Thursday, July 27, 2017

Japan Defense Minister & North Korea

A few hours ago the American style campaigner, Defense Minister Tomomi  Inada resigned from her position.
The impending crisis of North Korean Nukes and ICBM's looms over Japan. Despite new North Korea sanctions from USA & Japan the use of North Korean underground nukes may be ongoing. There is concern that North Korea is  hypothetically approaching Hiroshima 15 kiloton size in nuclear weapons designed yield. If the yield estimates are actual and in possession by North Korea they are 1/3 of the way to a Hiroshima size warhead.
And, on the off chance North Korea is superior with nuclear missile rocket telemetry in conjunction with a magnified solar climate, the design yield of those smaller nukes may be magnified. That means a nuclear warhead of only 7.5kiloton design yield would be needed to create a 21st century Hiroshima sized catastrophe, that killed over 180,000 Japanese civilians.

However, beyond scalar weaponry:- it seems to be a scientist's fantasy that North Korea may be capable of using Nuclear weapons & sun, bomb, earth dynamic telemetry to embattle USA's secretive tectonic weaponry.

This writer proposes that some EMP capable ally disable North Korean nuclear progress if there is a way to spare Japan another nuclear winter.

Info derived from English & USA news reports and interviews.

My lifetime here in USA

I, born Angela Merideath Knell onto the Earth and subsequently registered in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania as Angela Meredith Kneale and under protection of the land of Japan, have been investigating the United States of America,
the USA & USA
the U.S. & U.S.
the U.S.A. & U.S.A.
the US & US

on behalf of investors in the United States of America.  Time to repay debt to its USA  creditors has come due.

The United States of America has taken deliberate actions against its investors and the families, beyond an acts of treason against its investors and peaceable life on the planet Earth.

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Draft on managing data flow direct to skull

End 2007-2008 i was tested over a period of 2-3 months. This time, with sheer data - images mostly and a bandwidth, and some 3 channels. Synthetic telepathy or data flow or v2k? Doubtful.... when they send a huge information Surplus to your brain and it's from digital sources electronic sources. I did not have a normal time frame to react to the images and information they came in so fast like a flood. What I mean by react, so when you see picture of a cat you have a certain emotion of happy cute fuzzy feeling you no good feelings when you see pictures of war the grotesqueness of it when you see a wedding the happiness of it. When they started to inundate me with all of the political imagery, and other than just political imagery ill say additional imagery and information flow and you're not used to it , you have to find a way to manage it. And for me it was very painful and it was why I was given heavy sedatives that were said to be able to rebalance me so when I woke up I would be rebalanced. The invega for the extreme situation where I could not come out of it on my own meaning I couldn't recover mentally I was some point shaking very disturbed from just the sheer amount of data coming in. And when I took the invega it made things very clear I was able to compartmentalize the information overnight with the you know those sleeping pills so I need like 5 or 6 hours of sleep in order to learn from whatever information you receive. So if you're imagining cramming for a normal test final exam will magnify by about 30 or 50x that easily. And that's what you have when you got a data flow weapon scalar beam v2K. Whatever it is flowing through your head and they're just sending you information

I found a way to manage it with heavy sedative and about 5 Invega over a 2-3month time frame. It was intermittent.

Sunday, July 23, 2017

MKStArgate training included;- cockpit

Part of my #MKstArgate training was to
Prove that I could stay with a downed aircraft in a cockpit most of the time, not to leave it.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Stargate, Alice, MK Ultra, MRA's & Shaman Dna

Angela Meredith Kneale
July 19, 2017

I was born in the 70's.  My mother came from Japan because she is a Japanese National.
My Birth certificate:
So, Found a birth certificate with my baby stuff. It was the one they write your name on before it gets registered with the government. Mine read "Angela Merideath Knell".
Interesting ; -  at first I thought it was Philadelphia Experiment related.
Thought it was because of Knell. And, I had more reason to think that it was due to Philadelphia Experiment. My Great Uncle who had served on the USS Langley as a gunner and did battle at Iwo Jima, was like my United States grandpa. And, I saw him  almost every weekend, if not every other weekend for most of my entire childhood, Except for when I was in college.
And up until a year or so ago when he passed away. 

Um. So that's 2017 now so we're talking from the 70's till 2017.
But I didn't know about the MK Ultra program.
I was oblivious to it.  I Discovered MK Ultra programming in my late 20's.
But my parent's had frequently told me the story about how they were not permitted by the US government to name me how they wanted to name me.  My mom was very upset about this because she begged with them to give me a Japanese name, and they refused to let her.
I think my mom was already traumatized from when my sister was murdered at the hospital in front of her.  My mom was more apt to comply with them. Yeah, so
Both of my parents told me the story of how they were required to use the initials A.M.K.
And, yeah. my dad's family name does end in a K. But, yeah somehow, or other they were required to use those initials. And how they came to decide what my name would be. So I do remember that from early in childhood.

I guess that was of their way of communicating with me that they didn't completely agree with how I was to be raised. And um, that was part of my being raised and the MK  (Mind Kontrol) attribute.
And, the other problem with my name. I came across later in employment issues. Was in the Social Security database, when I went to receive unemployment, had my name as
'black plumber' (1997). So I found that out at the unemployment office in Ithaca, NY sometime in college. And I just, attributed that to my dad's time in the USAF. So, I just kind of blew it off and there wasn't much that I could do about it. And, I realized that I was marked and the US system,
um But then later when I discovered the program and then even later yet, that this Mengele guy was alive. And, I remember my mom telling me that she chose my name Angela and my brother's name Richard because she wanted to take us to Brazil. I don't know if that was a coincidence or if it actually because there is a high rate of Japanese in Brazil, mixed race in Brazil. So um, I know its not Argentina, but she wanted us in South America at some point. And,
she reminded me after my brother died (got killed in 2005) that was she had wanted. She even apologized to me knowing  I had wanted to grow up in Japan. Since I had a very, unfriendly childhood. I didn't have many if any friends.
My mom's friends' kids. They were Some friends to me, but not because they willingly wanted to be around me. Because, they seemed more embarrassed to be around me because I am not white. So it was really difficult and, um, those friendships were not there for me when I left the community and went to school. I didn't make plans to study or go to university with any of these people I went to High School with or anything. I mean things that are pretty much common (in friendship) anyplace on the planet.
Comes back to the Angel of Death himself (Mengele). My first name, Angela as in Angel
and my middle name being explained to me in the Disney sense. I used to watch the movie Sleeping Beauty. And there was MeriWeather, and there were the little fairy godmother in the Death sense so, MeriDeath, D-E-A-T-H. And so, if you do the numerology on it, it's a master builder number. so at the same time because I was learning a bit more about // I was growing up with my "kooky" neighbors, I mean when you grow up in a neighborhood that is just inundated with this
(6:53). craziness, you just think its normal. And you just get used to handling it and not making such a big deal out of it I suppose. So, my kooky neighbors also known as the Rosicrucian of the East Coast. Some of our Founding Fathers of the United States belonged to the Philadelphia Rosacrucians.
The one in my neighborhood is not the California branch, most likely fourth Reich.

My brother and I would get into fights with certain people in or hometown
There were 5-6 girls who would beat me up all the time. They would call me Donkey, which I don't know where it came from but it sounds kind of like MULE to me (elementary school).  I was a very innocent little girl as far as I can remember. And I had daily beatings at the playground and the teachers would watch and didn't have a problem with it because of their racism. & Then I would also get beaten at home and in the Program. And so, my mother did most of the but they also did a surgery on my mother that tampered with her spinal cord. An area near her spinal chord and it tampered with the anger rage control part of her brain. She still has a scar  She was gone a long time.
She came back, she told me she had neck tumors.
I remember I got a warning from my dad telling me she wasn't the same mom I knew anymore.
And she immediately started flying into rage states that got very dangerous for me.
So, I think they did something to her back then. Because this wasn't (10:17)
a normal mom who used to take me for walks and I would sing songs, make up songs. And my father said that they destroyed her. But, I was the only one in the house who was in danger. So, I think she was programmed. So, whatever they did to my mom The doctor who had been in PA to do the cancer surgery is supposed to have moved to Hawaii. So, I don't know what the connection is to Hawaii but I'm sure there is a reason. OK
So that part's about my name & Stuff.
So the other part the MK Ultra Resume.

I grew up in Bucks County, PA outside of Philadelphia. Where Mengele might have been there but there were other Nazi doctors definitely.  In the summertime,(11:31) cause of the piano institute and everything I was taken to Canada each summer in elementary school. Later, late, later I would be going to Langley and then to McGregor bay. I only remember 1 of those trips. And then when I was growing up in Bucks County, I guess I fought with my parents immensely about going to
this teacher  instructor, Dr. Kiszely, in the Mainline and he had invited me to his studio. And now in retrospect now I understand...
Even though both my parents are mixed race themselves.
My dad being Russian-Pole & European
My mom being mixed with the Siberian Genetics that the Native American tribes know we have.
Dr. Kiszely had been a double agent for the United States fighting Nazi Germany. Much time for my lessons was him telling me about his time as a double agent fighting the Nazi's. So he was kind of like a dad to me for a while, since neither of my parents performed like regular parents do. They were not attached to what I did and not involved. They facilitated me making money so that I could do the things that I actually wanted to do (mow lawns, dog sit, cat sit, horse sit, teach piano). They actually refused to pay for alot of things that I wanted to do and instead put the efforts into my brother.
When I was 17, when I went to go graduate from H.S., my mother and father decided I should go to  Ithaca, NY another place where there are MK Ultra handlers controllers in psychology. Some were at  Ithaca  College and  Cornell University.  I remember starting an animal rights group (you know that whole PETA connection too). In 1994-1999 my Alice altar overrode my suicide programming, I guess. Well that's the whole "compete" part of the personality in the Alice Altar is that
they pile so much abuse on you that you either develop a vigilante personality or you' re going to self destruct and commit suicide. I mean, that's just how it works. I was assaulted. I had gone through many problems in the Co-ed experimental dorm that they put me in. I was not allowed to file/report anything. Of course its a private college with private police. They didn't want to deal with me directly they wanted to talk to  my parents.

After I crossed the age 18 barrier in the USA my parent's didn't want any legal obligations to do anything. So the college refused to acknowledge my legal standing;- and in fact ignored it and continued the Abuse. It seems some of those things were pre-arranged.
But I took to my Animal Rights group and studied at least some Ethics and Philosophy about Free Will.
So in this whole conversation about MK. In the Later years there was a Fischer and Ravizza talk actually at Cornell University. Fischer Ravizza  writing, they wrote a book on free will and this idea of moral agency and it can in retrospect, yeah conveniently

So the Fischer Ravizza stuff I participated in ( in class) the Thinking mode.  I came up with this
Mathmatical Hole theory kind of looks like the Enochian representation of the Universe in the Enochian Physics. So um it is very similar. So, this Idea of Moral Agency that I don't hear being discussed in the MK Ultra program victims' dialogue... is that it's kind of likehow the modern legal system is based on Immanuel Kant's perception of individualism. But, the free will being that if someone is teling you to pull the trigger, you should not be responsible for that. Especially, if they brainwashed you. So, that is where the free will arguement comes in and people I see going to jail because of buried memories that resurfaced from this programming and structure;- it's not even being addressed.
I mean There is nobody out there addressing this issue of having free will completely over pulling a trigger on somebody when you are under a verbal command, a hypnotic command,
having all the altars installed. So the Deltas, the Super soldiers who now not only have the programming, the mind control programming that they are advertising and marketing as the new industry standard...For any business. If you don't have that type of altar, you're not going to be able to Run a business in the near future, according to the US government. But they have implants that shock you into combat. So, at that point, are you responsible if they shock you into pulling the trigger?
I mean that especially if they start using that in the civilian population.

But nobody is discussing those things. Because that is where the philosophy part comes into the MK Ultra. It's not so much saving the animals who are in labs, where there are maybe humans nearby. Oh BTW My hometown Quakertown, PA is at the top of the Humane welfare violations for how many animals they were bringing up and using. All the way up to primates,  in trafficking primates,sale of primates for medical lab testing. ALL THAT stuff came down in Quakertown, I realize in the Undertow. But the ironic thing I guess alot of the parents, even though they made money from the industry of  animal cruelty;
  • raising lab dogs for testing
  • raising  or killing animals for food
  • raising other animals for various types of experimentation.
They came to abhor it and instill my generation with some different values that we understood that was a thing that was really bad. And I don't think the rest of the planet accepts it. I think we in that community there's a certain group of us who accept that it was never a good thing. But it was what people did to get through. And then there are all the new people who haven't had to Live with the effects of animal slaughter, testing & being desensitised to animal cruelty industries.
Only thing you can do is to teach your children to do differently.

Anyway, the animal rights philosophies are there in part to refine how you think about being human.
So, some people are going to animatley hate that sentence I just said all together. But,
when you're talking about organisms and sentience -being their  pain tolerances,  and whether or not they have  self recognition - like when they see themselves in the mirror or something
and you have to start talking on a spectrum of, Ok this is the minimal, this is minimum that's required to fall into being a sentient being to the maximal being a full on human. Then how is it
the MK Ultra community keeps talks about themselves like they are robots. I understand there is this concept of programming. And I realize alot of us have had to live through being programmed in one sense or another.

For me, my programming for Stargate which involved remote viewing, when
I was a child and some other things I won't completely get into.  But being able to move objects with my chi a few feet away. You know you're being programmed, You know you're going through something, but, you can't define what it is. At least objects a few feet away sometimes.

Or I would go to bed at night Typically would start with Mr. Potato head stabbing me with needles all over and I would have this dream repeatedly before I went to bed.
So Mr Potato Head is not my favorite toy on the planet anymore.
And I associate it with needles so, I went to bed like that every night. And it was a really lucid dream.
I had Repeat dreams of what they call marine corps training. Where somebody opens the door and the floor is at this angle and there is this, that, or other thing, or nothing in the room and they enter with guns and where do you hide?

Like those were my childhood dreams. I think that was another form of programming.
I don;t remember having any combat training.  My mind was focused on my ability to quantum which I am very consciously aware of,  and my ability to bio locate (which i don't know if they actually made that happen or if it was a result of what they did. Also to spy, otherwise I wouldn't have had NASA information and Soviet Technology manuals laying around my bedroom. So you have to look at the MK, So I mean I think somebody needs to look at it , at which point are victims responsible or not responsible for pulling the trigger. There's some minor level of responsibility. But if you are actually drugged and have trigger words that put you into another altar. There should be some reasonable punishment for that and for the rest, the punishment should actually affect the handler.
Plenty of people are dying because other's have not chosen to take a legal stance, whether somebody is programmed and has a trigger that makes them kill someone.
Such as James Casbold who killed people under mental triggers and then you remember later. That's I don't think that's acceptable. I think somebody else should receive punishment for doing that. Doesn't seem fair he serves 15 years for somebody else commanded him to and he didn't remember. Should serve time and punishment.

But... Anyway
I went to college in Ithaca NY.
Then after that in my 20's with my ex's my ex-partner we never married (you can't really trace them) except his best friend from Syracuse University was a guy whose father started a securities company that got sold and changed names in 2000. So, I mean Securities as in Security Firm.

MRA- Morally responsible agents & MK Ultra

July 19th - To be edited.
by Angela M. Kneale

so i'm kinda driving right now.
talking listening if you tweet & m going to transcribe this later
periscope to Youtube & redo video if I can
too much too many years of stuff I I need to sift through
any of the UFOLOGY oddity government things

The Free will conversation
is a big deal because when I see videos of supersoldiers who didn't rememer they were used
as asassins until later but they were mentally triggered to do those kills, that we still have a major issue here.
the person ordering the hit is not doing any time apparently. It's a big deal to me, I don't know if it's a big
deal to you. You've got a skilled murderer using other humans, running around free.
Philosophical Free Will terms for the Morally Responsible Agents or the MRA's to be the Handlers, the people who are
ordering the Hits. That those people are MRA and that the person  who is the MK Ultra agent, but who may or may not
have free will at the time that they have committed an act such as Murder. The American legal system has
established system of Individual Rights or we wouldn't have MK Ultra people running around, I mean the programmers.
Emmanual Kant and Individualism Being able to defend yourself - they get off scott free because they used

Fischer Ravizza's Free Will book ; listened to a lecture by Fischer & Ravizza
the whole book is about going through different instances where the MRA is a controlled person
whether the blame goes on the person pulling the trigger
or the blame goes on the person giving the order to pull the trigger.

person who gave the order receive suffering and punishment for giving the

That the Nazi doctors do the Mentally

Relatives abroad not in contact with me, because of monitoring us when there is War conflict going on.
Obviously they are trying to manipulate the situations more.

Today I was trying to get
into me MK Ultra.

My Parents were really upset. They communicated they didn't like the program.
How my mom was upset I couldn't get a Japanese name,

Program birth certificate with name was Philadelphia
Knell -
mY mom had wanted to take me & My Brother Richard & Angela.
To Brazil, to larger Japanese population. She named us with those hopes, my name being Angela like Angel
and Meri Death like the Disney Characters in Sleeping Beauty.
The Angelic Death name, if he was actually around & since my father was OSI

That was 1974 when I was born.

That bypasses. thinking my dad was in the Hell's Angels. Family History of Great Grandfather racing the TT with Triskele on his helmet in the 1900's

I discovered my programming in my late 20's early thirties. Triggered Alice Protocol & Childhood protocoll
Pus they
used my mother

I forgive my mother entirely, fits of rage she directed at me entirely. I got a warning of sorts. Scar on her neck to her brain that controls that rage response.
I'm almost positive because it's so out there.
She was programmed to inflict protocol on me. My brother was Harm free. Leather belts, to being dragged of the piano bench by my hair everyday.
but I mean that's the protocol. They told that to me to my face as well. I don't think there's much I can do counteract the effects of that
because the programming thing overroad everything.
But I caught onto my dad programming me. Had to deal with Sex alter. Energy and different presence over me. Feel someone there, and somebody else is there and there's this
other physical presence. He even asked me if I was awake.

When I was 10 , I knew it was a program. 
And It was some sort of game meditated on making my own program to beat theirs. If you could make a program to do this to me, I'm going to make a program to win.
Everyday I treated it as a game. I dont know if they
Aunt, speaks 6 languages;0 my aunt didn't want me to be a puppet.
she took me aside in that dream , she did
My aunt Junko around or someone else female presence.
Jiminy Cricket thing. My great Uncle I saw every other weekend.
I was still in handler territory.
So he brought me this puzsle
.He wanted to improve my life
I was in such a shite supremacist community,
so i felt humiliation every day.
People were embarassed to be around me.
I talked to an older woman who said she was an artichoke.
she's gone through tremendous sexual abuse.
I don't have thos
Jolly Green Giant and
Gemstone stuff. I'm still putting pieces together.
Trying to take more philosophical approach to it.
As I did study animal rights philosophy.
Idea not the programming,
animal biological body feeling pain
that there's not just different levels of it can you feel pain can you suffer do you have self awareness
I think most MK Ultra victims 
we are at a higher level in that spectrum of higher thought processes
old arguement that animals don't feel pain if you rip an arm off.
animal philosophy animal welfare philosophy
good philosophical tool a good thinking tool

Animal body, that feels pain do you know whether it feels pain & can't

Asian with Siberian,
Alice alter. I made a concious decision at one point

Supported choice to be an orgaznizer.
I wanted to be an organizer/ activist, because of my neighbors, the neighborhood... my hometown has a strong history of animal welfare abuses for
I don't give myself that kind of credibility.
I mean they've gotten brave since my brother got killed and they shoved me out of the neighborhood,
they've started recruiting like 2005. Clandestine Ops, esoteric knowledge as bait for their drug operations.
People aren't going to go so far to learn something.
Go to Egypt yourself. I'm not for the military but make yourself useful somewhere.
But anyway, I just have been struggling getting this stuff out and very time consuming to do from Hawaii.
I know my story will unfold. I was told I have defiance disorder.
I don't know 900ticket to attend the meeting. Point I walked in and there were a bunch of M16's on 1 side of the street and on the other
side of the street Chinese protesters holding a sign protesting the event. BS ... I'm an expendable in my family, it's they use me in that capacity.
I do not get a paycheck for that. Or as my dad put it the secret life of Ang.
American Side and then what everyone thinks of me. Thanks for listening. I'm doing this because

43min.July 19, 2017 Intergalactic Shaman @imperialNewsJ on Twitter Periscope. Hawaii.


Viewpoint: How USA MK Ultra psyops

Indoctrinated to be a thief or a terrorist in elementary school, in the late 1970's
My Japanese mother who was one of the first to have an interracial marriage in
the United States (proper) mainland. My father, was USAF at the time OSI. After my sister was murdered by racist/ nationalistic nurses at a rural Bucks County, Pennsylvania hospital, my mother was being pushed to what would be severe emotional scarring. As I gained more understanding at an early age, my parents repeatedly informed me of why my name is white washed. Why it is that I look different and that my parents were given set criteria for my upbringing. The baseline rules for them tolerating me laid forth, that the US Government or some military body told them to name me within constraints of having the initials A.M.K.. It wasn't till my later 20's that I learned about the MK Ultra programs. So, my mother cried to me that they forced her to name me white for fear of some other punishment after they murdered my sister in front of her at the hospital. Also in my late 20's I returned home and investigated the story of my sister's burial. She was buried in a Philadelphia suburb cemetery.
In later years , 2001, I discovered a birth certificate at the bottom of a drawer with my birth documentation.
It read: Angela Merideath Knell. I was puzzled at the spelling of my name as it appeared to be the original birth certificate though not registered state form. It became clear to me that despite the Patriot Act, that the USA had predetermined my role. That the Patriot Act and all the discriminations against me having a Caucasian name were intentional constructs of the USA terrorism agenda as well as psy ops or clandestine political operations against Japan. I obviously never looked very white. And the emotional, mental, financial bludgeoning that came from the United States was unbearable for anyone. While Guantanamo is an enclosed facility;- my torture and that of my mother were a daily interaction 1 generation after Hiroshima.

That is before she fell ill with cancer and landed in a Philadelphia Hospital for quite some timeby the time I was 7.
I silently taught myself how to play piano in my Country home, neighborhood devoid of children near my age. 

Monday, July 17, 2017

Layers - Hawaiian Islands

Angela Meredith Kneale
July 17, 2017
twitter @imperialNewsJ
youtube Cypress Shaman

Targeted Individual-
Concerns about who the Perpetrator (perp.) knows.
-Old Mind Kontrol (MK) victims - aka people "in the Program"
- Old CIA Agents
- Previously Employed Corporate Security
- Geneticists - local companies also global
- International, Other nations agents.

Human Soft Ware manipulation is heavy

Most Asian-Americans in Hawaii 2nd & 3rd Generation minorities do not work constructively on Human Rights issues in the USA.
Used As smokescreen & war Impression management
- "What are you?"  Internationally reknowned annoyance, agitation question.
- Attacks by other Asian-Americans
- Perceived as "USA minority issue";- doesn't affect Whites or Blacks
- Asian-Americans do what they want to hurt Asian 1st Generation
   - Prove Credibility & Loyalty to USA white majority
     - Mayflower, Reich, Other Masons, etc.
   - Prove loyalty to others of same Asian Nation origins
- Previous generations did not have need to refine speech.
  - Also Agents
  - In European terms a speech impetiment not an Asian accent.
    this is used against 1st Generation Asian-Americans
    1. Parents are either Jealous or learn to rely on their children with more effective English.
    2. They claim 1st Generation Asian-American is their ethnic to use as they please
       - mental torture;- slave that belongs to USA majority.
       - sexual abuse;- slave that has to participate in sex trade to make it back to Asia
         USA patriotic sexual assault of 1st generation Asian with or without Dual nationality.
         Attorney secured based on income.
         Female income is lower than male income regardless of ethnicity or national origin.
         Most attorneys do not take cases
         Most Courts do not have sufficient translators
         Foreign Nationals go to court for Sex Assault without translators and minimal
         Already difficult to prosecute for female minority status regardless of national origin.
         USA not equipped to handle incidents.
Oahu, Hawaii, USA also has a large population of Asian Fantasy & Gamers;
 - Connected to Black Market economies - Asian gang Gambling, Drugs, Pornography, Sex trafficking.
 - Drug Dealers & Potential Mules
 - South East Asian Female Models
   - Vietnam
   - China
- Korean Female Models
- Phillipines - C.I.A.
   - Clones for infiltration & targeted individual impression management
     facial recognition - plastic surgery.
         - Same tactics Yakuza gangs and Triads Use to steal identity and operate internationally.

Add in : Military men and officers who are starved for female attention. Blatant misjudgements made.
      - Asian women agents & green card sex trade workers at Honolulu bars/clubs.

Hawaii Hospitality - aka "the Industry"
Mind torture Tactics used in Hawaii-
 don't accept those who are  multinational, dual national or Foreign Nationals trained to "think like Majority USA"
also referred to as "you think like a white person."
Hawaiian Islands
- Claim to retain authenticity of parent culture
 - ignorant of modern business practice for International business etc to study in USA.
 - Japanese internment families also discriminate against me as 1st Gen dual national origin
   - due to hatred of Japan
   - prove loyalty to USA
   - ties with Asian criminal Gangs
   - Adopted their version of White racism;- to justify their importance.
              Japanese marries Japanese old addage - even if all USA born.
              Viewpoint not Congruent with 1986 Japanese Nationality
              Most of them are not, nor were their parents Japanese Nationals (3rd Gen)

- Attack Foreign Business contacts to USA. 
- Also attack USA business contact to foreign nations.
- attempt to force their shoddy personal "security" because of belief they should be paid not to create issues.
 - Non- Acceptance of USA public initiatives despite ALL bi-partisan politics.
- Take initiatives & target individual for immediate cash value -
  - crime or paid off by (small or large) employer
    - USA $500+ is contractor employed as tax form - illegal business proven or not.
    - Less than $3000 hire people to create problems, gang stalk, stalk, break-in, theft.
    - $3000 is Hawaii black market base price for assination/ hired hit.
    - Hit/ murder sometimes done for nothing due to Extreme tensions caused by inter-racial issues.

European & Caucasian Tourists, Visitors, Temporary Residents, Permanent Residents;-

- Very primative view of dual-nationals, Multi-national citizens
- Refer to people as Brown or Yellow, worse yet "Oriental" and other derogatory terms
- Asians who speak English are difficult for their minds to overcome as intelligible.

- Use Esoteric Caucasian & 4th Reich based Organizations- Hawaii Minority Population
- Common cultural thread - Psychics
                  - Also found in Buddhism & other Asian Language Spiritual traditions.
- Controlled knowledge of Asia History over;
  - Under-educated minorities of Asian Descent.
   - No Education beyond High School (USA) or G.E.D.
   - No Courses Abroad at College or University level
  - Asian descent minorities have money
    - Can purchase "Luxury Knowledge" & privledge to see a psychic

Use Geneology-
     Create Fake geneology - sometimes new Occult Spiritual geneology
     So to believe in a fantasy past where they belong
     Believe they were not cut off from main parent genetic population

Layers - Hawaiian Islands

Peeling through the Layers of the Hawaiian Islands.
How Honolulu County residents contribute to War impression management. Aka Clandestine ops/ Clandestine warfare. 
As well as, perception of key USA assets in the International Asian Showcase that Hawaii represents. More at:

Layers My notes

Angela Merideth Kneale
July 17, 2017
Twitter: Intergalactic Shaman @imperialnewsJ
You Tube: Cypress Shaman


False Corporate Security:
   *Supersoldier protection smokescreen - related to pre-War Impression Management
    - Ground game is secured by threat to individual targeted.
    - Community is afraid to compete with the Supersoldier
       - When security goes REALLY bad

Testing New Tech. & Methods for:
*Private Security Firms

RACISM Perception:
Origination point:
   -Minority Groups fighting rights violations
       & encroachment from Majority Caucasian
   -Domestic Terrorist Organization
   -Progressive whites setting the bar for what is "acceptable white racism."
   -4th Reich & Military infrastructure
*Impression Management - military term
  Similar to: Targeted Individual - New Tech & Methods
  • Direct attacks from USA Federal Agents on Person with family in other Nation(s)
  • Direct attacks from CIA on Person with family in other Nations
  • Deconstruction of the target individual's life to affect other Nations' 
  • perceptions of business possibilities and opportunities.
      ie., USA hurt Japanese family to make a statement to all of Asian business partners in APEC (Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation). While bringing up nobodies & sex slaves from other 2nd or 3rd worldAsian countries to a reasonable normal American family status. All done in a high visibility international community. Also, while USA declines reasonable trade efforts.
  •   Political Model for USA/CIA to infiltrate Asian consumer spending.
  •   Political Model for USA/CIA to break relations with Japan and other targeted Asian business families.
  •   USA agent claims it's for Targeted Individual's personal security
  •   It is actually USA agent perfoming War related Impression Management
*Using Esoteric Organizations
   - Secret Societies
   - Cults
   - Churches with Domestic Terrorist Links

     Notice How USA & Online media does not use/employ minorities
     from appropriate nations on the subjects. Or even a National citizen of those nations.
     Promote White/Caucasian Image only
     Promote white/Caucasian Storyline only
     Promote African-american Image or Storylines only.
         ie., No one from Mayan descent or locale, No one from Egypt on Pyramids,
         No one from Asia about Buddha =(Old Nazi use of Asian beliefs) ,
         No one from Siberia about Shamanism. Etc., long list.

Obscure Agendas set to cover illegal actions for WAR (aka. BAIT):
                      Atlantean/ Atlantis
                        - Include & exclude those who are seen as useful to USA economic agenda
                        - Especially domestic minority agents they can groom
                        - Luxury Knowledge & privledge to see a psychic
                      UFO & Illegal USA Missions
                          - Subsonic Jets in air & leaving USA territory
                          - Bombers leaving USA territory

I learned from my personal incident as abductee of CIA/ATF drug distributor seeking new lines @2001:
CIA/ATF employed white drug distributors/ dealers were looking for new networks of USA domestic people to exploit.
- Many already behind Hyped MK ultra test in the area of Bucks County
    - Mengele
    - Modern Philadelphia Rosacrucians AMORC - legal battles due to sex cult abuse.
    - Executive/ CEO network employees - elite Boarding schools
Cults that have Caucasian Majority have untapped financial resources to exploit.
Letting in minorities to also regain control in USA Domestic Drug Sales
Cults/Societies making guns
   - no need to register personally made arms
   - Hypothetical revolution preparation - Untraceable
         word "hypothetical" used as imaginary and has no actual intention.

Conquer & Divide-
Please look up Dictionary Definition of Conquer & Divide; - should say something to the effect of;
Maintain Confusion & Fighting in "Lower" status to maintain Control.
Employed Minorities
- Give hope they justify other's will have standing in the future.
- Emotional campaign
- Some sense of minority Quota is filled for political purposes of maintaining the USA Constitution.
      - Theory about USA is to protect its minorities.

Layers I am peeling through

Using my skills and training to sift through the American Quagmire. more at:

EX-IM Dating in Hawaii & Hidden 4th Reich

My past 7 years in the Hawaiian islands seems futile. The dating scene that I thought would be more "accepting and understanding of my Japanese culture was not at all what I thought I would run into. The men, even though educated and professional behave as if every facet of interactions with me as well as other  Asian women are some sex vacation. They have been trying to diminish the credibility I had for the first 35years of my life as a Classical piano instructor and EX-IM raised representative for shipping and expediting a peaceable and GUN FREE political agenda. That includes a Navy Seal Trainer, A Navy Nuclear engineer, Some Army Rangers and others who may not be on military payroll but have the clearance potentials for Export- Import.
It's no wonder years ago in my late 20's, in a dark corner of Chinatown in Philadelphia, I met with a Supreme Court Attorney over some of the best vegan Chinese food on the planet. It's no wonder he said to me, "you know, they treat you worse than a prostitute." In hindsight, he meant that to the Core. 
Many of my dating decisions stem from my diet and intense allergic reaction to shellfish & seafood.
The past 7 years I have had to eliminate those who are livid fishers and Hawaiian poke salad eaters. Even some contamination from a kiss or handshake makes me break out in an allergic rash of hives. Latest to decide from;- a Psychiatrist I dated last summer. Complete arsehole. We are talking about a man who texted that if he has a girlfriend he shouldn't have to "pay for her." He never mentioned going dutch on a date. Then again, his idea of dating is movie at his home and a visit to his boudoir.
No invitation to go out in public with him, even when I've mentioned it. No offering to fill up my gas tank even after I visited him more than a few times, a trip way out of the way since he moved from the City. No dinner dates, except 1x out and 2nd time from a food truck. This Caucasian who proclaimed ancestry from the 3rd Reich in the past month, as if I had the entire Nazi database of names in front of me and neglected him as 4th Reich. Apparently, my Mind Kontrol psy ops Stargate protocol missed his silent 4th Reich screams shouting at me . Something on a vibe occured to me on a visit that the Tibetan tanka hanging were not sincere despite his practice. And, he had become vehemently angry and hurt with eyes welling up with tears, when I shared a little about my family's past in Japan being connected to Buddha.

He is definately a disconcerting psychiatrist in this Hawaiian community that is populated with centuries old mixed-race families before the USA took over the political boundary. He's someone's Psychiatrist?! Basically, it seems that he doesn't want to pay for a prostitute and is eeeking out for the Japanese woman in me to feel bad for him on American soil. You know the saying goes, we Japanese women feel bad for the guy for not getting laid. Except that's on Japanese soil. This guy, is recently near the top of the waste pile of white men I've "dated" over the past 24 years of my life.
It's no wonder years ago in a dark corner of Chinatown in Philadelphia, I met with a Supreme Court Attorney over some of the best vegan Chinese food on the planet. It's no wonder he said to me, "you know, they treat you worse than a prostitute."

So, at a crucial point in my female life, the men surrounding me have taken a severe nose-dive in manhood. Not that any of my previous boyfriends, dates, and friends gained much of any approval from my Japanese mother. I know she had hoped for an engagement proposal over my same Alma Mater boyfriend of several years. He helped curbed my tendency to completely self-destruct under the tremendous racism I experienced during my undergrad years.  And, a good percentage graduated with Ivy League degrees or were adept in Computer technology. Aside from the broke College & university student phase where I had very stable and years long relationships. The adult field has  been full of unattractive and completely white options, I mean vehemently vomitous to my being. The Caucasian opinon, It's only comparable to being force fed and killed for fois gras.

I didn't realize that most white men do expect Asian women are prostitutes with a tremendous wealth of money or what they call a walking ATM machine, sex bot already assumed. They stole and pilfered what they could from me. Many of the African-American men just exist to serve their communities and can look easily down on Asian women as sex slaves. They simply see people like me as a revenue flow for even a short time. Being short sighted, they don't care to So, then sorting through the qualified, degreed, and professional men is like a trip to the luxury store in itself. They feel they add credibility to their prostitutes. It's no wonder my time in Hawaii has been very lonely and my EX-IM project took a nosedive. Because of all of these negative interactions, where I try to maintain a positive legal standing that will still be valid for EX-IM world;- there is no financial remedy for the damages I've already sustained. And, there is no court that can award me for my lost time, emotional hurt, and virtually ruined career that I worked so hard on for over 35years.

I had tried seeing some Officer(s) who at least offered to assist me with protection and a safe place to live.  Definitely more secure buildings. However, once on approach to the front door, a man approached me and reminded me of the 4th Reich and Confederates who retain order as Officers & legals. And, for posterity sake, for public relations with ASEAN(JP participatory) & APEC (Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation), I should stay away.

So, it leaves me with very few viable Ex-IM family inclusion to even attempt to date or engage in some relationship in the Islands. I suppose, at some point "Love" just passed by for the EX-IM project. I can't bring anyone into this business community who is going to cause more upset over their trivial and pitied attitudes, political or not. My ex-partner, who I was with for 9 years, was at least a good teammate for working to build a company. We worked together to build a company for most of that 9 years, inseparable for up to 20 hrs. a day. Except, he was oblivious to my international family for almost the entire time. His friends who have much substantial credibility in the Global and American markets became aware after a high level background check was done on me, as what they called "Riff Raff".  After the security check, they insisted that I be included in most of their get togethers. Still, frustrating to overcome on my own financially;- since he used my money to cover things. I was disallowed from paying my own bills for many years;- as in non-payment. Clinton boys aside;- they didn't help. He didn't help me financially.

The Republicans, allowed me to work and regain some financial credibility, amidst the painful racism and insults. But, it quickly fell apart after 9-11 and they killed my brother (in a manner of speaking).
So, I've survived in Hawaii away from the immediate Bucks County, Pennsylvania White Supremacy and Republicans. However, the Obama crowd I encountered again, pimped me at a Hawaii strip club as a dancer and took the earned cash money at Hawaii Clubs that I needed to live even (DL) down low, so to speak.  It also opened the doors to further personal security issues for me. It also pissed off the international business community that came to "check up on me" when their security and the Japanese military saw (as recent as February 2017) what the United States has forced on me in order to survive. That is, as Niece to a founding family member of the 5th largest construction firm on the planet.

Most USA readers will now smile and think, oh, you're family has enough to bail you out. Au Contra ire readers. My Japanese family expected the USA to do its part for this portion of EX-IM. There is no living off of foreign funds for me, and for the Lawyers who want involved in the monies. They already saw my brother run off the road literally go through 12 vehicles in Bucks-County.  He was on car 10 or 11 before he brought me in on his personal campaign against the White supremacists, possible 4th Reich & Rosacrucians, of our neighborhood and Bucks-County.  Japan saw the 100K legal fees stack up as American citizens took actions against us.  Hawaii's American-Asian population has proven no different as the games have stacked up to bury me alive. They have demonstrated that they are acting to prove their patriotism to USA by harming me and allowing known Asian criminal factions to launder funds to Hawaii State. Conditionally, I will loose my very life soon. Especially due to the bio-toxins that Hawaii State allows to free float and grow profusely. Contaminated homes for rent. I'm not looking at any type of winning situation in the USA currently. And, I can't get lost like so many people have said to my face from the 1% communities in the USA. Other options come with serious international implications, so I'm not chasing USA money families at all. I've been looking for something more viable for me. I'm nearly out of time.

Because I was born on the USA side, they completely ignore my Japanese national origins and large infrastructure family. They, those who are involved in Hawaii business & politics, intended to harm me over the past 7 years. And the financial abuse for over 20 years, if you discount my Father's actions against my future that occurred when I was in 8th grade, and prior to his Declassification in 2001.

 So, at some point, I believe I will be looking outside the USA nationals for a potential husband, as awkward as that seems. However, fighting with the Reich and the White Supremacists among other battles has caused me a great depression. I could talk for hours about the hypocrisy that exists here in the USA. I feel I've done my best to shed light on this volatile relationship the USA has with Asia over 15years. I also did this as I saw my mother relay lies to Japan. Maybe it kept things naive for a while, some decades till I had this medium to communicate to the world about my own experiences.

Targeted Individual Basics- technology

Sunday, July 16, 2017

T.I. technology basics survival

July 13, 2017
Cypress Shaman

Hey good morning
I'm doing my breakfast now, still here at Green World.
I did this, this morning. I'm a trained organizer and so I have gone through all
sorts of things. Anyway I posted the picture of that on my Twitter @imperial News J.
And so, I wanted to talk about this a bit, was the
online and technologies.
see how fast I can get through here so the purpose of
used and the online anything online
obviously things of interest forums like
I belong to a half Japanese forum
I was targeted with a bunch of other half Japanese on the forum.
(I think  'which was worse of the two because obviously Hawaii has
problems, okay, so yeah, they targeted me.')
The contact through YouTube by dropping a message I didn't even know
about the forum so they, you know, tried to
bring up my interest and I had exclusively stuck to a half Japanese forum
where there were other people like me who are multinational born, dual national
born Japanese. I'm not too exploratory anymore with meeting people online that way.
Those networks were prone to social media hacker's, you know, of the kind that are known.
There's this one guy, his names AI, I won't say his full name but A.I. are his actual initials.
He is based out of Helsinki, Finland so he was going around hacking.
They keep I just got to the point where I became friendly towards
the hackers because they communicate with me. So, they're obviously trying to get attention
and so everything got hacked...into my email, for more of my personal info.
Old School is the untraceable re mailer back in 2000.
I was being stalked and we couldn't trace the email at all, but they were sending harassing
photos and I was in Florida at that point. And, they were sending photos of Hawaiian women in movies and hotel rooms
looking really messed up. Anyway, I hadn't even been to Hawaii at that point so, unless that was something to do it
back then Breed Industries, I don't know what would have come from so newer is the E/M weapon
so I heard reports from different people who are also Japanese
but their cars got hit with a EM
their cars got hit with an electromagnetic energy supposedly from a solar flare. But, I think if the solar flare hit the entire garage
and your cars in a covered garage, somebody probably walked through there with an e/M weapon
So that you would have to go back to the dealership. Obviously that gets really expensive. My car personally is older. I haven't  hadthat issue
with the computer in it yet, yet but for the newer models where they're very computer reliant and software reliant, it is entirely possible for them to
completely disable the vehicle. i mean completely like you're not driving it anywhere so that is a concern. It has happened in Hawaii. Um most of something I thought I'd throw in there.
 stuffs mine. It's what I've been around but the car thing is something I thought I'd throw in there.

Hack the unshakable phones proprietal phone and clouds I tried using those networks.
I missed meetings, they locked me out of my email repeatedly, obviously different screens popping up
gathering my password information. No phone calls and things. Obviously that has to do with my emotional well being, my phone calls I got like five phone calls (in a year)
and I used to like talk to tons of people anyway, and I really isolated from that also for my safety the delay in text messages was a huge
problem even in the parking lot. The longest delay I had on text messages was about an hour or so and mascara and they wanted me to wind up at in this case in
Hawaii back at the mall because that's where the store is to service those phones. So, each time I had to physically drive to that location
obvious in the coffee shop. Free Wi-Fi and stuff they can cut the Wi-Fi also to our cellular
they've done that to me, they all can also make it static and interfere with phone calls so,
whether its the unmarked police cars in Honolulu, they're supposed to carry blue lights on them,
yeah it's hard to track and they can push you into a gray area that has 2 problems with the
gray area or not problems, but you're vulnerable right,
and you can't call 9 1 1 (emergency number) but at the same time if you know somebody around or it can find some safety
they wont be able to find you too quickly so, before you head to gray area
if you have a contact let them know you're going there and maybe
 you have a safe spot or something
but if you're afraid people you know are being infiltrated, so to speak, and uh, you know;- trust yourself
and your skills ground game... the perp service is that service provider. I learned this one the hard way in Doylestown while I was working for a Verizon service provider. They hired me
to get my personal information meaning, my social security everything okay. Everything and then they also followed me home and I was an employee for a very brief period. But they
can also send out the same type of people who caused issues for me in the company to your home. So I mean; I was followed by a guy off duty with his Confederate flag on his bike. Right, doesn't
belong at my place, doesn't belong harassing my mother who was outside.

The perp sends, this is a recent story in Hawaii (past month June/July 2017), a perp = a man or woman
to drug you gain access to all phone and financial data so um,
I heard us, I personally have felt that my well being has been compromised in the past two weeks, and I heard another story from somebody else and 
his case was a woman. My case is a man I was introduced to. I'm not completely trustworthy or not some super paranoid but hey, if I'm passed out for 24 hours and see pink and purple
before I pass out, that's not a good sign.
They basically get through your phone, get through all your contacts
can get to a credit card financial data keys to everything everything you have with you.
they have access to, so we all know it's really hard to, you know have a biometric lock on
your vehicle. But if you can if you can do the biometric lock ...
I've opted for the old school way. My car's old it's almost twenty years old now. But, if you're new school and you have the biometric locks just remember that
EM weapons can be used on your vehicle so you can't get in.
-3- And, I did that little tiny thing on the vehicle.-
But getting you stranded in an area and then having somebody, just conveniently (you know) appearing is part of their goals. So anyway, spyware at public networks and all that basic basic basic stuff for grandma, grandpa. So that that's it.

the Mind Kontrol forum & Justice

The other day, I posted a short video about some of my beliefs and a smidge about what I know about the Mind Kontrol issue. Attempting to document and justify myself to any online viewers. Apparently, this issue of Mixed race is still difficult for a "normal homo sapiens" probably around 4 HVR1 mutations to understand, despite my speaking in english and even editing the subtitles thIat are in english. I suppose that the homosapiens who classify modern homonids to an illogical "race" category are going to struggle until the race mindset is lost by my genetical predecessors homo sapiens. To me, my 10+HVR1 in human type biological structure,

The race classification is about das useful as sorting out kittens and cats by color, or fish breeding by traits. The other issue I have is that the particularly European
 and African origin types of homo sapiens probably somewhere near 2-3HVR1 mutations like to compare themselves to refined dog breeds. These homosapiens who supposedly control more of the monetary wealth on the planet also set the definition of the term Inbred. That familial definition of Inbred causing less genetic rift to occur across many generations. And, due to common communication methods they have a censorship campaign across all typical platforms to stop any Global conversation about the true state of the end of Homo Sapiens.
Homo Sapiens will die off as inbred as an applied population perspective has been ignored.
150,000-300,000 years of various "pockets" or litters, or tribes, of homo sapiens has created a general global population which rests at 3-4 HVR1 mutations. So I personally prefer to look at the number of HVR mutations as being a health indicator to avoid disease and obeisity that are in the true definition of the word Inbred.

The justice that people are seeking as Mind Kontrol victims seems to embody some sort of Rock Star status to the homo sapiens. Additionally, the english speaking world is using their marketplace advertising hype to control the conversations. That is despite the difficulties that inbreds have in attempting to attain understanding that goes against their racial structures in mind.

In otherwords and Asian mind does not have "racial mindset" obstacles to overcome in studying Buddhism, Meditation, and other Asian traditions of mind and body.
Despite the use of english language that has an auric fog that envelops the use of words, it seems that more particular terms will be difficult to sustain long term as these Mind Kontrol forums develop from free speech nations.

Saturday, July 15, 2017

My genetics vs clandestine ops

For the record, my family parents especially, steered me away from early ROTC program in USA for a college payment option. Additionally, I was told not to get involved with clandestine ops even if CIA due to my relatives involvement elsewhere in infrastructure.
I am now over the age bracket to be employed for such industries. Additionally, I have not married or have had a family of my own.

Introduction - My beliefs

Hi. I'm at the Cypress Shaman on You Tube and @ImperialNewsJ on Twitter
as well as Sprout Fuel from my blog, you can look up different things by Keywords
I've been blogging for a while and
Most of its been random notes on my TI (Targeted Individual) incidents for 15 years as
well as how things were done. I know I need to go back through and clean it up some, but I am
Cypress Shaman or Intergalctic Shaman or Rogue Galactic Shaman (RGS).
Supposedly was Stargate (MK) program. My Father being US Air Force OSI. My mom's family
I have an aunt and uncle who were in the Japanese steel industry also military
)JP_ family in some sense we were supposed to be here to promote a Peaceful understanding of each other
since there was not much representation for Japanese culture on the East Coast (USA). So, I am Japanese also, and I speak
English, so hopefully you can understand me and we can communicate.
Also, Shaman is a Siberian term. I am Mixed-Race. I've had mixed race blood which is part of why I was targeted for MK Ultra. My initials are A.M>K.
But, I have that Siberian blood, and Chinese Blood, along with Japanese Ainu
. A few Asian Tribes and my Japanese blood plus, some other mixes in there
 that put me into the category of a new species.
So, I'm trying to use that as culturally appropriate as I can even though I feel the United States has tried to contort
what was a Spiritual tradition. But, today I'm just going to go through
some of what I've been studying and formulating for myself over many years.
I believe that HAARP is an electromagnetic sin against Heaven and
that our adaptability is what defers the negative impacts of stress.
Adaptability adds to mental stability, and it's adaptability prevents the accident
and illness.
It's important to reinforce Life Force also known as the electromagnetic biorhythm that is from heart and mind.
For other cultures and many traditions of Humans who have previously walked the planet and
spiritual traditions there has been time to meditate and focus on the life force
part of that they talk about the researchers in the United States. The English Language discusses life Force in the heart
mind connection as a shut off, as if we are
 mechanism. I thing that if you study Animal welfare philosophy, you'll find that many people have argued away from the
body being a mechanism and that we are not robots.
There is a state of mind. There is a sense of will, a sense of individuality.
Maybe principality, like how to coordinate efforts on the planet are different. But, this heart and mind
focus a meditation. It's not a shut off of the senses. It is a focus on those things that drive the senses.
Just trust in simply being the state of being itself. Being in existence for the immediate
environment. So, taking time to take in the sounds of where you are, the wind, the direction the energy in completeness;- with eyes shut, with eyes open;- is
Just to trust in simply being in and of itself.
Our sound perception in these physical forms goes to high frequency and many people are
complaining about this phenomenon called HAARP on the planet. Predatory animals and animals with acute and sensitive hearing are
able to sleep. There are some spiritual advocates saying that humans can't sleep with high frequency.
Part of that (issue) is the adaptability. It is possible to level up sleep tolerance and accept that it is possible. I myself had hyperacusis. It was
what they reclassified "Super Hearing", meaning- I would perceive and I did perceive high -frequency sound waves
at 50% greater decibel levels than normal, normal people. So, when i took a shower, i could hear the water droplets breaking and it sounded like breaking glass, but in a different pattern. So, I had to learn
how to live in the environment and after reading a very long long, back in 1996, very long publication about HAARP going up
Back then in 1996 I was reading Popular Science and things as well. 1996,1999 came out.
But I was considered sound disabled hearing disabled. I'm just telling people that it is possible even
with electromagnetic interference and weapons that they have. It is possible to sleep, to put the mind at rest
and that sight perception goes up to Approximately 700 colors that have been documented so far. I know my father is
one of those people who can see very slight, the most minuscule shade gradations
so, this sight perception can improve as well, and I personally don't believe all psyche perception
is coming from the Ocular, eyes. I believe that the mind can perceive at a microscopic level. I would love to know how I could prove them wrong, that it's not impossible to see at a microscopic level
something: some creatures, some germs, microscopic life forms.

So, dynamic existence, I also believe the entire universe is moving as a molecular and atomic puzzle. In the study of giving light photon travel speed is 186,000 (186,282) 282 Miles per second that the quality of light itself is fixed and
That these two interactions trigger Super Force and light particles. So to me
me,  material existence is a type of dynamic existence that has slowed and freezes. Some religious traditions are calling it
hardening - so that things become hard in your body. Those things you can't find ex-rayed or with a magnetic detector or something.
So there has to be some explanation for those things.

Slows and freezes the frequency of Perceptible Bandwidth. It slows and excuse me, slows  and freezes the frequency of perceptible bandwidth.
 So, I've always been into, down with it's just very hard for me to d
discuss with anybody since most people and I don't like mentioning names;-
but, I found Max Spiers super interesting because I was like YES, somebody knows what I like, I know what I thin on some levels on the bandwidth is one of them. Especially since I have so many
Genetic markers to use. It's always been understood in my life, since I was a child, that I have all these bandwidths to access. I have so many human genetic Bandwidths to access even through I may be New Species.

So, this idea of dynamic existence slowing and freezing. The frequency of Perceptible Bandwidth is how we have our material existence that is to me. I don't know how it works out exactly in the world of Quantum physics. But, I know what I am capable of doing . If I had time to be a
physicist,I'm sure I would have chosen that path.But I did what I needed to survive. I f I get another lifetime or two I would love to delve into that. So first remove space, remove patterning and remove force and that's part of what I believe. Outside of practical principles, So, if I sound crazy, that's all up to you to decide. I am all these little cards, i make.

Okay, so anyway, arigato for listening and
i'll see if this continues.
By Angela M. Kneale

Friday, July 14, 2017

My spirituality #1

*Haarp is electromagnetic sin against heaven.

* Adaptability defers negative impacts of stress.
1. Adds to mental stability
2. Prevents human accidents and illness

Important to reinforce life force: life force aka electromagnetic bio-rhythm is from heart & mind.

Trust in simply being, the state of being itself. Being, in existence, to the immediate environment.
1. Sound perception to High Frequency (
2. Sight perception to 700 colors

Animals with acute hearing sleep. It is possible to level up sleep tolerance in HF. Accept it is possible. 

Dynamic existence: the entire universe is moving as a molecular & atomic puzzle. 

Photon travel speed c=186,282mp second

Interactions trigger "superforce" and light particles. Lends itself to dynamic existence.

Material Existence is a type od dynamic existence that has 'slowed and freezes' the frequency of perceptible bandwidth.

Remove ideas of- patterning, force, space.

1st remove space

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Introduction APEC 2011-TPP2017 my wrap up

Honolulu, Hawaii Wednesday July 12, 2017 ... 16:25/ 4:25pm Hawaii time
Personal account of Angela M. Kneale born dual national of Japan & Usa, granddaughter of Kikuchi, Hirokatsu (diplomatic mission),
EX-IM representative for public &
non-military initiative shipping channels

I feel I did my best for everyone involved. At this level there are few lawyers and legal actions that can remedy the political and economic effects of those attempting to build a full scale World War 3.
Since 1996, and again in 2005 with my brother's unnatural death, I myself have lost trust in nearly full international business capacity of those in the USA who have entered my life.
The events that occurred in early 1970's prior to my birth in this USA nation, and as a dual national, I reported to police in Hawaii and were brought to light;- slightly. That is, I reported the alleged murder of my sister after her birth by Nurses of a hospital in Quakertown, Pennsylvania.

In 1980's my Japanese nationality & my brother's Japanese nationality changed to dual citizen status.

In 2001 my Japanese nationality and possibly that of my brother's changed outside the USA to being stateless and trafficked individuals by the USAF. This is due to the contents of the Patriot Act and based on revision of first generation American status, despite the United States Constitution.

In 2005 my brother was killed at my parents' family home. I feel this is related to the anonymous ATF call I made due to our neighbors' possibly illegal activity where they forced my brother to manufacture cnc guns as part of his employment at their company. His paychecks from them were approximately $600 per week. I personally made the anonymous whistleblowing call. This is part of the reason I do not think he committed suicide. That is in addition to other things he shared with me as he played along frequently to obtain such information. There was also video footage I was supposed to receive after his memorial service. The person who spoke with me did not make it home from the memorial service and was in a coma for a month or so from that day. I was told that it was evidence of possible racist and hate crimes from the United States action against him.
His so called friends were very racist and even laughing about how they had their brothers and kin assault my brother on multiple occasions. They made these statements in front of me after the memorial service. There were approximately 100+ people in attendance of his memorial service at the funeral home. In addition, there were several attempts made on my life and 1 abduction that included assault and battery within the year from his death. One indirect threat made at me came from the pastor who baptised me and he told my my father to kill me.  The cults, churches, and other white supremacy and (false) patriot organizations in Quakertown, Pennsylvania and surrounding areas including Doylestown, PA and Allentown, PA targeted me and I quickly ran out of my invested money trying to stay alive there.

Despite my upbringing to open for the  United States based export-import shipping channels in countries across the planet;- the United States and any and all its actors and citizens of the public democracy, as well as the military branches, local and federal governments have knowingly and/or unknowingly acted against me. This includes agents and police in the state of Hawaii. The Hawaii state government and its services, judges, and agents and actors have deliberately intended to harm me due to my overseas Japan family relation as niece to Takenaka, Yoshitomo who, at the time was an executive at the 5th largest construction firm that has since grown to be the most okii construction firm on the planet in 2017.
As a founding family member, my uncle Yoshitomo and my Obaasan his wife communicated from Japan to express Japan would be restarting military forces. 

Shortly after that our USA family phones cell phones and mobile phones were tapped by the US government and other military services. We were also monitored by the service provider and, there still is interference even this week, July 2017 when I attempted to speak with my mother who is going for some unknown surgery at a non-hospital location.

  In 2007 I had a studio in Ithaca, New York . Someone,  likely to be Caucasian, attempted to burn down my studio that was located in historic building named Clinton Hall. At the same time my aunt and uncle traveled from Japan and purchase Brazilian iron ore/Steel at 20% more than the USA iron ore/steel bid . After that deal was made, the targeting on my life and death threats to take my life (aka attempted murder) intensified .

  I was still targeted when I arrived in the Hawaiian Islands in 2009. I did not leave the airport property without a federal agent intervening in my entire vacation. But despite everything I was barely able to manage attending the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation meeting in Honolulu in 2011. My financial state was very compromised despite my agreeing to attend the meeting.

These actions seem to be actions of USA steel industry, USA infrastructure attacking founding family niece as a political statement to Japan security and infrastructure.
The USA & its States have given virtually no remedy to any of the situations. The USA and its States have given no financial remedy that patches past damage and allows me to move forward with reasonable respect in an international and respectable capacity. Also, federal agent/military trainer I went to family court with also acted as a pimp in a sense and was directly responsible for extracting most all money (cash & credit repot) from me from 2009-2013 though mostly 2009-2011. He did so with cooperation of a Hawaii strip club(s). I was left with some money to pay basic bills to appear normal. Though my financial status severely crippled after identity theft occured with (his accomplices in the banking industry).

Any and all other private USA businesses, which include landlords of rental property, have interfered directly with my financial well being, so as to make it difficult to maintain basic living conditions.
To be continued....

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Rotten American Classical teachers

One thing I had a truly difficult time with in Bucks County was the other independent European classical music instructors. To me mostly Racist babysitters. Almost all of them, particularly female, had zero respect for me and admonished me for not dating any old white male or other prominent local community musician they ordered me to date. It caused a big rift in my professional teaching in the Philadelphia/ tri-state area.
They treated me worse than a prostitute most times. And despite my busy schedule NEVER addressed me as a person with any personal opinion.
They brought whole-hearted racist American disgrace into my life by their jaunts and criticisms.

Re: racism @ Bucks County& Philadelphia

Is must say that over my lifetime
The racism in Pennsylvania specifically has included my small immediate family and a couple of visiting cousins from Japan. We were attacked assaulted by Whites Mostly the 1% housewives and their kids along with their hired and domineering lower class Caucasian neighbors and churchgoers, as well as African Americans and Latinos from Philadelphia and Allentown. Though not extremely close friends other Asians from South Korea and China offered the most reliable and safe acquaintence  relationships.
It is not safe for me. I was also attacked by over 15 KKK members in Hegins, PA. As well as death threats coming from Rosacrucians and ex Luthern Church pastor who baptised me, in addition to both Quakertown and Richlandtown police departments. All police departments in Pennsylvania state failed to investigate the times I was abducted because I am a minority female.

Saturday, July 01, 2017

Thoughts today- mixed bloodline

About thoughts as a new human species who mutated out of 3000 years of documented human race cross breeding, I jotted down. Trying to post on YouTube channel Cypress Shaman, despite dissemination warnings and concerns. As well as the fact I have no studio for a more professional presentation.