Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Salt today, no hui?

So, I looked it up. Shaman hui. The term, It exists. the Shaman word is from part of Sibera that is in my dna bandwidth.
A little kid shouted, "It's da hui!" at me today as I walked by the beachgoers. I spent time collecting salt from volcanic rock pools today. After I finished my 1st collection, then meditations on the beach (pre-noon) followed by another collection,  I rinsed off and returned to my car.  At my car, I was putting shorts and a top on over my bikini when it began to rain. I got in my car ready to leave and realized i set something down and forgot it where I had been sitting. When I got out of my car the rain subsided. That's when the kid sitting nearby shouted "it's da hui!". When I got to the object that was under the tree, the birds started vocalizing loudly.  I picked up the object and returned to my vehicle. Then, I got in my car and it began to rain again.

Besides many people categorizing me as da hui, seperate from any of the pro surf league out here.  And/or being seen with anyone who I know or have met as happenstance of being around the North Shore of Oahu. So, I'm beginning to wonder... I thought da hui was a word for the Historical & authentic Hawaiian Surfing organization that's made it's brand sell to wholesale clubs. I try to be very straightforward that I'm not da hui in that sense. And especially not in the genetical Hawaiian sense. I'm mostly comprised "new species of human" of the Earth's northern cold water islanders and an Asian Siberian tribe that is at the root of Shamanic culture. And don't have much in the way of surfing skills yet, that I can recall.
Will try to work on it though. & Mahalos for the Coffee this week.

there's been too much going on in the Galaxy.