got a data flow weapon scalar beam v2K. Whatever it is flowing through your head and they're just sending you information

I found a way to manage it with heavy sedative and about 5 Invega over a 2-3month time frame. It was intermittent.