Sunday, May 21, 2017

Hypothetical Legal @ Hawaii Hotels & Airlines.

I have had 7 years, or 5 from the time of APEC 2011 Honolulu, to move through security issues on Oahu.  Something I want more research on ;- aside from the general international perception that Hawaii State is a Criminal money laundering operation if not just so poorly run its un
believeable. Hawaii State is a nightmare.
Those in Hospitality need to make about $50/hr in order to live comfortably.

One of the goals of APEC 2011 was to stop "payoff payments to criminal organizations" that are in effect a large part of the money LOST in business transaction. Hawaii state being the center of my 5 year commitment from the time of APEC 2011 and Japan's entry to TPP in 2012. It is now 2017. I  am nearly finished as enough construction has been completed.

Issues that stem from Hawaii's hospitality and employees- several possible spy/ agent/ crafts persons who are accepting tips from international sources. 
  • access to personal data & information, address, mobile phone number at POP end user interface.
  • issues with workers who do not speak English and use  Hawaiian Pidgin language as well as "Asian language affected speech impetement." 
    • Companies who/that hire & employ workers expecting native English speakers to try and figure out what they are saying
To be continued: 
idea: Have a billing system that is run by app in shopping centers with personal bag check at exit.

How the Airlines are liable for Non-USA criminal entrants to the Island State
How the Hotels are liable for aiding and abetting a foreign criminal or terrorist
Where the line to injuring an American citizen is drawn;- even with masked & foreign crafted intent
How the Native Hawaii State population is ill prepared to support USA.
How the Native Hawaii State population including politicians choose to intentionally harm gross USA planning