Friday, June 30, 2017

Last things to do @ Hawaii

I have 1 big thing left to do in Hawaii while I'm here, if I can. The rest is looking like a laundry list of loose ends I won't be content with, ever. Just trying to wrap up before the 4th of July weekend. Its been a gruesome 3 months. Asian politics aside...gruesome.

Thursday, June 29, 2017

My 1 thing = Global Paradigm

This is my one thing: GLOBAL PARADIGM. I make this my focus

after taking 12 months of Mark Divine's Unbeatablemind Platinum  course at

Company;- No Hire on Implants, ANY implants.

A couple of other thoughts;-
If my company is underway  at some point. It will not be hiring anyone who has any type of pre-existing implants or independently adds implants, especially silicon. This is for a reasonable security measure due to easy insertation of electronic implants for mind reading, location, and remote surveillance. There may be some exceptions of new prosthetics (which is not a health condition in and of itself) if bio-compatible with above mentioned surveillance methodologies.

Additionally;- due to the small size of the company;- anyone who does not follow a suitable diet plan at the discretion of the company will not be hired. Health is in order to ensure the longevity of the company and any contracts it signs with other parties.
Additionally, some positions are not allowed to be vacated for over a minimum period of 2 years. Ensuring contract viability includes the health and well being, within good reason, of the employee(s).

Honolulu ISIL

Based on one of my last would be a safe ballpark then to put Hawaii Syndicate, as possible landlord;- in the mix of aiding a mix of greencard, foreign, and other Asian influence from Vietnam & Phillipines in 2015 Google Executive attack. The one who was left in Ala Moana park.
I heard he was hit with a M.yacht club flag
Then again I also heard BP famous actor who busted pedophiles 6/2017 was sleeping in Ala Moana beach park under some foliage.

Need to Know only;-My EXIM issues today

By angela m kneale...June/2017
this is a draft, I will revise it.
Most people in Hawaii don't want to hear that one of their mma heros or a best combat trainer is at fault for anything. They relish in their pimps and underground economy that used to show a more bountiful turnout in the night scene. Obviously things have changed drastically for the many who are more "innocent" or "naive" to the economy.
Some of us expect a more mature audience or club atmosphere to enter. The truth of the matter is that it is anything but that. They are worse than the enlisted ranks in conduct and ability to demonstrate a total disregaurd for people who assist in the USA economy. Like children making an extended Christmas list of everything ever created, they ogle wallets, family funds, and +
I'm happy that in the lengthy 7 year battle I've had from those in Hawaii, at least a few changes have been made.
1. Ban of human trafficking
2. Homeless shelters and amenities
Its sad to me in Retrospect. I wonder how long those basic human rights will last with the decreasing economy. Its also sad that the local population put that as an enormous personal tax on women travellers to the islands.
Acquaintences ask me stupid questions like;- can u give me a ride or will you be our DD for the night. The corporate attorney is flat out telling me I need to reduce any and all liability. Meanwhile the people I spend my fun time with have created a socially awkward and ever growing social chasm over the fact that I said NO I won't and "am not allowed" to drive for them.  Its not really their business to know that some family connected business people who happen to be attorneys and USA gov. Have steered me away from TYPICAL social behaviors in order to ensure I make it to the finish line at the end of the qualifying race.
Then toss in the meat headed mma trainer alleged possible secret service who took my exotic dancer money over a period of 2 years.  Someone should have stepped in immediately and explained that the entire environment and his actions were not appropriate. Yet he created a significant issue since the special ops crowd has lost loyalty to peace among nations and is a band of gun running thugs who threaten lives of the public at large businesses with their kill rates and tactics.
I want to go to a restaurant with some Japanese business friends of the family. The size net value of  of their company isn't even half the millions of a small cap start up. They complain that I cant join them at a certain Japanese sushi place when they know full well and the chef knows full well that I have a potentially deadly shellfish allergy. My Japanese family understands the restaurant xhwf doesn't want the liability of me, and especially me being hospitalized. The Japanese family friend who has clout in the small community throws a tantrum and adds to the business chasm. Ever proving to me that the competence level in the local business community leaders is Extremely Low and lacking in social skills.
Like an apprentice in the late 90's, I met and learned from handful of hugely successful USA  entrepreneurs whose company worth ran into the billions. So even in that privy environment, shellfish allergies was actually a common denominator. But for the rest of everyone, they had to be extra vitally understanding and adjust to be accommodating.
I have given my life to this cause of some hopeful ending between the USA & Japan post Hiroshima. But, it seems most Americans of all backgrounds are hateful of the EX-IM sensitivity my life has held.
I literally have a family whose sturdy international connections abroad spanned nearly all continents. The USA folks even and especially in Oahu can't refrain from being a damaging factor.
Its not like I've gone about "advertising" this role on my resume to Oahu's hodgepodge of service industry jobs either.
I can't break the law to make ends meet, yet am put to the task in an industry where it is a mandatory requirement in order to make sufficient money for basic needs. Then, the additional scrutiny and hatred and jealously that goes hand in hand with the environment automatically.
They, the men and military bodies, only give real support to the Super soldiers and pump who made my life more of a living nightmare for the past 7 years than I needed. And, no apology could be big enough to even remotely make up for the international am damage it has created.
I really don't see how I'm going to make it past this 4th of July holiday intact. I just don't see it.
The people in Hawaii in the shipping industry who I've met don't have any idea how serious my role was. They don't understand that I am not compensated by anyone. That I'm supposed to work on behalf of "secret" USA goals that haven't been made public for some decades. They don't understand that the legal stipulations have been tremendously crippling by all practical and standard ways of USA success.
   That being said I can only compare to stories of those who attended pre-med and sold illegal narcotics to pay down their debts and afford schooling. Those who sold then more illegal marijuana and drugs to fund raise start up funds. All never needing to worry about being put to any lie detector test.
The American USA public has NO personal investment in export import initiatives, yet they sharply criticize and contort political and family relationships of those who are required to participate.
It left me, in Hawaii for a vacation, completely vulnerable to people who could not live within their means in the first place attaching themselves to others who had to maintain security clearances.
Those people and their immediate and or extended family who have normal stable domestic USA jobs are socially and politically assigned a more important role than the EXIM political Expeditor or liaison outside of a military structure. At least it has transpired this way

Sunday, June 25, 2017

USA Asian-American Accent vs. Immigrants

It's ironic, that the USA puts Movie Stars on a pedastal. And, they even elect them as state officials and presidents. In anycase, the voter infatuation with Movie talent doesn't reflect a positive involvement with persons of multiple nationalities, defer racism, and enable peaceable interactions in the USA Mainland and Hawaii. In fact, in my time here in Hawaii, I have met dozens of 3rd, 4th and 5th generation Asian-Americans who prefer to act like immigrants. They, for the most part completely REFUSE to speak english without any type of non-European accent. It's somewhat safe to say even the late 20th century lent itself to Continental Asian children who speak perfect english by age 8. This is a common practice of more educated, affluent & cosmopolitan, and those with English exposure early on in life (through business).

The throwbacks and adult hard formed vocal chords are of 2 natures:
1. People who were raised without English in Childhood
2. People who flagrantly were raised in the USA to be "happy immigrant" impostors for pity's sake or as an act of defiance towards the USA.

It really isn't that TYPICAL to meet many people of Asian descent who speak perfect english. Whether it is some style of American English or of British "Queen's" English.
Then to diverge further, those who have to scrub clean hard of understanding --the accent of particular American locales, in order to do business in the most NON-OFFENSIVE manner possible in English.
And further, who aren't promoting some other European agenda that is worthy of being Expelled from the USA.

I know I will always be questioned.
Just sayin

Biolocation to a Cloning room

February 10th, 2014 5:23pm Hawaii Time my waking time from Schumann frequency mat session.

Objective: possible instances of matching identical appearance
Laboratory was filled with displays like this, like a jewelry department at a mall.

Shells size of a large man's fist
Glass looking containment 2.5-3' high × 2-4 inches? Or feet diameter. I think was 2'foot radius.

Metal tube keeps H20 flowing in a tree display for the shells
Metallic lid

They are like caged rabbits.- reference to humans living on earth.

DNA ->chromatin v chromosomes
Uncoiled DNA wrapped around
histone protein cores
String of beads "nucleosome"
Cell reproductive process

Saturday, June 24, 2017

It sounds like a Chihuahua...

Decades of not special treatment is actually decades of especially awful treatment outside of the walls of Guantanamo (git-mo).

The premise of my existence in the USA post Hiroshima was highly politically motivated with a strong desire to avoid further nuclear warfare with the United States of America.  Aside from being surrounded and overwhelmed with careless political imbeciles and people who choose to ignore fundamental truths that would have possibly prevented warfare....I am literally at wits end. I mean, that is all in addition to what was the Craft persons who enable clandestine operations and international business to flow without damage.

Despite being manipulated by USA private securities industry;- I also must complain about the fact that my relatives abroad have chosen to add to my suffering by not intervening to make things more than minimal tolerable through friends and business contacts.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

AT&T discrimination

AT&T has allowed my service to be tampered with over the past several years.
Icloud also could not and had workers who would not remedy my accounts being hacked. So unbeknownst to me multiple payments were made each time I tapped any app icon.
Now, my phone bill is being I crementally increases app $20/month and I am having multiple issues with the LG

Saturday, June 17, 2017

The robotics industry- some thoughts of mine

They should not hire humans who have no desire for knowledge and truth.
It is clear that robotics can take the place of the most mundane humans who do not engage in anything beneficial to societal advancement.

However, the cost to the planet in plastics and robotic hardware versus human workforce itself must be analyzed.

Friday, June 16, 2017

Ban plastics, Chinese plastics ban

Living the Plastic Coated Life

It was over a decade ago that I first heard of the Chinese making dense plastics that mimic the hardest stone;- in weight, density, texture, color. Something a fine arts insurance appraisal could overlook in an otherwise catastrophic fire.

Today, make that life. The Life of American dreams formed in material reality as a  Wasteland of toxic contaminants and suffocating molecules. All that waft in the jetstream across the Sea of Japan, and trickles into the Pacific. Greenish toxic snow that falls silently in the otherwise pristine northern Japan islands and Siberia.

The Inexpensive takeover of such cruel human labor is mechanized in the Simple forms of plastic coated lenses of artificial intelligence.

Dreams must be put to rest. Plastic must be boycotted.

Ban plastics, Chinese plastics ban

Living the Plastic Coated Life

It was over a decade ago that I first heard of the Chinese making dense plastics that mimic the hardest stone;- in weight, density, texture, color. Something a fine arts insurance appraisal could overlook in an otherwise catastrophic fire.

Today, make that life. The Life of American dreams formed in material reality as a  Wasteland of toxic contaminants and suffocating molecules. All that waft in the jetstream across the Sea of Japan, and trickles into the Pacific. Greenish toxic snow that falls silently in the otherwise pristine northern Japan islands and Siberia.

The Inexpensive takeover of such cruel human labor is mechanized in the Simple forms of plastic coated lenses of artificial intelligence.

Dreams must be put to rest. Plastic must be boycotted.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Salt today, no hui?

So, I looked it up. Shaman hui. The term, It exists. the Shaman word is from part of Sibera that is in my dna bandwidth.
A little kid shouted, "It's da hui!" at me today as I walked by the beachgoers. I spent time collecting salt from volcanic rock pools today. After I finished my 1st collection, then meditations on the beach (pre-noon) followed by another collection,  I rinsed off and returned to my car.  At my car, I was putting shorts and a top on over my bikini when it began to rain. I got in my car ready to leave and realized i set something down and forgot it where I had been sitting. When I got out of my car the rain subsided. That's when the kid sitting nearby shouted "it's da hui!". When I got to the object that was under the tree, the birds started vocalizing loudly.  I picked up the object and returned to my vehicle. Then, I got in my car and it began to rain again.

Besides many people categorizing me as da hui, seperate from any of the pro surf league out here.  And/or being seen with anyone who I know or have met as happenstance of being around the North Shore of Oahu. So, I'm beginning to wonder... I thought da hui was a word for the Historical & authentic Hawaiian Surfing organization that's made it's brand sell to wholesale clubs. I try to be very straightforward that I'm not da hui in that sense. And especially not in the genetical Hawaiian sense. I'm mostly comprised "new species of human" of the Earth's northern cold water islanders and an Asian Siberian tribe that is at the root of Shamanic culture. And don't have much in the way of surfing skills yet, that I can recall.
Will try to work on it though. & Mahalos for the Coffee this week.

there's been too much going on in the Galaxy.

Thursday, June 08, 2017

USA disgusts me

Since the bombing of Hiroshima & Nagasaki, Hawaii has apparently gone through a boon from Japan's recovery. However, the internment crowd and all of the other Asian nations that are represented in Hawaii are Definately not me. In fact I'm finding them the most vile Americans I have met. Maybe its because sex trafficking was only banned in the 50th state last summer, 2016.

The men are sexually more aggressive. The surfer community seems, in part, to be entrenched in pornography. The men overall have had mothers and fathers who were not legally acknowledged hostess bar prostitutes & jigalos. Their language and talk is not sexy. Their offering of sex is not attractive. They speak like they are sex slave traders and rapists. They have no boundaries and personal respect.  Their general lack of respect has been beyond upsetting & irrevocably politically demeaning in the international tourist setting.

Friday, June 02, 2017

Galactic crime of Food transport

The Americans, have caused, due to their juvenile and idealistic state great atrocities.
Through feeding populations that were already unsustainable
That has been the cause of war
Rather than allowing nature to mend its course
The great evil that lends itself to planetary depopulation
Is the transport of human food for consumption
And so has the appearance of a biotoxin , one of many that will evolve, called toxic mold aka black mold aka aspergillius strains of mold
This will engulf the Earth's seed and food sources and homes and air until the population is under control
And not of any human control or intention.
Not if any power mongering group of individuals
Not if any rich or poor income
Death Knell