Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Stargate, Alice, MK Ultra, MRA's & Shaman Dna

Angela Meredith Kneale
July 19, 2017

I was born in the 70's.  My mother came from Japan because she is a Japanese National.
My Birth certificate:
So, Found a birth certificate with my baby stuff. It was the one they write your name on before it gets registered with the government. Mine read "Angela Merideath Knell".
Interesting ; -  at first I thought it was Philadelphia Experiment related.
Thought it was because of Knell. And, I had more reason to think that it was due to Philadelphia Experiment. My Great Uncle who had served on the USS Langley as a gunner and did battle at Iwo Jima, was like my United States grandpa. And, I saw him  almost every weekend, if not every other weekend for most of my entire childhood, Except for when I was in college.
And up until a year or so ago when he passed away. 

Um. So that's 2017 now so we're talking from the 70's till 2017.
But I didn't know about the MK Ultra program.
I was oblivious to it.  I Discovered MK Ultra programming in my late 20's.
But my parent's had frequently told me the story about how they were not permitted by the US government to name me how they wanted to name me.  My mom was very upset about this because she begged with them to give me a Japanese name, and they refused to let her.
I think my mom was already traumatized from when my sister was murdered at the hospital in front of her.  My mom was more apt to comply with them. Yeah, so
Both of my parents told me the story of how they were required to use the initials A.M.K.
And, yeah. my dad's family name does end in a K. But, yeah somehow, or other they were required to use those initials. And how they came to decide what my name would be. So I do remember that from early in childhood.

I guess that was of their way of communicating with me that they didn't completely agree with how I was to be raised. And um, that was part of my being raised and the MK  (Mind Kontrol) attribute.
And, the other problem with my name. I came across later in employment issues. Was in the Social Security database, when I went to receive unemployment, had my name as
'black plumber' (1997). So I found that out at the unemployment office in Ithaca, NY sometime in college. And I just, attributed that to my dad's time in the USAF. So, I just kind of blew it off and there wasn't much that I could do about it. And, I realized that I was marked and the US system,
um But then later when I discovered the program and then even later yet, that this Mengele guy was alive. And, I remember my mom telling me that she chose my name Angela and my brother's name Richard because she wanted to take us to Brazil. I don't know if that was a coincidence or if it actually because there is a high rate of Japanese in Brazil, mixed race in Brazil. So um, I know its not Argentina, but she wanted us in South America at some point. And,
she reminded me after my brother died (got killed in 2005) that was she had wanted. She even apologized to me knowing  I had wanted to grow up in Japan. Since I had a very, unfriendly childhood. I didn't have many if any friends.
My mom's friends' kids. They were Some friends to me, but not because they willingly wanted to be around me. Because, they seemed more embarrassed to be around me because I am not white. So it was really difficult and, um, those friendships were not there for me when I left the community and went to school. I didn't make plans to study or go to university with any of these people I went to High School with or anything. I mean things that are pretty much common (in friendship) anyplace on the planet.
Comes back to the Angel of Death himself (Mengele). My first name, Angela as in Angel
and my middle name being explained to me in the Disney sense. I used to watch the movie Sleeping Beauty. And there was MeriWeather, and there were the little fairy godmother in the Death sense so, MeriDeath, D-E-A-T-H. And so, if you do the numerology on it, it's a master builder number. so at the same time because I was learning a bit more about // I was growing up with my "kooky" neighbors, I mean when you grow up in a neighborhood that is just inundated with this
(6:53). craziness, you just think its normal. And you just get used to handling it and not making such a big deal out of it I suppose. So, my kooky neighbors also known as the Rosicrucian of the East Coast. Some of our Founding Fathers of the United States belonged to the Philadelphia Rosacrucians.
The one in my neighborhood is not the California branch, most likely fourth Reich.

My brother and I would get into fights with certain people in or hometown
There were 5-6 girls who would beat me up all the time. They would call me Donkey, which I don't know where it came from but it sounds kind of like MULE to me (elementary school).  I was a very innocent little girl as far as I can remember. And I had daily beatings at the playground and the teachers would watch and didn't have a problem with it because of their racism. & Then I would also get beaten at home and in the Program. And so, my mother did most of the but they also did a surgery on my mother that tampered with her spinal cord. An area near her spinal chord and it tampered with the anger rage control part of her brain. She still has a scar  She was gone a long time.
She came back, she told me she had neck tumors.
I remember I got a warning from my dad telling me she wasn't the same mom I knew anymore.
And she immediately started flying into rage states that got very dangerous for me.
So, I think they did something to her back then. Because this wasn't (10:17)
a normal mom who used to take me for walks and I would sing songs, make up songs. And my father said that they destroyed her. But, I was the only one in the house who was in danger. So, I think she was programmed. So, whatever they did to my mom The doctor who had been in PA to do the cancer surgery is supposed to have moved to Hawaii. So, I don't know what the connection is to Hawaii but I'm sure there is a reason. OK
So that part's about my name & Stuff.
So the other part the MK Ultra Resume.

I grew up in Bucks County, PA outside of Philadelphia. Where Mengele might have been there but there were other Nazi doctors definitely.  In the summertime,(11:31) cause of the piano institute and everything I was taken to Canada each summer in elementary school. Later, late, later I would be going to Langley and then to McGregor bay. I only remember 1 of those trips. And then when I was growing up in Bucks County, I guess I fought with my parents immensely about going to
this teacher  instructor, Dr. Kiszely, in the Mainline and he had invited me to his studio. And now in retrospect now I understand...
Even though both my parents are mixed race themselves.
My dad being Russian-Pole & European
My mom being mixed with the Siberian Genetics that the Native American tribes know we have.
Dr. Kiszely had been a double agent for the United States fighting Nazi Germany. Much time for my lessons was him telling me about his time as a double agent fighting the Nazi's. So he was kind of like a dad to me for a while, since neither of my parents performed like regular parents do. They were not attached to what I did and not involved. They facilitated me making money so that I could do the things that I actually wanted to do (mow lawns, dog sit, cat sit, horse sit, teach piano). They actually refused to pay for alot of things that I wanted to do and instead put the efforts into my brother.
When I was 17, when I went to go graduate from H.S., my mother and father decided I should go to  Ithaca, NY another place where there are MK Ultra handlers controllers in psychology. Some were at  Ithaca  College and  Cornell University.  I remember starting an animal rights group (you know that whole PETA connection too). In 1994-1999 my Alice altar overrode my suicide programming, I guess. Well that's the whole "compete" part of the personality in the Alice Altar is that
they pile so much abuse on you that you either develop a vigilante personality or you' re going to self destruct and commit suicide. I mean, that's just how it works. I was assaulted. I had gone through many problems in the Co-ed experimental dorm that they put me in. I was not allowed to file/report anything. Of course its a private college with private police. They didn't want to deal with me directly they wanted to talk to  my parents.

After I crossed the age 18 barrier in the USA my parent's didn't want any legal obligations to do anything. So the college refused to acknowledge my legal standing;- and in fact ignored it and continued the Abuse. It seems some of those things were pre-arranged.
But I took to my Animal Rights group and studied at least some Ethics and Philosophy about Free Will.
So in this whole conversation about MK. In the Later years there was a Fischer and Ravizza talk actually at Cornell University. Fischer Ravizza  writing, they wrote a book on free will and this idea of moral agency and it can in retrospect, yeah conveniently

So the Fischer Ravizza stuff I participated in ( in class) the Thinking mode.  I came up with this
Mathmatical Hole theory kind of looks like the Enochian representation of the Universe in the Enochian Physics. So um it is very similar. So, this Idea of Moral Agency that I don't hear being discussed in the MK Ultra program victims' dialogue... is that it's kind of likehow the modern legal system is based on Immanuel Kant's perception of individualism. But, the free will being that if someone is teling you to pull the trigger, you should not be responsible for that. Especially, if they brainwashed you. So, that is where the free will arguement comes in and people I see going to jail because of buried memories that resurfaced from this programming and structure;- it's not even being addressed.
I mean There is nobody out there addressing this issue of having free will completely over pulling a trigger on somebody when you are under a verbal command, a hypnotic command,
having all the altars installed. So the Deltas, the Super soldiers who now not only have the programming, the mind control programming that they are advertising and marketing as the new industry standard...For any business. If you don't have that type of altar, you're not going to be able to Run a business in the near future, according to the US government. But they have implants that shock you into combat. So, at that point, are you responsible if they shock you into pulling the trigger?
I mean that especially if they start using that in the civilian population.

But nobody is discussing those things. Because that is where the philosophy part comes into the MK Ultra. It's not so much saving the animals who are in labs, where there are maybe humans nearby. Oh BTW My hometown Quakertown, PA is at the top of the Humane welfare violations for how many animals they were bringing up and using. All the way up to primates,  in trafficking primates,sale of primates for medical lab testing. ALL THAT stuff came down in Quakertown, I realize in the Undertow. But the ironic thing I guess alot of the parents, even though they made money from the industry of  animal cruelty;
  • raising lab dogs for testing
  • raising  or killing animals for food
  • raising other animals for various types of experimentation.
They came to abhor it and instill my generation with some different values that we understood that was a thing that was really bad. And I don't think the rest of the planet accepts it. I think we in that community there's a certain group of us who accept that it was never a good thing. But it was what people did to get through. And then there are all the new people who haven't had to Live with the effects of animal slaughter, testing & being desensitised to animal cruelty industries.
Only thing you can do is to teach your children to do differently.

Anyway, the animal rights philosophies are there in part to refine how you think about being human.
So, some people are going to animatley hate that sentence I just said all together. But,
when you're talking about organisms and sentience -being their  pain tolerances,  and whether or not they have  self recognition - like when they see themselves in the mirror or something
and you have to start talking on a spectrum of, Ok this is the minimal, this is minimum that's required to fall into being a sentient being to the maximal being a full on human. Then how is it
the MK Ultra community keeps talks about themselves like they are robots. I understand there is this concept of programming. And I realize alot of us have had to live through being programmed in one sense or another.

For me, my programming for Stargate which involved remote viewing, when
I was a child and some other things I won't completely get into.  But being able to move objects with my chi a few feet away. You know you're being programmed, You know you're going through something, but, you can't define what it is. At least objects a few feet away sometimes.

Or I would go to bed at night Typically would start with Mr. Potato head stabbing me with needles all over and I would have this dream repeatedly before I went to bed.
So Mr Potato Head is not my favorite toy on the planet anymore.
And I associate it with needles so, I went to bed like that every night. And it was a really lucid dream.
I had Repeat dreams of what they call marine corps training. Where somebody opens the door and the floor is at this angle and there is this, that, or other thing, or nothing in the room and they enter with guns and where do you hide?

Like those were my childhood dreams. I think that was another form of programming.
I don;t remember having any combat training.  My mind was focused on my ability to quantum which I am very consciously aware of,  and my ability to bio locate (which i don't know if they actually made that happen or if it was a result of what they did. Also to spy, otherwise I wouldn't have had NASA information and Soviet Technology manuals laying around my bedroom. So you have to look at the MK, So I mean I think somebody needs to look at it , at which point are victims responsible or not responsible for pulling the trigger. There's some minor level of responsibility. But if you are actually drugged and have trigger words that put you into another altar. There should be some reasonable punishment for that and for the rest, the punishment should actually affect the handler.
Plenty of people are dying because other's have not chosen to take a legal stance, whether somebody is programmed and has a trigger that makes them kill someone.
Such as James Casbold who killed people under mental triggers and then you remember later. That's I don't think that's acceptable. I think somebody else should receive punishment for doing that. Doesn't seem fair he serves 15 years for somebody else commanded him to and he didn't remember. Should serve time and punishment.

But... Anyway
I went to college in Ithaca NY.
Then after that in my 20's with my ex's my ex-partner we never married (you can't really trace them) except his best friend from Syracuse University was a guy whose father started a securities company that got sold and changed names in 2000. So, I mean Securities as in Security Firm.