Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Update: Security Concerns Hawaii

Hawaiian Islands: personal security concerns Update for the Spring of 2017.
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  • 03/17 *New* USA Patriotism & Racism directed at Asian/ Green Card Workers 
      • Largely unreported, some clubs, bars are being targeted by Caucasian Conservatives. Does not matter if you are Asian and Pro Trump. They aim to rid the USA of non-native workers & business owners.
  • Airport inter-island travel security - 
    • Fingerprinting (possible detainment) of non-white travellers
    • Unjustified Baggage confiscation by Airport Security
  • gang stalking
  • driving personal vehicle at night from clubs - DUI checkpoint
Generally, most of the International Asian Organizations (Gangs & Masons) tend to keep to themselves in their own territory on the island of Oahu. The Honolulu Police Department is subjective to each town/local area where they are connected to local community (HPD is not objective in its conduct).
  •  Pearl City/ Pearl Ridge/ Aiea / Salt lake - I have had most life threatening incidents here with the Honolulu Police Department . Police standing to watch the incident of attacks on my life.
    • Filipino & Caucasian influenced policing. Additionally, some Filipino-Americans are afraid to go to clubs in Honolulu due to police targeting.
  • Honolulu Business district / Red light districts
    • Chinatown - Many residents stay away from Chinatown at night, despite worker & student attended early Happy Hours.
    • Kapiolani & Keeaumoku Street area - 
        •  Ongoing: Late night robberies of women's purses & ATM has become increasingly violent with gun  involvement
      • 600- 700 Block Queen Street (near Ala Moana Blvd. mall area & Ward St)- 
        • After Hours Clubs open till 6AM
        • Gun violence/ Shootings likely due to drug dealers
        • known area for Bloods (red) gang related - despite general positive presence of "wear your red" or don't wear red or light blue (Cryp)
        • Still under impression that it is a sniper are ( US military influenced)
    • Kakaako (zipcode 96797)
      • Homeless Tent Camps - families, children, civilian toxic mold survivors with apartments camp in the concrete industrial area of Kakaako.
  • Waikiki Tourist District - 
    • "false prostitutes" aka women working together Taser men to steal money at Hotelroom.
    • prostitutes - generally on the street level 
    • men who solicit random local women for prostitution
    • sexual harassment 
  • Kalihi - 
    • harassment
    • low-end drug addicts and homeless
    • police involvement in distribution of hard narcotics (stay away from police as residents are afraid of police here)
    •  Hostess Bars & policing for drunk driving DUI
  • The Pali, Pauoa Valley & Pacific Heights (NUUANU)-
    • Toxic Black Mold -  especially when rains & windy
    • also known for spiritual activity from Ancient Hawaii
  •  Kaimuki - Seems SAFER
    • Residential Area & University & Schools