Sunday, June 25, 2017

USA Asian-American Accent vs. Immigrants

It's ironic, that the USA puts Movie Stars on a pedastal. And, they even elect them as state officials and presidents. In anycase, the voter infatuation with Movie talent doesn't reflect a positive involvement with persons of multiple nationalities, defer racism, and enable peaceable interactions in the USA Mainland and Hawaii. In fact, in my time here in Hawaii, I have met dozens of 3rd, 4th and 5th generation Asian-Americans who prefer to act like immigrants. They, for the most part completely REFUSE to speak english without any type of non-European accent. It's somewhat safe to say even the late 20th century lent itself to Continental Asian children who speak perfect english by age 8. This is a common practice of more educated, affluent & cosmopolitan, and those with English exposure early on in life (through business).

The throwbacks and adult hard formed vocal chords are of 2 natures:
1. People who were raised without English in Childhood
2. People who flagrantly were raised in the USA to be "happy immigrant" impostors for pity's sake or as an act of defiance towards the USA.

It really isn't that TYPICAL to meet many people of Asian descent who speak perfect english. Whether it is some style of American English or of British "Queen's" English.
Then to diverge further, those who have to scrub clean hard of understanding --the accent of particular American locales, in order to do business in the most NON-OFFENSIVE manner possible in English.
And further, who aren't promoting some other European agenda that is worthy of being Expelled from the USA.

I know I will always be questioned.
Just sayin