Wednesday, May 03, 2017

Hawaii Dentists current nightmare

I'm still looking for the best dentist on Oahu for me. Seems that the economy has generated a need for some Hawaii dentists to some poor work to "keep up" the repeat business. They seem to broke to do dental work, or to politically biased.

In March I went to a Japanese focused dentist advertised with the best of Honolulu and holding a 1 review 5 star rating. I got a flat tire leaving my tire in the parking lot and had to purchase a new tire. The referral for Oral surgeon to pull my tooth at their recommendation. I went to the Oral Surgeon with a 2.0 rating online on web and I feel that they did a very unprofessional job. I also suspected the oral surgeon cracked my adjacent tooth (which was confirmed by the dentist in mid April ) and still feel pain in my jaw and nearby neck area.That is, despite the dentist saying "it healed nicely."
The dentist prior to this new pair of oral specialists actually did bad work and encouraged the tooth decay of the pulled tooth by leaving a ridge at the bottom.
After the oral surgery I returned to the dentist for a tooth cleaning. The assistant was tugging on my filling/crown on one tooth and it fell out within a couple days.

Later, they sent a dental treatment plan to me that is appx $2000. And it does not include implant for the lost tooth. Aside from new work that needs to be done. They did accept my dental savings plan that I pay for out of pocket. However, I am uncertain I want to return to their office since I think they should have a better oral surgeon for pulling teeth that have straight yet long root.

I am very upset. I am consulting with new dentists to do the treatment plan on more serious work. And, seeking natural healing and repair for smaller and untouched teeth. I have a feeling that between a variety of spiked drinks (including coffee with rat poison ) and toxic mold... I'm in for more than a doozy.