Saturday, June 24, 2017

It sounds like a Chihuahua...

Decades of not special treatment is actually decades of especially awful treatment outside of the walls of Guantanamo (git-mo).

The premise of my existence in the USA post Hiroshima was highly politically motivated with a strong desire to avoid further nuclear warfare with the United States of America.  Aside from being surrounded and overwhelmed with careless political imbeciles and people who choose to ignore fundamental truths that would have possibly prevented warfare....I am literally at wits end. I mean, that is all in addition to what was the Craft persons who enable clandestine operations and international business to flow without damage.

Despite being manipulated by USA private securities industry;- I also must complain about the fact that my relatives abroad have chosen to add to my suffering by not intervening to make things more than minimal tolerable through friends and business contacts.